Carrie – a surprise visitor

Author: Donald Dentley

Then she became sort of quiet and said: “If you want to continue your education class we should show them the difference between girl and woman.”

I couldn’t believe my ears – or my luck. Carrie is twenty years my junior and a gorgeous looking woman. I whispered in her ear, asking her if she’d like me to help her undress. She just nodded. She kicked off her flip-flops and I started to unbutton her dress slowly and deliberately. When it was coming off her shoulder I took the liberty of kissing the naked shoulder. She didn’t flinch.

Then I started to unfasten her bra when it fell away I turned to the kids and said that this was the first difference between girls and women. Carrie had breasts and they were beauties as well. I took the risk and started to caress them. Her nipples started to harden. I explained to the kids that this was because Carrie was enjoying it. She nodded.

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