Carrie – a surprise visitor

Author: Donald Dentley

Not that I had to do much. She remounted me and after a while she
leant backwards. She told the kids to come and look, I suppose it’s the position with the most explicit view of the male shaft going in and out of the vagina, and even encouraged them to feel and stroke both her clitoris and my balls. Then she really did shock me a bit by indicating to Tom that he should try to fit in as well. I hadn’t noticed but he was hard again. What a lad!

It was a bit of trial and error to get our rhythm right but we managed. Soon she was approaching climax again. Once again she broke the rhythm. She lifted Tom off and jumped off me. She ran to the apple tree in the middle of the lawn. She grasped the trunk and instructed me to take her from behind. She also whispered to me that she didn’t want any anal stuff. She didn’t like it! But that was fine! Her pussy was good enough, more than good enough, for me.

Now this position was great for me because I could fondle her breasts and the angle was good for stimulation because before long she was getting close to cuming again. When she did come she was noisy, so noisy I had to put my hand over her mouth to dampen her cries a bit. I could see that the kids were impressed with the intensity of her orgasm which continued for several minutes – doesn’t sound long, but it is. I was still a little way off my climax but Carrie made it clear that I should stop pumping her.

This was fine by me because as a finale I wanted to let the kids see me shoot my load. OK it wasn’t going to be a lot because Carrie had taken a full shot earlier. Carrie offered to help me cum, but I’ve found that I’m better at pulling myself off than most girls. And I had an attentive audience. Carrie kept murmuring encouragement and when I did cum I still managed to ejaculate a full halfmeter. Not bad for a second time
round! Carrie explained to the kids what had happened and then grossed them out by licking the head of my cock clean.

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