Helping them learn stuff

Author: I.wiggins

I told them to be ready to go camping with me and my daughter, Layla.
Ray and Ryan are my sister’s twins. Both girls are filled out good to be thirteen. Softball size titties and a chubby pussy and ass. My daughter Layla was thicker and had titties like softballs and she gave me her cherry a couple weeks ago in the shower with me.
After setting up the camp and making lunch. I asked them who was going swimming with me. Ryan and Ray was the only two going. We were the only three there that Thursday. I took my shorts and told the girls to get naked too. Ray was feeling my cock in her hands and I got behind her slipped through her legs and right inside her pussy.
Moving back and forth with her we fucked together for a few minutes before I cumed inside her pussy. Next I rubbed my cock on Ryan and she put lube on her ass and I pushed until I was fully inside her hole.
Later that night in the bathroom Layla and I was making love on the beach and Ray came in and licked my cum off my daughter.

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