Carrie – a surprise visitor

Author: Donald Dentley

I looked at her questioningly. She just whispered: “A little insurance policy.” I just said: “OK kids it’s now time you got dressed and went home.”

And that was it. At least as far as the kids went! They never came back for more. As far as I could tell they grew up in a totally normal manner. Both Sally and Tom are now married (not to each other obviously). Sally has a couple of kids. Suzy is now a high power businesswoman. I see her sometimes on TV talking about company matters.

Carrie? Well that’s another story. She got divorced from her husband not too
long after our mutual adventure. I tried to return her bra and panties several times but somehow they always came back home with me. One thing led to another and I divorced my wife and married Carrie. Carrie and I have ben together eleven years now. My sex life is fantastic. It seems that both Carrie and I have exhibitionist tendencies. For example we don’t mind being watched whilst we fuck. It’s more than that though we have a lot of interests in common, jazz, gardening and so much more.
Life is great!

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