Carrie – a surprise visitor

Author: Donald Dentley

Then I said in an off-and way: “But you girls can make Toms penis bigger.”

They both looked at me in a way that was both inquisitive and apprehensive. I told them that they should stroke it. I showed them how to do it my stroking myself. It takes more than that to give me an erection, but when they Suzy started on Tom I could see it was having an effect on him. I told Sally to feel between Toms’ legs. To stroke his balls! She seemed to find this fun though I had to tell her to be gentle.

Clearly Tom was enjoying the attention. I thought I’d give them a little more to work with, so I went into the kitchen and got some honey and a teaspoon. I dribbled some honey onto the boys cock and asked Sally to lick it off. Tom was very obviously enjoyed this so I told Sally to take the cock into her mouth and suck on it. She was reluctant to do this, but Suzy went at it right away. Tom was really groaning with pleasure so that Sally wanted a go as well. It seemed she had a better technique because, although none of the kids had reached puberty yet, Tom was going to have an orgasm. Not ejaculation but an orgasm none the less. And he did. I could tell from his breathing and the way he jerked. I said: “That was great wasn’t it Tom?”

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