Carrie – a surprise visitor

Author: Donald Dentley

Fortunately I heard the church clock ring four. I said: “OK everyone that was really great but we’ll have to call it a day, my wife will be back in about half an hour and she won’t be as understanding as Carrie.”

The kids seemed reluctant to go but Carrie slipped on and buttoned up her dress. She didn’t put on her bra or panties, but said to me: “Keep these for me. I’ll come and pick them up sometime.”

She then pulled her cell phone from the pocket of the dress and said: “Hey kids I’d like a photo of you three. Come on cuddle up to each other. That’s good. Tom, why don’t you finger the girls. Hey that’s great. And again. Suzy why don’t you suck Toms cock. Oh good girl. Sally why don’t you stroke Toms balls. Nice. Now Tom, you lie down and you girls sit on him. One on his willy, one on his face. Now kiss each other. Great!”

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