Ahriman: The Evolution of a Serial Killer 5

Introduction: Part 5 Please read parts 1-4 to understand the story, especially before voting. No, Mother, please! It hurts!

Shut the fuck up, you little shit! You drove him away! He left because of you! They all leave because of you!

The belt came down across my back yet again, and I screamed, my six-year old voice shrill and tiny. I was tied to the bedpost, and I couldnt understand why she was hurting me. I hadnt done anything wrong. Mother had just dragged me out of bed and tied me up. I hadnt even wet my bed this time.

No, Mother, please! It hurts!

You know you like it, you sick pervert! Come on, show Mother what youve got in those little balls of yours!

Mothers hand moved rapidly and roughly up and down my twelve-year-old penis, and I tried to hold back, but the pain mixed with the pleasure, and I had my first orgasm, a small amount of white, sticky stuff coming out of the tip.

You sick fuck! How dare you get your filth on my hand!

She slapped me across the face hard enough to split my lip, and then she tied my penis to the door again. As she whipped it with the belt, the pain mixed with the pleasure, and before long, I had a second orgasm, my filth falling to the floor. Mother went into a rage, and, after tying me face-first to the post, she went out to the backyard and cut a thin branch from one of the birch trees. The first lash hit me across my shoulder blades, and white-hot fire raced through my body as I screamed. Blow after blow landed on my back, my butt, my legs, and all the while, my screams mingled with Mothers laugh.

No, Mother, please, stop!

The ropes dug into my wrists and ankles as I fought to buck her off. Her hand across my face barely fazed me, and she continued to ride my fourteen-year-old cock. She kept slapping me as she fucked me, and I gritted my teeth to try to hold back my climax, but the pain mixed with the pleasure, and I shot my load deep inside her even as she screamed with her own orgasm.

Fucking bastard! How dare you! Ill teach you, you little fuck!

When she came back in with the wires, I screamed again, but there was no pleasure to mix with the pain this time. There was just intense, overpowering, mind-shattering pain.


He sat up in bed, sweat running down his chest and back to soak the satin sheets. He didnt want to remember the early days after his father left. He didnt want to remember what Mother had done to him those last weeks. He didnt want to remember!

A groan to his left drew his attention to Kaneez. She was facing him, and she was asleep. It was still dark, and when he looked at the clock, it showed three seventeen. He got out of bed and started pacing, trying to rid his mind of his dream. He had never before dreamt of more than one period of his life with Mother, and as he strode back and forth, fists and teeth clenched to the point of pain, he heard a harsh, sinister voice in his head. At the first word, he knew who was speaking to him, and he dropped to his knees, his arms outstretched to the sides.


I trust you, Chernobog. I will offer her blood as a sacrifice to you, black god.

He stood up and glared at Kaneez. This was all her fault! Her blood would wash away his dreams. But first, they both had to be clean. That was the first imperative, so he went into the bathroom and took a shower. When he finished, he stood naked next to the bed, unhooked the chain from her collar, grabbed her hair, and yanked her from the bed. She screamed, and her hands went to his as she tried to get him to let go. He ignored her and dragged her out of the room and down the stairs. She stumbled after him and somehow kept her feet all the way to the basement. He opened the door to her room and threw her inside.

Twenty minutes, he snarled. Twenty minutes to get clean inside and out. Dont fucking make me wait any longer than that.

He shut the door, and when he heard the locks engage, he watched the monitor. Kaneez sat on the floor crying for a few moments, and then she got up and threw herself at the door, pounding at it with her fists.

Let me out of here, you motherfucking shit! she screamed, and the words struck him as extremely funny, and he started to laugh. He was a motherfucker, or at least, he had been five years earlier. He hadnt fucked Mother since the day he gave her eternal life, though. As his laugh became a chuckle, he went upstairs and left the house. Kaneez still had fifteen minutes, and he was really hoping she would fail. Despite the laughter, he had a burning need to cause her enough pain to banish his memories. Chernobog promised that if he hurt her enough, they would go away.

The air was cool, and goosebumps rose on his flesh as he stood in the backyard, listening to the sounds of the creatures of the night, the minions of the black god. Somewhere in the woods off to his left, he heard the high-pitched bark of a fox followed by the mournful hoot of an owl. He listened to the whine of the insects and the chattering of the nocturnal squirrels. Just as he was about to go inside, he saw two glowing eyes directly in front of him, and he dropped to his knees again, arms wide, when a wolf stepped out of the trees. Six others materialized around the first, the alpha, and he stayed on his knees, human gaze locked with lupine, until the latter suddenly raised his snout and howled. The wolves around him added their voices to his song, and then, with a last look at Ahriman, the animal turned and loped off into the woods, his pack following closely.

He got up and went back into the house, his purpose solidified. He was the wolf, the alpha, and Kaneez was just a bitch who needed to be taught her place in his pack. That would start now.

When he got back to the basement, he saw that she was huddled against the back wall. Her hair was dry, and he knew she hadnt cleaned herself. He grinned as he opened the door and stepped inside. Kaneez flinched and curled into herself as he strode across the room toward her, his grin turning into a snarl. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet.

You didnt obey, he breathed, and she started to cry. And you lied to me.

I didnt lie, My Lord, please, dont hurt me anymore.

He slapped her across the face. You lied every time you opened your mouth and called me My Lord. I am not your Lord yet, but I will be. You still think you can defy me?! He grabbed her hair and threw her to the floor underneath the chain. I pampered you, cleaned you, let you sleep in my bed, and how did you repay me!? By cursing me and fighting me and disobeying me!

She screamed and tried to crawl away, but he grabbed her ankle and punched her in the back of the head. She threw her arms up as she fell to her stomach, and he put his foot in the middle of her back as he took a spreader bar from the shelf. He knelt on her as he attached her ankles to it and spread her wide. He stood up, grabbed the bar, and attached it to the chain, hanging her upside down. He then took her wrists and fastened the cuffs to the bolts in the floor.

No, My Lord, please!

Shut the fuck up! He slammed his hand down on her ass, and she clamped her mouth shut. Since you didnt clean yourself, I have to do it. And because I have to do it, it will not be pleasant.

He got the enema bag ready and set up the hose. First, he hooked the bag onto the chain and then inserted the tube into her ass. He taped it down so that she couldnt expel it, and then he started filling her with cold, soapy water. Then he turned the water on for the hose, making sure that it was also cold. She screamed as the liquid hit her inside and out, and his cock twitched. Then he got the brush and scrubbed her down, her skin turning a bright red quickly. Several scabs came off, and blood dripped down her head and into her hair. A few drops fell to the floor to be washed down the drain. When the full gallon of the enema had been emptied into her, he pulled the tube out and put everything in the sink.

Fifteen minutes, he said icily, and she squeezed her eyes tight as the cramps began. He wasnt even remotely done yet, and he grabbed a quirt off the wall and immediately laid stripes across her right calf. Her eyes popped open as she shrieked, and his cock stiffened. He watched the welts rise as he struck her again and again, her screams unending and glorious. By the time the fifteen minutes were up, she had dozens more marks crisscrossing her back and legs, and he was rock-hard.

He unhooked her arms, but before he released the bar, he hissed, Youd better hold it, bitch. You shit on my floor, and you will regret It. He unfastened the bar from the chain but kept her ankle cuffs attached. He threw her over his shoulder and carried her to the toilet before setting her down on It. As she voided her bowels, he suddenly whipped his head toward Mother.

Kill her, too, little fuck!

No! he yelled. You dont get to tell me what to do anymore! She is mine, not yours!

She defied you, little shit!. Kill her!

He fisted his hands in his hair and covered his ears. Shut the fuck up, Mother! She is mine! He grabbed Mothers drum, opened the door, and carried her to the ritual room. You can watch the whores, Mother! You dont get to watch me anymore! He set the drum on the wall opposite the six others and carefully arranged Mothers head so that she could see the others.

When he got back to Kaneezs room, his blood was boiling, and he felt about to burst. She was still seated on the toilet, and he stormed over to her. She cringed when he stopped in front of her.

Are you clean? he snarled.

Yes, Ahriman.

Good. He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder again before carrying her to a bench. He laid her down on her back, causing her to cry out as her welts hit the leather. He stretched her arms out above her and attached them to the wall before tying down her collar tightly to another bolt on the bench. Then he hooked the bar up to a different chain and pulled until her body was at a ninety degree angle with her back on the bench and her legs straight up in the air. He strapped her pelvis to the edge of the bench so that she couldnt move. Her ass and pussy were in the perfect position for him to fuck them.

He pulled a wheeled table close to him as he stood by her side, gritting his teeth as he attempted to control his rage so that he didnt kill her. He couldnt give into Mother like that.

He climbed onto the bench, straddling her face so that his ass was in her face. He was so hard it hurt, and he grabbed her chin and forced her mouth open. He held it open and shoved his cock in, but she kept her tongue in the way, and he pulled back out with a growl. He reached over to the table and grabbed a medical clamp and a thin chain. He held her chin tight, reached in her mouth, and pulled out her tongue. He placed the clamp firmly on her tongue before locking it in place, causing her to scream loudly. He attached the chain to the finger holes of the clamp and then stretched her tongue out by hooking the other end to the chain holding her legs up. He grabbed her chin again and slammed his cock down her throat, muffling her scream and making her gag. He held still as he hooked his finger under the chains connecting her nipples and clit. He pulled up on the chain slowly, stretching her nipples and clit skyward as he fucked her mouth until she was screaming around his cock. Hed been hard for so long, and the vibrations felt so fucking good that it only took a minute or so for him to empty his balls down her throat. He kept his finger on the chain as he climbed off the bench, and, taking a piece of rope, he tied it to the chain holding her tongue out.

That was just a warm-up, bitch, he snarled. Chernobog wants your blood.

Picking up the box of needles, he pulled one out and showed it to her. It was a three inch, 18 gauge needle, and her eyes looked ready to pop out of her head. She cried out and tried to speak, but with her tongue stretched out, nothing intelligible came out, and he laughed diabolically. Nice and slow, he said as he placed the tip of the needle on her left areola and pushed. Her cry became a scream as he pushed the metal through the flesh of her breast. He repeated the process about a quarter-inch lower, and, even though he had just climaxed, he felt his cock twitch. By the time he had inserted ten needles, five in each breast, he was almost ready to fuck her.

He continued inserting needles into her body, placing ten along each side of her ribcage and fifteen lined up on either side of her belly button. By the time he finished, her screams had died down to whimpers, but he knew just how to get her shrieking again. He took four giant safety pins from the table, each over two inches long. He pulled one cunt lip toward him and slowly pushed the tip through her flesh. As he had expected, the pain caused her to scream, and he quickly clasped the pin closed before adding another pin to the same lip and the other two to the other lip. By then, her screams were constant, and he stood up.

He lined up his cock to her asshole and shoved. He only made it in about halfway, but her screams and the blood dripping from her pussy lips onto his dick spurred him on, and he pulled back out and powered in another couple of inches.

Please, My Lord, stop! It hurts! At least thats what he thought she screamed. Without the use of her tongue, it was hard to tell.

Who gives a fuck? he sneered as he plowed into her a third time. Finally, his abs hit the pins, smearing blood on them and wrenching an agonizing shriek from her. He began a punishing rhythm in which he made contact with the pins on each thrust, causing the pitch of her screams to increase each time. But he wasnt finished with her yet.

He held himself deep within her ass while he used one hand to spread her bleeding lower lips and swiftly jammed two fingers into her cunt. He pumped them in and out a few times and then added a third finger and then a fourth. He stretched her out as her screams intensified and added his thumb. He tried to get his whole fist in her, but either she was still too tight, or his cock was blocking the way. So, he pulled his hand out and started slamming into her ass, pulling almost all the way out and then bottoming out each time. He used his hands to manipulate the needles and pins, pressing down on the needles and twisting the pins until she was gasping for breath. When he felt his climax approaching, he pulled out of her ass and slammed into her pussy, the pins scraping deliciously along his shaft. He managed only two strokes before filling her womb with his seed with a primal roar.

He pulled out and walked to the sink to clean the cum and blood from himself, and then he moved back to Kaneez. Without any finesse or gentleness, he yanked the needles and pins from her skin and dropped them in a bucket. She tried to scream, but her voice wouldnt work. She tried to thrash her head, but between the collar and her clamped tongue, she could only move it an inch or so in either direction. Her entire body twitched as the metal was removed, but she had nothing left.

When he was done, he stood over her and used her blood to draw Chernobogs symbol on her stomach, roughly digging his finger into the small wounds the needles had caused. She shuddered each time he touched her, and then she sighed in what sounded like relief when he stopped. He just grinned. She obviously thought he was finished with her.

He got yet another bottle of alcohol from the shelf and screwed the top off.

I cant have you getting infections, he said conversationally. Not if you are to give birth to my child. You have to live in order to do that. He started pouring the alcohol over her body, and she screamed silently, her voice gone. Whether you live in constant pain or in pampered luxury is up to you. I was willing to let you be upstairs with me, but your actions in the ritual room and earlier showed me that you are still an ungrateful bitch and havent earned that right yet. He finished the last of the bottle on her pussy, and she shuddered and went still.

He looked at her and saw that she had passed out. He checked her pulse, and it was still strong, so he decided to leave her on the bench and get some more sleep. In the morning, hed see if she could obey him like she should. He did lower her feet and remove the stretcher bar, but that was all. She was still unable to move much, and he felt confident that she would have a very uncomfortable rest of the night.

He walked upstairs and changed the sheets before he got into bed. A glance at the clock said that it was almost five oclock. A few hours of sleep, and hed be ready for the day. Perhaps hed go hunting again.


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