Revenge for Ex-Wifes Affair (Part1)

Author: Jeremy

(Work of Fiction)
Ok, so I married Becky my High School sweetheart right after graduation. We were married for 2 years.. Then she decided to have an Affair with one of her coworkers.. She ends up getting pregnant by the guy.. Which wasn’t hard to realize since I am unable to produce the sperm count to get anyone let alone my wife pregnant… But to shorten this up, we get divorced a few months after she has her baby. I the state of Mississippi you have to have proof the baby is not yours before you can proceed with a divorce. So after the test came back, we went ahead with the divorce. My Exwife and new baby girl Samantha move in with her new man and Sam’s birth father..
So yeah, a little bitter about all of this.. But I pick up my pieces and move on. I move into a small farm house just outside of our town and end up adopting a Jack Russell Terror, whom I named Jax. He was as hyper as any Jack Russell dog is. But He became my buddy.
Well last month I get a call from Becky.. She is in tears, and is hysterical about David leaving her and Samantha.. It’s only been a year since Samantha was born, and only 9 months since our divorce was finalized. I tried to be supportive and ask her what her plans were. She had no idea where she was going to live since the house they lived in was Davids. And Her only making ends meet with her and David paychecks, she was sure to fall behind on her bills. With hesitation, but having a heart and still having deep feelings for Becky. I suggested they move in with me till she could figure out whatvshe needed to do. And was able to support her and Samantha. She accepted my offer with subbing tears, and ask for my forgiveness in the pain she had caused me. I just told her to get her things together and come to my home.
Becky and Sam moved in and had settled into a basic routine for the short time they had been staying. Becky and Samantha stayed one room and jax and I stayed in my room. Becky worked during the day and I worked nights. So that helped Becky with having to pay for childcare. Which was $125 a week for an infant…. Crazy!! But I didn’t mind at all. Let me explain why.
So after about a week of watching Samantha while Becky worked. Sam and I were laying on the living-room floor watch Baby Einstein videos. Samantha giggled and laughed as the puppets on the video made funny sounda and faces. Thats when I got a whiff of baby in the air… “Oh, You stinky butt!” I said. I grabbed her diaper bag and rolled Sam onto her back and proceeded to clean her bottom. She laughed as I jibber-jabbered to her while wiping. “What a cutie you are.” I said to her. Her legs kick wildly as her naked bottom eventually awas cleaned and ready for a new diaper. Without really thinking I tickle Sam’s inner thighs that were chubby baby legs. She giggled and kicked even more wildly. I laughed along with her. But as I tickled her my fingers ran across her smooth puffy slit.. She laughed, “Oh, You liked that did you?” I asked as if she were going to reply. I ran my finger back across her pussy again to catch her reaction. Samanthas reaction was of more giggles and kicks. “Oh, your gonna be one of those girls aren’t you?” I said as I positioned my index finger as to finger fuck her little tight flower. I pressed softly as I baby talked to her how she was a bad little girl. And she just giggled away. As my finger slipped past her puffy outter vulva I felt the tiny opening of her vagina with the tip of my finger. As I pressed ever so slowly I watched for any discomfort in Samanthas face. But she gave no such look.
I pulled my finger away and gave put it in her mouth. She sucked and slobbered all over it. I returned it to her spread legs and with her own baby spit I press farther into her little pussy. This time I felt her hymen.. I made slow presses against it as I moved in and out as to finger fuck her tiny vagina. I was worried I break her hymen so I slide my finger out and with no real thought in it, I lend down and slide my tongue inside her baby pussy. I licked and tonge fucked her as she laid there. All was well.
Now this ended up being a morning routine for Samantha and I for about two weeks. I had pressed far enough that her hymen eventually broke with only a few spots of blood. But nothing that would alarm Becky if she was to change Sam’s diaper and would see blood. Around the 22nd week I was able to insert my entire index finger inside Samantha little pussy. And I was also tongue deep in her too. She tasted so sweet! One morning I had just finished cleaning her pussy and was about to dive in when My Buddy Jax caught my attention.. He was laying on the sofa and was licking himself.. (Light Bulb) My mind went crazy.. In no time I turned Samantha over and positioned her in a crawling stace which she was able todo on her own. But I held her as I called jax to us. With his tail high he jumped and happily trotted over to where I had Sam’s bottom up high as a show of submission to Jax. He sniffed her from head to toe. I patted her on her hiney a few times and called for Jax “UP! Jax UP!” It told a few trys, but I managed to get Jax to do a doggy mount on Samanthas baby bottom. At first he just stood there not sure what to do. I reached down and gave him a fee friendly strokes to get his red vained doggy dick to emerge. Which after a minute or two, came out like I wanted. Sma was just giggling which I talked to her babyish to keep her happy.
As Jax stood over Sam’s botyom, his now hard ready doggy dick was rubbing against her tiny thighs and was poised to enter her pussy. I helped guide Jax baby fit sized doggy dick right into Sam’s baby pussy. Jax must of figured the motion I was trying to get him to do startrd to hump forward. Which helped me guide him in better. Before long Jax was in a rhythm and I watch his dick quickening it’s thrust into Samanthas pussy. She started to cry at this point, But I held her in this position as my buddy worked her obrr like a super star. I noticed his knot had formed and was holding them together. Samantha was crying harder and I could tell Jax was in a state of not wanting to move because his dog parts were blasting cum inside Sams cervix for sure. In what looked like slow motion at tbe time Jax pulled away and I saw his knot spread Samanthas baby pussy wide open then just like that it was out. Hot dog semen shot from her little pussy as Jax escaped her love grasp. I was so hard at this I rolled Samantha over, with her still in tears I pulled out my own hardon and rubbed its across her spread pussy and jacked off until I felt the swell in my balls. I pressed the head of my dick into the folds of her baby love canal and shot streams of my own cum into Sams dog seed filled pussy. What a sweet Revenge this was!

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