Carrie – a surprise visitor

Author: Donald Dentley

I had to tell Tom once or twice to be gentle. He got the idea and it was clear that both girls were enjoying the attention. Time to get them to turn over. I worked up and down Sally and Tom did his best with Suzy. Then I told them that girls also had a place that felt good when it was stroked.

Using plenty of oil I started rubbing Sally pussy lips. At first she was a bit rigid but after a short while began to relax. Once that had happened I was able to show Tom how to rub the clit. Then we swapped over. I worked on Suzy and Tom on Sally. After a short while I could tell from Suzy’s breathing that she was close to orgasm. I told Tom and Sally to watch and after a few minutes Suzy’s body started to spasm.
The only thing she said was: “Wow!”

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