Carrie – a surprise visitor

Author: Donald Dentley

She paused for effect and then carried on: “Suzy, and you to Sally, come and sit next to me and pay attention. You saw Jon’s penis slide right up inside me. Have either of you tried putting anything inside yourself?”

Sally looked shocked but Suzy looked embarrassed. Carrie continued: “There’s no need to be ashamed. A lot of girls like to experiment. I know I did when I was your age. I expect you already have Suzy. With your finger perhaps? Shall I tell you what you discovered?”

After a pause she continued: “You found it wouldn’t go in very far. That’s because there’s a membrane partly covering the entrance. It’s called a hymen. Before anything can go in deep this needs to be broken. It can be painful. At your age you would find it horrible. Believe me! But it needs to be done before you can have sex like Jon and I did. My guess is that for you Suzy this will be in a years time, for you Sally perhaps a year more. At that time there are several possibilities. You can keep it to yourself and use a dildo. OK, I can see you don’t know what that is. I have one at home which I can show you one day. You can choose a gentle and experienced man who knows how to make you relax and feel good. Or maybe you’ll fall in love and you’ll let the boy do it because he wants to very much. It’s the worse option but it is the usual one. If you choose the second option, Jon would be a good choice. He’s been very caring and gentle with you both.”

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