Carrie – a surprise visitor

Author: Donald Dentley

I only heard encouraging sounds and so I started to pull down her panties. Simple white cotton! Lovely! I heard an intake of breath from Sally when I slipped them of. You never know what to expect with a girls pubic hair. I suppose I had expected a normal, probably trimmed, bush. It was a fine landing strip instead. I said the hair on the pubes was something the kids would grow as they reached puberty. Just like the girls would develop bigger breasts.

I explained that the hair was normally a triangle covering pretty much the same area as my pubic hair. I went on to say that a lot of girls trimmed it because if they were wearing a small bikini hairs sticking out the side were unsightly. I was going to go on and explain the difference between waxing and shaving but I need not have bothered because Carrie showed in great detail where she’d been waxed and explained that waxing was a bit more painful especially around the vagina, but that it only needed doing once a year.

Indeed her vagina was beautifully waxed. The lips and skin were glossy and smooth. She didn’t have much of a bikini line either! Boy oh boy, did I have an erection! If possible it got harder when she started showing the kids the details of her sex. Most of this time I was behind her fondling her breasts and rubbing my cock between her buttocks but I had to stop that or I would have ejaculated then and there.

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