I really should have expected it from the start

Author: Todd Ellis

I should have beyond a doubt expected what finally happened in the end with my absolutely gorgeous sexy Chinese wife, 19 years younger than me, and from day one very prim and proper in public, but alone in private, wow! A real firecracker, with an inherited sex drive so fucking huge and high like you would not believe easily.
First time we had sex I was shocked by her! She had her first of 4 fucking earth shattering orgasms no more than 5 seconds after I slid my cock into her! Then proceeded to have 3 more in a span of at most 4 or 5 minutes, and that 4th one forced me to lose control of myself and I literally exploded in her a huge one! The best fuck I had ever had bar none!
The next night she came to my apartment in China around 7pm and we were nude and all over each other by 7:02. She fairly quickly got me on my back on the bed and squatted between my legs facing me, and honest to God truth, gave me a blowjob that I never thought could be that good, and to top it off, swallowed my cum I shot in her mouth, she swallowed it all with no discomfort, uneasiness, just did it like taking a small shot of water like in her mouth and swallowing it! Later on I asked her where she had learned to do that so good, and she said watching a few videos, and told me this was the first time she had ever let a guy come in her mouth and also swallowing all the juice out of his cock! Well yes, my first thought was nonsense, first time ever that easily and so nonchalant? Then she told me she had before only had sex with her first Chinese husband, who she had divorced 3 years before she met me, and an older guy after her divorce but only couple of times with him cause he could not get a proper erection, and that was her sex life before we met.
Well I’m sorry, but a woman with her sex drive and sex needs as unbelievably high as they are, I did not buy the only 2 men before we met story, as well as this was the first time ever she let a man come in her mouth and swallowed his cum, no way in my mind anyhow could she have done that so easily first time ever! And then also, she wanted and came onto me like a wild sex fiend every single day, 3 fucks with her each day was the minimum requirement!! She has a sex drive so high that sex is a serious necessity for her. And I have never cared how many guys a woman I got involved with before me had fucked her or she had blown, it never was a big deal to me and I did not care with this one, my future wife, either, but I was 100% sure only 2 men before me, no sex until with me for about 2 years before with me, I did not buy that at all. She could not go 2 days without a fuck, never mind 2 years! And since then I have found out I was right, after she divorced her first husband 3 years went by until her and I met, I now know know in those 3 years she got fucked by a hell of a lot of men!!
So we married then came to Canada where 3 yrs later she went one day with a Chinese female friend she had to lunch then the library and then they were going shopping she told me, and begged me to go with her, knowing I had a deadline to meet for work and couldn’t go with her. Well she all day then did not answer her phone, did not call me and only met her girlfriend for 15 minutes right after she left home at 11am, oh and she arrived home at 9pm, walked in and never said a word to me, just went directly to shower, something she had never done at that time of night before! And I knew, she had been with some guy all day and was showering immediately cause she had gotten her brains really fucked out that day! Long story short she said she went the cinema with the guy who is a client where she worked but nothing happened like I was saying, nothing she said! Well I got her to call him in front of me and she told him I was mad and she could not see him again and not to call her and hung up the phone. But I knew better, from her facial looks etc, so I thought ok, my turn now, and picked her up and out onto our deck outside, not hidden and not very private either, put on a cock ring that with it on I could not at all blow my load until I took it off first, with it on my cock, I could fuck until I died or fell down from exhaustion! She was already nude having just come out of the shower and now outside together on the deck halfway up on the house, already dark out but the deck quite lit up from the moon position.
So I got her started sucking my cock, and no way I was going to to blow a load with the cock ring on, then after a while I fucked the piss out of her, different positions, etc, and I noticed not long after we started on the deck that our neighbor whose house was so close to ours, and i noticed him and a male friend of his 50 feet or so from our deck in his bedroom which faces our deck watching the wife and I nude and putting on a very hot show for him and his friend, did not tell the wife so she had no idea, and she like I knew she would, let herself get totally into the sex with me and she for some reason if say I fucked her twice before in the daytime, she then each time after each earlier time gets more and more into it and the way she was I knew beyond a doubt she had when she was out all day had gotten a hell of a lot of strong hard fucking, hence the reason she was going fucking totally crazy with me on the deck, and the neighbor and his friend close as hell watching and hearing us, 3 hours it was till we ended and the neighbor watched it all he told me a few weeks later when I brought it up when he and I were at his place one afternoon alone.
Anyhow 3 weeks later or so I found out she was still seeing this “friend” guy after telling me she would not, again she adamantly said they were just friends, had not held hands let alone fucking, she called him again in front of me and said don’t call her again etc etc. Well a month later I found out she was still seeing this guy and lots, so I went and found him with a killer looking friend of mine in a bar he went to after work daily, he finally admitted what the real truth was, he’d been fucking her constantly since he met her, a month or so before the day she was gone till night and showered first thing when she arrived home. So I calmed down then knowing the truth and him telling me it, and I then said to him fine, this is what is going to happen Friday night, which was the next day – I said she wants to lie to me like I am a cool and get fucked by you and i, cause I told him, we fuck everyday still, so tomorrow night u are going to come over our house and wait silently in the backyard until I motion u to come I through the door off the deck into the kitchen, and he said ok what is this all about? And I said she wants to fuck the both of us like she has been, then she can fuck the both of us together,and told him make sure he does not make her aware what is going to happen tomorrow night! And he agreed, saying she does need to stop lying to me and he said to him also. Then we left and I told him be at our place by 9pm at the latest and go inside the change room in the back where our inground pool is and be quiet and wait for me to signal u to join us on the deck.
So next day, Friday, after work she got dressed up like a model, and her and I went out for dinner, and of course every guy in the place could not keep their eyes off her ha ha, then when done we went back home, it was like 9:15 or so at night and I said to her legs open a bottle of wine and relax in the hot tub we own, it is on the outside deck also, so we did that, she went onto the deck, undressed right there total nude and I did the same and we got in the hot tub, her and I. Well I short time later started on her in a way I of course know gets her so fucking sexually aroused but passionately, I also know of course how to get.her turned on but in a what i call non passionate, rather an out and out fuck mood. So I got her to the point where she was not able at all to turn back being so sexually wound up, and then I started to whisper in her ear stuff like there is no reason to lie now, I know beyond a doubt as I am sure everyone else would agree knowing about this that of course you and him have been fucking, of course u suck him off and swallow just like u do with me, and fuck me, she decided to tell me the truth, saying I don’t deserve to be lied to, and admitted ok yes, we have been having sex very often for 4 1/2 months now, I don’t love him at all, it is only sexual pleasure for me. And I interrupted and said he must obviously be great at fucking u then, and unknown to me, I got three unexpected shocking pieces of news!
First, she said u have for years often during sex with me start on and on about how I am a nymphomaniac or close to that, for while was always I someday should get fucked by some guy with a real hot huge rock hard cock, u said that often, yes? And I said yes and I still think u should see how that is, why are u bringing that up now? And she said well he happens to have that, his cock hard is 9 1/2 or so inches long and incredibly thick around also. I was tongue tied for a bit hearing this total shocking surprise! Then she said then u went on and on about me trying some hot much younger well built black stud,and u know u did she said, so I have done that with a 28 yr old hot black guy who had been for over year trying get me over his house always, I’m sure u know why he tried all time. And finally as per your persuasion also, for me with 2 hot men at same time, well I tried that also with the 28 yr old black guy and a 29 yr old black friend of his when I went his place one night and his black friend was there and they got me undressed and total turned on in the kitchen and the 3 of us went wild all night from like 9pm until 7am next morning, u were away on business trip then. Now, I ask myself, should I have been furious? But the 3 things I did I guess put into her head, and believe it or not, her telling me this new stuff had gotten me sexually highly aroused thinking of her and those 3 things she decided to tell me, and I then got her to tell me about fucking the black guy, in detail, and then about her having him and his black buddy doing her together, and so she told me all about it, that she blew each one them all way and the friend she sucked off twice that night, and also that between like 9pm and 7am the next morning, the 28 yr old she fucked with before fucked her 3 times and came in her each time, but his friend kept saying a lot that she is an outrageously fabulous fuck and sucks just as good, and she said the friend from 9pm till 7am or so fucked her, and she said total truth not lying, he fucked her she said 7 times and I said really? Wow, so these young hot black guys really did u and she said, well I want be honest, since that night I have hardly seen the 28 yr old one I had first who introduced me to his friend that fucked me with the 28 yr old, but the friend I jmust admit I started see him more and more and said sorry.
So I said tell me now a few things I have wondered about for years, before we met u said u only fucked 2 men, your first husband and some old guy, but I am sorry but I never believed that at all, u are incapable of going without sex, as u have alluded to just now, 2 young well hung black guys, the Barry guy I said until just now was a friend only nothing else. And she said 40 or close to that, that is the never u for some reason need to know, men I let fuck me before we met, and before u ask cause I am sure you are going to, probably twice that number of men I sucked off, again, before we met, which no trying to be rude, has nothing at all to do with you.
And I then just decided and said to her, i invited that “friend” Barry here tonight, he is in the change house by the pool, maybe it was stupid to do. I can send him home if I prefer and she said what was your reasons to invite him here and not tell me? I said, first to watch him fuck my wife a good one, see her go nuts and wild, then he can sit and relax and watch me fuck you too. She said if that is what u want and need to do then do it and said then, should I call the 2 black guys to come over too? That made me mad, and she said she had to go the washroom and got out of the tub and went inside, and I went to the pool change hut and told the guy plans have changed, another night for sure but not tonight now so he left. She came back out and I told her I sent him away. But how about after all this stuff I heard here now, how about instead I finally get a few long time friends of mine that u know since u came here with me, and u know also u have cockteased a few of them to death, I have told u before they are now nuts over u and dying to fuck u, u made them that way, so with the things u have done with no problem at all doing, u should not have any problems taking care of Jeff, Tom, and Michael once and for all and she said if u want me to do that fine, but only under one stipulation, u cannot be anywhere around when the 3 of them show up, I can’t do that if u are anywhere near here, and I said fine, ok, and asked should I call them and tell them get over here, they won the lottery? And she got out of the tub and told me to stay here, she will call them and she went in the house to call each of them. Which happened that night, the 3 of them went at her and they were not disappointed.

Since then our marital sex agreement is much changed. We vacation now together where there are nude beaches to hang out at. Last yr we went together to Jamaica, and 2 of her Chinese female friends came with us and had a separate cabana together. I 2nd night had met a couple of real nice local Jamaican guys around 28 or so yrs old. They of course were totally into my wife and she found them hot so that night around 1am, on the beach miles from anything except ocean and jungle, I got these 2 local black Jamaican guys to welcome my Chinese wife to Jamaica, and did they ever, took turns fucking her on the beach, her screaming her head off and saying dirty sex stuff like she always does, and both these guys had cocks twice the size of average, and i watched from the jungle just 20 ft or so from where she was getting more cock than one would believe, while one of her Chinese Girlfriends that came with us there sucked my cock, me wearing a cock ring again to ensure I lasted a long time.
So now we do things pretty much together, I let her fuck guys I know and trust and respect do same. But rule number 1 is – we come first over anyone else with each other!

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