My Daughters Classmate

Author: Jeremy

This all started a few years back. And I know what you’re gonna say.. No body have movie video rental stores anymore.. Well that’s not true. We actually still have a successful video rental store in my little town. Yes we have RedBox rental in locations around town. But the rental store is alive and well here.
Ok, so at the time this all started, my daughter Becky was in 2nd grade. And was doing great in school. Being in a small town means you see the same people day after day. And my town is no stranger to that. After awhile you began remembering faces and names as you come across these locals. In my case, I would see the same bank teller at my back at least once or twice a week. She was very friendly, and we always seemed to hit it off in chatter. Her name is Ashley.
Well as time passed I began seeing her occasionally working the counter our video rental store. In small talk I found out she was having to work 2 jobs to make ends meet. Which to be honest, at the time… I believe we all were having to work extra to feed our family’s.. Ashley worked at the bank until 3pm and then she’d end up at the video store later to finish out the day there.
One evening I went in looking for a few movies. To be honest, I don’t remember and of the titles I was getting. But anyway, as I walked in I say Ashley at the counter and I made a beeline to her to just chat a bit. When I lend on the counter I notice a cutie of a girl sitting in a chair behind the counter with Ashley. At the moment I assumed it was her daughter. I had never met any of her family so it was speculation. But I had seen her before at my own daughters school. She was sitting on the chair wearing the standard school colored uniform for our town. With she was in a tan skirt and a Green Polo shirt. I only paused a moment to notice her and went into conversation with Ashley. As we talked I caught a glimpse of the chubby cutiepies panties as she proped up her legs on the chair and continued playing on here gameing device.
I was a bit taken at the clean open shot I was given from her seated position. Her panties were light pink and hugged every inch of her lower regions which perfectly outlined the shape of her buffy mound.. I could even make out her fat little slit through the cotton fabric.
It wasn’t but a few moments until she looked up and she quickly closed her legs as she saw my gaze. I made no sudden reaction, but only acted as if I was looking in her general direction. Which seemed to work in hiding the fact I was staring very hard.. I finished talking with Ashley and went about finding the movies I wanted. After which I returned to the counter. Ashley had stepped out from the counter and was returning movies.
“I be right there!” she yelled from a few shelves away.
“No Rush! Take your time, I’m in no hurry.”
As I awaited her return I found myself face to face with this girl in her chair once again. But this time I was met with her engaging me with questions. “I’ve seen you at my school before, huh?” she started. Her voice was sweet and innocent. “Yes, I believe so. My daughter Becky is in you class I think.”
“Becky..?” she said in a quizzed tone.
“Becca! You might know her as Becca?” I explained to her. She smiled, “I know Becca!! She’s my friend!”
“You’re her dad?” she asked just as Ashley was returning.
“I sure am.” I replied
“I see my daughter has bombarded you with her questions.” Ashly spoke as she started ringing up my totals. “Oh that’s no problem, she’s a cutie.”
As I stood there chatting with Ashley again, I caught myself looking passed Ashley to see her daughter once again sitting with her legs up on the chair and showing the world her goods… When I looked up at her cutie face I was met with her staring right at me.. She was quite aware of what I was looking at this time and I just gave her a shy smile and was just about to look away when out of nowhere she returns a devilish grin and with that she opens her legs just a little more… I raised my brow is surprise as I was being given an even better shot of this sweet girls panty covered sweets.
I couldn’t stay any longer than I had already stayed and I made my exit with reluctance..
As I left, I hear “Tell Becca I said Hi!!”
I smiled and turned around, “Who do I tell her said Hi?” Her little face light up and she says “I’m Jennifer, but everyone calls me Jenny.”
“Well Miss Jenny, I can tell her you said Hi. Maybe you can come over sometime.?” I looked towards Ashley to see if there was an approval look abaout her.
“Oh defiantly! That would be great.” replied Ashley.
“Well then, there you go. Come over anytime.”

Now, remember.. This was a few years ago.. My daughter is in the 6th grade now. I had completely forgotten about most thing that have happened in the past few years.. But I do still remember Jennys chubby panty show..
Well as you would know, Becky asked if she could have a friend over for the weekend. Which My wife and I were ok with. When Friday evening arrived my wife calls me and gives me an address then tells me to swing by and pick up Jenny as she was the girl my daughter was having over.
In my head I was a bit excited, but not expecting any remembrance or any such panty shows from this now 6th grader.. But it was in the back of my mind nonetheless. When I finally found Ashley and Jennys home which was out in the boondocks! I was met by Jenny and her mom at the door.
“Well hello stranger!” Ashley spoke out. We laughed as this was in a joking manner since I still see her often at the Bank.
“You ready to go Miss Jenny?”
Jenny was holding a backpack and was wearing a blue tanktop, black girls athletic shorts and sandles. “Yes Sir!” she answered as she walked towards my car.
“So have her back Sunday noonish right?” I asked.
“Yeah, If that’s ok? I’ll be home around noon after church Sunday.” Replied Jennys mom. “Yeah, no problem! See you Sunday.”
When I entered the car, Jenny was already changing my radio station..
“Hey Crazy! You can’t just go changing my radio!”
She laughed and kept on searching for her favorite station.. “Your gonna own me for this.” I jokingly said. Without hesitation Jenny says with a smile “Deal!”
The ride home was nothing special, and the wekend really wasn’t too exciting in retrospect… Just normal loud preteen girls running a muck throughout the house. But than came Sunday…. My wife was going to The Gulf Coast to find a new outfit for her and Becky at the Mall. Which ment I would be dropping Jenny off around noon.
My wife had planned on her and Jenny leaving earlier than I had thought. Which was no problem, I would just drop Jenny off early. We all left the house at the same time, My wife & daughter heading to the Coast and Jenny & I heading to her house.
As we drove through what seemed like miles of woods, I noticed it was only 10am. “Hey, umm your mom won’t be home till noon..” Jenny looked at the time on my radio, “Oh.. Thats 2 hours..” she says.
“Well, we can just wait in the car till she gets home.”
“That’s ok, I have a key to get inside.” Jenny answers as she pulls out a key from her backpack.
“Oh, ok. Well you can go in and I’ll hangout till she gets home.” Jenny looks at me and tells me I can come in also. No reason to sit outside. Which I sort of reluctantly agreed to. Once we pulled up to Jemmys house. I asked her if she wanted to text or call her mom to let her know we were there. I gave her my phone and she messaged her mom. As we waited for a response Jenny opened the door and we went inside. I sat on the sofa and Jenny headed to the back. As I waited my phone chimed and I looked at the message which read:
(Okay! I’ll be home right after service. Just stay inside. Ask Mr Jeremy if he wants a coke or a snack. Be home around 12)
Jenny returned and I handed my phone to her so she could see the message.
“Cool, you want a coke or a snack?” she says.
“Nah, I’m fine for now.” Jenny turned on the tv and we sat for a minute or two. “Hey! You never paided me for changing my radio.” I said as a joke. Jenny looked at me and laughed. “Well, what do I owe you?”
“Umm what can I have.” I asked.
“Well…” she turns towards me and as she does this she places her leg up on the sofa which gave me a small shot up her shorts. Again I was entranced by seeing her panties after seeing them so many years before. “That will do it.” I say as she glances at what I was looking at.
She spins her leg back to face forward with an embarrassed look. “Haha! What? You’re shy now?” I said laughing. “I remember you being a the little tease years ago.” she turned red as an apple.
“OMG, you remember that?” she says
“Are you kidding? I remember it very well.”
“Matter of fact, I recall you where wearing pink panties too..” Jenny laughed aloud and says. “I got blue one on now!”
“Well you owe me..” I said in a sly voice Jenny smiled and stood up, “Ok. One second.” and she walked towards the back again. A few moments later she walks back in and holds out her hand towards me. “What’s this?” I say as I reach out to accept what she was handing me. She place the object in my hand and she plopped down on the sofa with a funny smile. When I looked at what she had given me I instantly realized what she gave me.
She had walked to her room and proceeded to take off the blue panties she was wearing and she had given them to me. “Oh Wow!” I said in response to the gift.. “Well that be enough?” she said with a teasing look.
“Umm, Yeah I believe so, but I would have enjoyed it more taking them off personally.”
She laughed at this as she jumped up, she reached out and snatched the panties from my hands and walked back to her room again. Once more she returned moments later. But this time without holding anything.
“What’s up?” I ask.
She steps into the living-room and stands in front of me and says: “Well..”
In a confused tone I ask her “What, I thought you gave them to me?”
Jenny raises her hand to her waistband ofvher shorts and pulls them slightly down revealing the blue of her panties. “You want’em.. Take’em” she says.
I didn’t need to be told twice.. I reached up and grabbed both sides of Jennys shorts and pulled down. They fell easily to the floor and she stepped out of them she stood momentarily in front of me in just her t-shirt & panties.
I was completely lost in the moment. And without realizing what was happening I pulled Jenny in close and kissed her on the lips. She accepted my kiss as if she wanted this as much as I did. My hand reached around her preteen body and I lefted her up and she straddled my legs on the sofa as we continued kissing. Her pelvis was grinding into now raging hardon under my jeans. My hands slide down Jennys back and around her widely spread butt. One hand pulling at her panties to one side, the other finding her uncovered preteen pussy. My fingers frantically worked at her folds and pussy opening which were completely wet from her juices.. As I worked two fingers in and out of her tight little body, Jenny reached down and began unkooking my belt, than she un buttoned my pants and pulled down my zipper. My dick was fighting to be free. Which Jenny helped by grabbing it and lifting it up and out of it’s confines. Without either one of us saying a word, I held her panties to one side and grabbed a hold of my hard shaft and guided its head to her tiny love offering. We made eye contact just as I pressed the head of my dick into her welcoming pussy. At first she grimaced and I stopped. I felt her tiny folds spreading open, but I could tell she was having a painful time accepting my man sized dick.
“Slow… Slow……” she wispered in my ear.
I held her panties to the side and held her hip with my free hand as she slowly worked her way down my shaft. Inching down ever so slowly.. Until she was resting completely on my hips and my shaft buried deep inside her love canal. As she softly began rasing and lowering her body on my shaft, she reached over my shoulder and grabbed the window curtain and pulled it open slightly.
“What are you doing that for?” I asked
Jenny wispered in my her as she rode slowing up and down “I watching for my mom.”
I released her panties and began a slow and steady rhythm with her. I could feel my seed building as we continued our love making. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, but I wanted it to last forever..
“I’m about to cum..”
“I’m going to cum inside you…..”
And with that being said, I blasted streams of cum deep into her tiny body, filling her pussy with my seed. Her tight body never let any cum escape as we lay there in a erotic trance. Jenny finally rose off my now dripping wet shaft grabbed her shorts and went the the back. I pulled my pants closed and zipped and kooked my belt. I sat for a minute in a daze. Jenny came back out with the same sort of look as I. She reached out once again and I held my hand out. She again placed her now sex’d blue panties in my hand and says to me. “Now you owe me..”
Ashley finally showed up about 20 minutes later and we chatted a bit then I was on my way. As I drove away, I pulled out Jrnnys panties and opened them. They were wet and sticky from the two of us fucking. I hurryed home and put them in a ziplock pag and hid them in my glove-compartment of my car.
I wonder what I’m gonna have to pay here now..?

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