Carrie – a surprise visitor

Author: Donald Dentley

I started rubbing the head of my penis against her lips, gently at first but then with a little bit more pressure. Carrie smiled in encouragement so I slid my cock into her. She was tight but wet – so it went very easily. The kids were fascinated especially when my shaft was fully buried in her vagina. Sally asked her how it felt and Carrie said it felt wonderful.

So I began sliding in and out, slow long strokes and Carrie’s breathing started to become more ragged. Then I felt her legs clasp round behind my back and her arms go round my neck. I put my hands under her buttocks and lifted her onto me. At my age my partners tend to be to heavy for me to do this for long but with Carrie impaled upon me I was able at first to walk and then run around the garden. With the kids giggling and encouraging us!

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