A Delicious Jessie Sandwich

Introduction: The following is an account of my long-awaited first sexual encounter with my friend Jessie, coming with a wild twist. Some details are exaggerated for the enjoyment of the reader, but the integrity remains. Also, in the same interest, preparatory and hygienic details were omitted. The shot glass shook in my hand as I endured the most awkward 10 minutes of my life. Ive never been a drinker, but the alcohol was needed tonight to calm my nerves as I sat across the glass coffee table from the husband of the girl whom we were both about to fuck. I wasnt going to get drunk, but a bit of a buzz would help push me over the edge into this act of decadence.

This other man and I sat in his friends living room, waiting to begin something none of us had ever tried before. I wasnt too well acquainted with the man across from me, but Jessie, his wife, had been a good friend of mine for nearly 10 years. She and I had had an up-and-down relationship that flirted toward romance a couple times before she got hitched. On top of her fun, daredevil personality, it didnt hurt that she was a fit, 55 hottie with slightly tanned skin, straight, shoulder-length dark brown hair, firm boobs, a hot set of hips and sexy legs.

A few years ago, not long after their wedding, the couple moved away and, shortly thereafter, had a baby. Over the years, my desire to plug Jessie never abated, but my hope certainly did as we approached out late 20s. That fortune all changed around a year ago when Jessie and her new family were visiting during the week of Christmas.

There I was, the day after Christmas, anxiously waiting for Jessie as she prepared in the bedroom. As fate would have it, one of her friends was taking a vacation for the holidays and had let Jessies family house-sit for her. Now we didnt have to contend with roommates, parents or neighbors in an apartment complex or hotel. In addition, the baby would be spending the night with Jessies parents.

The wheels had been in motion for the most memorable night of my life for the past several weeks, if not months. Completely independent from me, Jessie had been formulating a plan to include me in a hot evening of dirty sex. I was excited at the prospect of finally being able to fuck one of my best friends, even if it was adultery. However, the offer came with a deal-breaking catch.

I tried to keep the shot glass from vibrating in my hand, but the only thing I could do to not draw attention to my nerves was take another drink. Finally, what little conversation had ensued between us two men quickly ended once we heard the bedroom door creak. Immediately, we both looked over to the opening door, where Jessies leg slipped out just before the door swung open, putting Jessie, the sole attraction, in full view.

Jessie clearly had a case of the holiday spirit, as her body was covered in a knee-length red robe with fluffy white trim to go with a matching Santa hat upon her head. I knew in a few moments that all of her festive clothing would be taken clean off of her, but for now, her incorporation of the holidays into our rendezvous was a sexy touch.

The only other attire visible were two bracelets — one gold, one silver — around her left ankle and her six-inch black high heels, from which protruded her red polished, pedicured toenails that matched her manicured fingernails. Her heels clacked on the hardwood floor as she started to make her way toward us boys. Her grin was seductive and eager but it also betrayed her nerves as she strutted to her fate.

It had been revealed to me that the couple had been toying around with the idea of a threesome for some time, and Jessie had convinced her husband to allow me to participate. As Jessie approached us, it was very apparent that neither she nor I had experienced a devils threesome before. I could only assume her husband hadnt either. Regardless, our lack of experience did not taper our enthusiasm.

My feelings for what was about to transpire were mixed, naturally. While Jessies being nailed by two guys at once would be as hot as hell itself, being in such close proximity to another guy — not to mention Jessies husband — during sexual intercourse was at the very least unnerving for a heterosexual man. Those qualms paradoxically both waned and heightened as the object of my obsession drew nearer to me.

As soon as Jessie set foot on the carpet of the living room, she pushed off her robe to reveal matching Christmas lingerie. The halves of the bra, trimmed in fluffy white, met diagonally in the middle of her chest where they tied together in a festive bow, revealing more cleavage than I thought she had. Beside the hat, bra and heels, she wore a bright red thong with matching white trim along the top.

Never more aroused in my life already, I was pitching a tent in my pants before Jessies robe hit the floor. Since Jessies husband wasnt making a move, I awaited Jessies cues as to what to do. Visibly anxious, Jessie suggested we all take our clothes off.

I did my best to ignore Jessies husbands presence as I disrobed, and it surprised me how easy it was, actually. My eyes were glued to Jessie even before she started to push her thong down her hips and thighs, making me completely oblivious to her husband who was practically right next to me. As I continued to strip down, Jessie let her thong fall to her ankles before she kicked it disdainfully aside, leaving all of her holes exposed.

Things heated up quickly after Jessie removed her thong, exposing her ass and pussy to me for the first time. Soon, her husband and I were naked, our cocks free at full mast, and Jessie was giving orders, looking very sexy while still wearing the hat, jewelry, heels and bra. I could barely take in how hot she was in that moment, having really no idea yet what I was in for.

We wasted no time, getting right to it as Jessies husband obediently lay on the ground, his erection poking straight up. For the next couple minutes, Jessie ignored me as she knelt down beside her husband and stroked his cock before leaning forward and putting it in her mouth. It felt a little uneasy at first to watch my friend suck off some other dude, even if it was her husband. However, I paid my attention to Jessie, to her pretty mouth sucking the length of that dick and her hat and hairs bouncing around as she did so. I quickly learned that focusing on Jessie made it much easier to become aroused rather than uncomfortable.

Once she had her husbands cock nice and lubricated with her spit, Jessie stepped up and prepared to mount him. In that moment, I felt a bit of jealousy rise, but that feeling faded quickly. As her husbands cock poked her vagina, Jessie lowered herself onto her husbands cock until she slid down to the very base as she leaned forward and propped herself up on her husbands chest.

Jessies husband groaned as Jessie rotated her hips, grinding him briefly, leaving me to just watch. Then she lifted herself up, only to drop back down before doing the same thing again and then again, only more quickly. It was a little awkward but really hot also to see my good friend in her sexy Christmas outfit as she bounced up and down a stiff, hard cock, her knees on the carpet on either side of her husbands hips. Her husband held onto her thighs and thrust up into her, going balls deep as they fucked right in front of me.

Turning her head to face me, Jessie smiled devilishly and looked up at me with those piercing brown eyes just below the hem of the Santa hat. She seductively beckoned me over with her finger while she grinned wickedly from ear to ear. I almost forgot to breathe as I stepped forward, making my way to the couple that was already in the throes of intercourse.

Involving any other woman or with any other circumstances, I almost certainly would have not participated in this activity. However, I knew passing off this opportunity to someone else would haunt me for the rest of my life. As Jessie reached up to stroke my cock as she rode her husband faster and faster, I was committed. Her contact with my dick finally marked my first real sexual experience with the girl of my obsession.

She slid her soft hand up and down my shaft slowly at first, occasionally rubbing the tip with her thumb, making me moan. As she adjusted to beating me off, Jessie stopped riding her husband and let him hold her in place and fuck her instead. Then she shifted toward me and took my cock into her mouth.

The second Jessies wet tongue touched my cock, I moaned loudly and put my hands on Jessies head. I pushed forward gently to fit as much of my dick into her oral cavity as possible, and she started to suck me off. As she licked my shaft, Jessie reached down to undo the bow on the front of her bra, allowing it to fall off her body as she took a cock in either end of her. Now revealed, her perky boobs shook with her body and hair, the puff ball at the end of the hat swinging around wildly amid the intercourse as her husband thrust repeatedly into her pussy while I enjoyed a blowjob at the other end. I could hear Jessies body slap against her husbands as she took the base of my cock back in her hand and started to slurp on my cock. She looked good with a pair of cocks in her, and the main course was going to look even better.

Jessies lips and tongue played with my cock for several minutes, preparing me for the real fun as I started to clench my hands, pulling on her hair. After sucking the entire length for a little while, she focused on the head and tip, flicking her tongue against it and licking it gently. Then she went back to stroking and sucking me off, as all the while her husband was slamming into her from underneath.

Finally, Jessie pulled her head back from my cock with a gasp but continued to stroke it as she went back to grinding on her husband. Those piercing eyes met mine again as her beautiful mouth uttered the last words Id hear before the real pleasure began: Fuck my ass!

What had sold me on this opportunity was Jessies specific mention of the fact that double penetration was something she had wanted to try since her college days. To be completely honest, sandwiching Jessie was something I had always wanted to at least watch, if not do, though I previously would have never admitted it to anyone. That kind of thought was something Id often fantasized about for years. In my mind, nothing was hotter than the thought of Jessies sexy little body sandwiched between two dudes who were filling her holes and stretching out her taint.

With Jessies words, nothing stood in my way. I knew better than to over-think the situation. I needed to just do it. Jessie and her husband came to a stop from their fucking as I stepped behind Jessie. Her pussy was completely filled with her husbands cock, but she helped me find the alternate entrance by lying down on her husband and spreading her ass cheeks nice and wide with her hands. I squatted down behind her, my gaze transfixed on the vacant dark hole.

My mouth went dry as my breathing fluctuated. Meanwhile, my heart pounded anxiously in my chest. I was still completely turned on, though, and with my rock-hard cock in my hand, I leaned forward some more, aiming for that tight asshole that would forever etch this night into my memory.

Jessie was breathing faster too while she held her ass open and her husband pressed her in place against himself. I was just moments away from fulfilling my dirtiest fantasy and, even though the time elapsed was probably about 10 seconds, it felt like another five minutes before the head of my cock poked Jessies ass, guided by my hand. Jessie whined quietly when my tip made contact with her flesh. I swear I could feel my cock get even harder as I continued to look steadfastly at my lover, whose twat was filled to the hilt with another cock already while I attempted to fill the neighboring hole simultaneously. I pushed forward just enough to wedge the head of my cock into her before releasing my cock and taking another deep breath.

Her eyes wincing shut, Jessie cooed as I thrust forward slowly, entering her asshole inch by inch. I had to grab the base of my dick a couple times to help push it in, but there wasnt too much resistance despite her tightness. Her breathing became more ragged, and her red nails dug into her husbands shoulders as more and more of me filled her. I could feel the hard cock on the other side of the membrane that separated Jessies ass and pussy. The feeling was weird and incredible at the same time. The pressure added by the other cock was only enhancing the experience of plugging Jessies asshole.

Again, actual time and my perception of it werent matching up. That first thrust into Jessie probably took only a few seconds, but it felt like much longer as I took it all in. I slowly exhaled a few times, balancing myself on her ass with one hand as I sank deeper and deeper into her until, at last, my balls rested on Jessies taint and my body made contact with her ass. Jessie cried out either in pleasure or pain, I couldnt tell. I put my hands on Jessies hips and held onto her as my cock adjusted to the pressure inside her. It was a tight fit, but the sensations were amazing even before reality sank in.

I had been entranced with Jessies asshole, but now that I was to the hilt inside her, I looked up to see that Jessie was looking back at me. I could see just the corner of her mouth over her shoulder as she grinned, clearly madly amused, but those beautiful brown eyes really caught my attention as I gazed back at my beloved, naked friend. It was at that moment that my situation finally took hold of me.

The past few minutes had seemed to be in slow motion, but upon making eye contact with Jessie, it was as if the play button had been pressed to return us to live action. I looked away from Jessies face and looked down to see again that I was balls-deep in her asshole. I leaned over to check out her stretched-out taint and stuffed pussy, a sight that drove me wild with unquenchable lust. Not only was I inside Jessie, but she was stuffed in both holes! Her tight pussy and asshole filled to capacity raised the bar for the hottest thing Id ever seen, and the sights and sounds were going to get only hotter as the activity progressed. Meanwhile, Jessie looked beyond pleased to finally be filled by two guys at once.

Up until this point, not one of us had either moved or spoken. The only sound was our heavy breathing and a couple giggles from Jessie as we all adjusted to the pressure and prepared for one hell of a fucking, which this girl needed. Leading up to this moment, I had worried how I would perform with another guy involved, but I had underestimated Jessies sexiness. Having her body as the meat in this sandwich made me wholly willing in that moment of time to give myself over to this sinful act of depravity.

With renewed gusto, I inched my cock back until only the head was still inside Jessies ass. Jessie moaned softly as the veins of my cock slid against her insides. Then I pushed forward, steadily sinking my whole length back into her, which caused a gasp and a louder moan from the girl as she lowered her head and again sank her nails into her husband. I held onto her more tightly and began to fuck her ass just as her husband began to stir underneath her.

Jessie cursed and then planted her hands on the carpet on either side of her husband, holding her body up halfway between the two of us as we only began to double-penetrate her. I held myself up by her hips as I hovered over her ass, leaning over her and sinking my cock into her asshole a few more times before getting the hang of it. Meanwhile, her husband had started to steadily thrust in and out of Jessies pussy as Jessie tensed up, threw her head back and moaned. Her hair brushed my shoulder as she jerked back, and she kicked her left leg back up into the air, her knee still against the carpet as she flexed her ankle. The heel of her shoe pointed up at the ceiling as the anklets rattled slightly. Her jerking movements caused the Santa hat to sit on her head crookedly. For now, though, it remained on as her husband and I looked to establish a rhythm.

Before we guys could really get going, Jessie grew more comfortable with her predicament and started to fuck us instead. She lowered her leg back to the ground and started slowly rocking her body back and forth on our cocks but quickly grew more eager and slammed back into us hard and fast. I continued to support myself on her hips while her husband held onto her shoulders as she slid up and down the full length of our cocks. My balls continuously slapped against her taint as I stayed still and let her polish my knob with her shitter. She cried out with sounds of both joy and agonyas she took us deep into both her holes.

I held my breath as I watched Jessie fuck us. Her Santa hat finally fell off, leaving her clad in only her high heels and anklets as her body thrust back and forth, being penetrated in both her ass and pussy simultaneously. The bitch rocked her body with remarkable stamina for a couple minutes, moaning and panting as she did.

Jessie couldnt keep up the fucking, though, and, after a while, I think the discomfort became too much for her. She slowed down, gasping for breath and whining a little as she sank down onto her husband after doing an otherwise terrific job of pleasuring two men at once. I took this opportunity to begin fucking her ass again, thrusting in and out of her steadily while her husband grinded up into her other hole.

Before her husband or I could really get going, Jessie requested that we get on the couch and change up our position. I was anxious that she wasnt enjoying herself, but neither one of us guys was going to argue over positions, so we did as she wished. The experience was hot and wild on the sole fact that Jessie was getting nailed like a whore, but it hadnt quite reached that next level. However, the formation Jessie was looking to try next was straight out of the fantasy that had played over and over again in my head for several years.

Once Jessie gave the next instruction, I pulled out of her ass with new excitement, eager to take Jessie from another position. Jessie stood up and directed her husband to sit down on the couch. Then, Jessie sat down on him, her feet on the floor, her body facing away from him. She first positioned her ass over his cock, and using her hand and his, pushed the cock into her shitter and slowly sank down until she was sitting on his balls. The couple stayed still as Jessie summoned me over, that wicked grin magnetizing me to her.

As I stepped up, she lifted her left leg straight into the air, inviting me in. Enjoying the incredibly hot view, I stepped over her right leg, and she rested the other leg on my shoulder, her anklets rattling with the movement of her leg. Just the contact of her leg on my flesh made me shudder with excitement as I guided my cock toward her pussy with my hand. She was so close to me that I could feel the heat emanating from her body.

Finally having Jessies twat would be the culmination of years of sexual frustration. The fact that she was being double-penetrated was just icing on the cake. Holding herself up with her right arm, Jessie reached up and clutched my back with her other arm, allowing me to shove the head of my cock inside her, neighboring her husbands cock that was already deep in her asshole. At first I tried to avoid contact with her husband, but that distraction was already causing me to lose wood, so I stopped worrying about it and focused on the girl.

Jessies pussy was so wet that my cock slid effortlessly inside her, despite her tightness and even with her asshole stuffed. I could feel the hard dick on the other side of the membrane, but I had let go of those qualms and actually welcomed them now. Within seconds, I was balls-deep in Jessies cunt as my body slid up against hers, coming together like two puzzle pieces. Her body was already slick with sweat from our previous endeavor.

I couldnt contain my moan of pleasure as I took in the fact that I was inside Jessies twat. Being pressed up against her made the experience all the more intense, as Jessies head was up against mine, her mouth at my ear, her boobs pressed against my chest while I ground up on her. The sound of her heavy breathing filled my ear, joining the sound of my own. The heat from her body was already making me sweat while my heart pounded so hard that it almost hurt. Jessie sank her nails into my back and her leg slipped down onto my arm as she adjusted once again to being double-stuffed.

We all stayed still for a moment as I wrapped my arm around her left leg and continued to take in the reality that my cock was inside Jessies pussy and that Jessie was being sandwiched. All that was left to do was for her husband and I was to work together and shift our bodies and Jessies body before we had her angled just right. What ensued was the most enjoyable experience of my life.

Now we can fuck her! her husband exclaimed, and we got right to it. Jessie moans almost sounded like sobs as we boys immediately thrust into her holes slowly and roughly but steadily. I was so lost in lust that I barely considered Jessies comfort for the moment as I gave myself wholly to the experience. The sexy bitchs slick flesh gyrated between us two as we simultaneously made love to her cunt and asshole.

I backed up off Jessies body in order to look down and admire the brunette beauty who was starring as the meat in our sex sandwich. I gazed on in disbelief as our hard cocks plunged in and out of her slowly but steadily, filling her ass and pussy while pulling at her taint. My eyes traveled up to her heaving boobs which glistened with sweat, and then to her agape mouth and wide eyes as she moaned and took our steady fucking. All the while, Jessies left leg remained stretched out over my arm while her other one was pinned between her husbands and my thighs, giving us full access to her sex holes as we both went to the hilt inside her.

After a couple minutes of working our way through the new experience, her husband and I began to pay more attention to what each other was doing so as to really heighten the enjoyment for all three of us. We established a rhythm where he would sink into her ass when I pulled back inside her pussy, and vice versa, so that we were essentially taking turns going balls deep inside of her. It helped relieve the pressure that Jessie was feeling while also ensuring that one of her holes was filled at all times.

I continued to admire Jessies glistening and writhing body for a few more minutes before I lay back on top of her, over her right shoulder. Her flesh was hot and damp as her breasts pressed against my body, and again her moaning and breathing overtook my hearing. Meanwhile, her husband was situated over her other shoulder, so neither one of us was a distraction to the other as we focused on our respective hole and kept Jessie pinned helplessly between us.

At this point, the threesome became really hot and a ton of fun. As I gave myself completely over to this shameful act of debauchery, all my inhibitions and reservations fled. Every qualm and discomfort evaporated. Jessies husband and I were firmly fucking Jessie like she had never experienced before as we held her in place. The pleasure intensified to first match and eventually exceed my wild expectations as I began to thrust harder and harder into Jessies pussy. I increased my speed, forcing her husband to keep up the pace in her ass.

We both pumped back and forth into the same bitch, sawing in and out of her. I could hear her husband grunting beneath her and realized I was groaning myself as Jessie writhed and squealed between us, occasionally laughing as her head and legs swung between two thrusting bodies. I could feel the pointed heel of her right shoe poking my back rather consistently as she reacted to being pressed between and stuffed by the two of us men. At last, it seemed like Jessie was sincerely enjoying her situation. Her one arm still supported her on the couch, but the other hand was clawing and clutching at my back while her legs thrashed about as much as they were able while I sank into her over and over and over again.

I remember distinctly how hot the room became. I briefly pulled back to admire Jessie again and saw beads of sweat on her forehead and between her boobs. It felt like time slowed down again as I viewed her body, the entirety of which gleamed in the dim light from the perspiration. Her sweat-soaked hair was matted against her neck and shoulders and hanging down into husbands face, her arms bracing herself as she took the double penetration. Our eyes met once again during this moment, and I admired her pretty mouth, which hung wide open as she reveled in being the meat in our sandwich. Her breasts heaved as low, pleasured moans escaped from her throat, joining a myriad of other sounds, including the creaking of the couch beneath us as it supported us during this raunchy activity.

That moment of slow motion passed quickly though, and her husband and I kept up our pace as we pushed in and pulled out of Jessie faster and faster. At this point, joining the sounds of our moaning was the squelching of her wet pussy and ravished asshole. I also heard the wild rattling of her ankle bracelets against my arm, as her leg bounced in rhythm with our fucking. The smell of sweat mixed with Jessies perfume became almost overwhelming as it joined with the sights and sounds of our group sex.

Forcing my cock as deep into Jessies pussy as I could with each thrust, I focused hard to continue my rhythm with her husband, who pushed even deeper into her ass, separated from my cock in her pussy by only the thin membrane. The two of us held her still and tightly between our bodies so that the sweaty, gasping bitch lay there, getting double-penetrated and crying out with blissful agony with each thrust into her as her legs thrashed in the air, pinned within a mass of human flesh.

I never felt more alive in my whole life. The incredible sensations of feeling my cock slide beside another inside this hot woman would soon be more than I could take. By now, we were fucking Jessie like a well-oiled machine, our cocks moving with the force and consistency of pistons. We boys grunted harder and harder while Jessie was practically screaming at this point. Turned on only more, we sawed in and out of the writhing, sweating, moaning brunette between us harder and faster, rocking her entire body as she was helplessly caught in this hot, wet, delicious sandwich.

We continued to fuck her in unison on that couch, which now was probably on the verge of breaking and would probably be stained with sweat, as the temperature must have exceeded 90 degrees. We could only hope the family that lived here wouldnt notice any damage. Of course, in that moment, I dont think anyone could have cared less. We were having the time of our lives.

If not for the circumstances, the heat would have been unbearable for me as sweat leaked out over my entire body. I was even slipping against Jessies damp body occasionally, but I would quickly straighten myself out and go right back to hammering her pussy and doing my part in this threesome. Jessies body, of course, was slick with sweat from all three of us, but she had always enjoyed the heat, so it suited her all the better. She continued to cry out as she clutched the couch and my back while her legs bounced wildly on either side of me, her anklets rattling crazily and, for some reason, turning me on only more. If she hadnt been enjoying the double penetration before, she most certainly was now. I know I sure as hell was. I never wanted it to end.

The threesome continued for several more minutes as the sounds of slapping damp flesh, squelching holes, rattling jewelry and creaking furniture joined our cries and moans of intense pleasure to fill the room. Finally, our continuous thrusts into her sex holes made Jessie cum. Her slick body slipped effortlessly between our sweaty flesh as her pussy squeezed me, her nails dug into me, her right shoe poked me and her teeth even clamped down on my ear lobe as she experienced her orgasm. Her body rocked and shuddered between us as she came, screaming as she did and pushing me close to the edge myself. Filled with new-found confidence, I announced, Lets cum on her face! just as Jessie was coming down from the most intense portion of her orgasm.

I wasnt going to let this experience be absent of the cherry on top, which meant a sticky facial for this bitch. Just the thought of cum streaming down Jessies face was almost enough to get me off right there. As Jessie continued to shudder from her climax, I pulled off of her, slipping out of her pussy with a loud popping sound before the used bitchs legs fell down limply. She took a couple seconds to catch her breath, but her husband forced her off him.

As we two guys stood up, Jessie was finally able to stretch out her legs before quickly squatting down in front of me. Her husband hurried to stand on the left side of Jessie while I stood on her right, and we both jacked off, pointing our cocks at her. Within just a few seconds, I was cumming.

Jessie closed her eyes as she awaited her reward for which she had worked hard. I moaned loudly as my cock finally erupted, blasting Jessie in the cheek first and then unloading all over her pretty face. As if the experience wasnt close enough to perfect, Jessies husband began to cum just a second or two after I did. He too was aimed at that beautiful grinning face. Her husband and I were soon painting Jessies face in unison, in the same manner that we had fucked her body.

Time seemed to slow down again. I looked down with utter satisfaction as cum shot from both our cocks simultaneously and splattered all over Jessie. My cumshot covered her cheek and chin first, while her husband splashed onto her chin, nose, eyelid and other cheek. Still cumming, I moved my aim to blast her other eyelid and then her forehead, while my counterpart continued to plaster the side of her face and then moved down to her neck. A couple of my errant shots went into her hair. By the time we were finished cumming on her, we had covered her whole face while leaving some residue in her hair, and still more jizz was dripping down her neck down to her boobs.

As soon as I was satisfied, I exhaled heavily and collapsed in the easy chair behind me, while Jessies husband headed off to the bathroom, I think, probably to clean up. As I took a minute to catch my breath and cool off, I sat in utter disbelief at what had just transpired and admired yet another hot sight I had helped create tonight as Jessie slowly stood up and wiped the cum from her eyelids, grinning from ear to ear as she did. As she strutted over to me drenched in jizz and sweat while dressed in only her high heels, jewelry and a smile, she assured me that tonight was everything she had hoped it would be and that we would be doing this very same thing again.

* * *

More than a year has gone by since that escapade, but a follow-up meeting is finally being arranged after a couple opportunities were not able to be brought into fruition. In the meantime, we felt prompted to share the experience while withholding enough information to protect the identities involved. Ill be sure to post the next fresh session soon after its occurrence. Wed be thrilled to read your thoughts below if you liked what you read and if you want to see more. If the story above isnt your thing, then simply disregarded and seek out a story that is more conducive to your fetish.

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