The Price of Fantasy

Introduction: what happened when my wife granted my fantasy of her as my sex slave for a night My hubby caught me on this website a few weeks ago and has since read my two stories which I hadnt shared with him before. He was turned on to say the least. He suggested that we share our story about my fulfilling his fantasy of watching me with another man on his 35th birthday. We have told it from his point of view. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did reliving it:

Ill relate what happened when my wife granted my fantasy of her as my sex slave for a night. We had arranged to stay for one night at a posh hotel in Sydney for my 35th birthday. I look forward to these special occasions as my wife is usually less inhibited, not having to worry about our young kids wandering in unannounced.

On a few occasions, after much begging on my part, she has allowed to me to take a few photos of her naked and on our honeymoon, she had even allowed me to take photos of her masturbating. She is generally embarrassed about being overweight and does not like to show her curvy full figure. My wife has wavy dark brunette hair, stands 5ft 6in tall and weighs about 11 stone with large 38DD breasts, wide hips with thick muscular legs and calves. She has also always been embarrassed about her vagina, thinking it ugly because of her large clit and uneven pendulous labia which I must secretly admit does resemble a turkey wattle. When she gets really horny, her pink rosebud becomes really swollen and thrusts itself out past her clitoral hood, until the whole thing is sticking out over an inch from her body, it is almost as thick as a thumb and half as long, just begging to be stroked.

Maria, my wife of over 10 years always became upset with me if I ever suggested any sexual experimentation. So you can imagine my surprise when she said she would be my sex slave for a night as my birthday present. I asked her if she meant total abandonment to my wishes and she answered yes, just for tonight I will do anything you ask of me sexually&hellip,what will your wish be?

Knowing this would likely be my only chance, I told her I wanted to see her fucked by another man. I think she had thought I would ask her to pose for some photos. We were having dinner at a fancy restaurant and though Maria rarely drinks, on this occasion she had had a few drinks and was giggly and more uninhibited. Even being slightly drunk, she obviously had not expected anything like that as I could see her reaction, but she said if I wanted her with another man she would grant my wish.

One of my other fantasies was to take Maria to a seedy adult bookstore. She had always refused to visit one. I thought this would get her in the mood for some dirty sex. So taking advantage of her drunkenness, I took her to a seedy xxx rated bookstore in the Haymarket section of Sydney. I couldnt believe my luck when she made no complaint and obediently followed me up the stairs which led into the store which had a small theatrette which ran continuous porn films. As it was after 9 pm on a weeknight, the store was generally quiet with a few middle-aged and older men looking through the racks displaying hard core magazines and probably waiting to use the arcade booths to jack off.

I was nervous and aroused as I paid the entry fee and we entered the theatrette. It was dark, and apart from the light coming from the flickering cheap porno movie showing a threesome with 2 guys and one girl, the room was empty. This instantly turned me on and my prick stiffened in my trousers. I sat Maria down, lifted her skirt and felt her wet pussy through her wet panties. She was aroused. I could feel her moisture and started massaging her swollen hard clit. She began to moan and writhe with her eyes fixated on the scene playing on the screen. I stroked her clit faster and faster until I could feel her climax coming closer then I stopped. By this stage, her husky moaning rivalled the on screen starlets moans. I wanted to tease her, to keep her aroused so that she would be really wanting to fuck another man. I said to Maria that it was time to leave and go off to a bar.

As we were leaving the theatrette, I noticed that we were not alone as I had initially thought. There was a man seated in a dark corner, staring at us as we left, jacking off with his stiff cock in hand looking like he was about to shoot his load. I glanced at Maria but in her drunken horny state, she didnt even notice him.

I told her to look around the bar we were in and choose the man that she found most appealing. I wanted her to be the aggressor and offer sex to the man. She said that she didnt think she could actually fuck another man for fear of pregnancy, so she asked if watching her give a blow job would satisfy my urge to see her with another man. I agreed and she turned to the man sitting on the stool next to her and asked him if he would like to dance.

They moved to the dance floor and began dancing. I could see her talking to the man and he began to smile, pulling her closer. Then his hands began to explore her body and he began to kiss her neck. His hands were squeezing her ass when she looked at me and smiled a cautious smile.

She brought him back after the dance and introduced him as Shane. She said he was very willing to participate in my birthday special request but that he wanted a little romance time before retiring to our room. I readily agreed. They then returned to their drinks and continued to talk and touch. I became excited as I watched him touch my wife in ways only I had ever done and her responses to his touches were an even greater turn on. My wife was a virgin when we married and up until now I was her only partner. Shortly, Maria turned to me and said, were ready and started for our room with me trailing behind.

Once inside our room it seemed as if I didnt exist. Shane asked Maria to strip slowly for him. She smiled and considering her usual shyness about nudity, surprised me as she began to sway gently as if still dancing as her blouse and her skirt slid slowly to the floor.

She then moved to Shane and began removing his shirt and then his pants as her hands explored this new mans body. Shane was also touching her entire body, finally releasing her bra and exposing her breasts. He moved his hands over her breasts and then began to suck at her breasts while peeling her panties, leaving her naked for the first time ever in front of any man but me.

He told her how beautiful she was and then asked her to pull his penis from his underwear. She slowly pulled the underwear down, exposing his rigid cock. Not only had she never seen another mans rigid cock, she would later tell me that she had never imagined a cock could be so large. It appeared to be twice the size of my penis which is 5 inches when fully erect. I could see that it must have been around 8 or 9 inches long but what really stood out was its thickness, about the size of Marias wrist with an enormous knob and thick veins. To add insult to injury, his balls were much bigger than mine and I could see that Maria was surprised by their size. For a guy who is usually so self- conscious of my own small dick that I avoid peeing in urinals and using change-rooms, I felt totally inadequate and envious of Shanes equipment. Though Maria had always assured me that penis size didnt matter and that I satisfied her during sex, I couldnt help but notice the way she looked at Shanes erect cock. Why couldnt his cock have been average sized. For the first time, doubt entered my mind as I wondered had I got more than I bargained for with my special request. It was too late to stop.

He led her to the bed and laid her on her back and began kissing her, working his hands over her body. His hands moved to her thick hairy pussy and when he felt her fully swollen clit I could see that he was momentarily surprised at the size of it. Her clit was protruding proudly out between both her inner and outer lips, just as a tiny dick.

He concentrated on her breasts until she began to moan, then he raised himself over her and positioned his monstrous cock at her dripping vagina. As his turgid manhood touched her moist thick vaginal lips, she reached down and grabbed it saying no, we cant, I only promised you a blow job. Reluctantly, he pulled his penis away from her dripping vagina and rolled onto his back. Marian rolled between his legs and began to stroke his enormous cock with two hands, finally sliding it into her hungry mouth.

Maria gives a great blow job and Shane was soon totally under control. She positioned herself so that she could look at me as his enormous cock slipped between her lips. I was surprised at how much of it she could take in. She would release his penis from her mouth and continue to stroke with her hands while smiling at me with a wicked lustful look in her eyes. Shane was by now involuntarily bucking his hips in rhythm to her strokes. Then she attacked his cock with an intensity that could only produce one result and in minutes he grunted as an enormous load of semen rushed into her hungry mouth. Maria doesnt usually swallow but I could see his semen spill out the sides of her mouth as she could not swallow it fast enough, but not wasting a drop, she licked every last drop off his pulsating cock and looked at me and said your wish is granted&hellip,how else may I serve you?

I had been fondling my own stiff cock while watching her attack his monstrous cock and wasted no time in joining her on the bed where I plunged my stiff cock into her moist vagina and fucked her furiously until I erupted in her steaming pussy. Shane had already dozed off and as I snuggled next to Maria, we too drifted into a deep sleep.

Maria would later tell me that while I was asleep, Shane awakened after a brief nap and began to awaken my wife with gentle touches and kisses. He pulled her closer and told her how much he enjoyed the blow job and what an incredible wife she must be to give her husband such an incredible gift. Then he told her that he wanted her to give herself to him again…but not for her husbands pleasure but her own desires. He said that he realised that earlier she had given him and myself great pleasure but had noticed that Maria had not herself been satisfied by an orgasm. She was touched by his concern for her pleasure and replied that she was in that group of women who did not cum during penetrative sex. In over 10 years of marriage, Maria had never cum during sex. I had reassured her that scientific studies found that only about a third of women experience orgasm during intercourse. I usually bring her to orgasm with my hand, vibrators or my tongue. Her big clit enjoys being stimulated and Maria cums easily when her clit gets attention.

Maria was excited by Shanes offer, but scared and told him she couldnt, but his touches continued to melt her resistance. She was still horny from not having cum earlier. He rolled over on her and began to position his rigid cock at the mouth of her dripping pussy. Her mind raced, not knowing what to do. He sensed her reluctance and told her that she should allow herself the same pleasure she afforded her husband. She confessed that she had never been with another man and was worried about falling pregnant. He asked whether or not we had any condoms. She remembered that I had brought a packet with me and quietly got out of bed to not disturb me and found the condoms. However, she later told me that when she tried to apply a condom on Shanes fully erect cock, she couldnt. His engorged deep crimson glans and erect shaft was too thick for the condom and it actually tore when she tried. Shane confessed that this had happened before. He assured her that he could pull out before he came and shoot his load into her mouth once again. Her resistance continued to melt under his persuasive kisses and touches and soon she relaxed and opened her legs wide, offering her dripping pussy to him.

Never had she felt anything like the incredible fullness of his manhood stuffing her vagina full. She later confessed that at first, it was painful but being so horny, she didnt care. He slowly moved his rigid cock in and out until she became accustomed to its size and began to return his thrusts. She cautioned Shane to not awaken me and they continued to fuck in a quiet frenzy next to me while I slept. He began to pump furiously into her. During that time Maria did have a shuddering massive orgasm. She didnt think it could happen and felt it coming out of nowhere and it gripped her hard and she couldnt help panting heavily and snorting. She must have shuddered from its very intense grip on Shane for a full minute. All she could do was moan, helpless and in exquisite pleasure. Her vagina pulsed and her body shook as with fever. Maria nearly passed out from the intense ecstasy she had experienced from his huge cock.

When Shane was ready to cum he began to pull out only to have her involuntarily push her vagina tight on his throbbing manhood while urging him to fill her pussy with his seed. He erupted in her, both of them biting their tongues to keep from screaming and waking me. While he was cumming, Maria said she had another intense orgasm, not quite as strong as the first but it was her first ever experience of a multiple orgasm. After, they lay touching each other, savouring the incredible experience they had just shared.

Shane suggested they slip into the shower and clean each other lest I discover her pussy full of his seed when I awakened. They enjoyed still more caressing and kissing in the shower with my wife giving Shane another blow job before they completed their shower. Quietly, they crawled back into bed and fell asleep snuggled in each others arms.

When I awoke the next morning, Shane was still holding my wife. I must admit now that the sight of them in an intimate cuddle made me feel slightly jealous. My stirring caused them to wake as well. I began to encourage my wife to give Shane a goodbye blow job to thank him for his role in fulfilling my fantasy. I was surprised at how eagerly she agreed.

Shane asked me if I would consider allowing him to fuck her before he left as he believed that had been my real fantasy all along. I instructed Maria to begin sucking his cock and be prepared to be fucked by this man should I decide to give her pussy to him. She attacked his hard cock and began to moan from his roving hands touching her body while she fellated him. I looked for a condom for Shane to wear. It was then that I realised that the box had already been opened. By this stage, I could see that things were proceeding beyond my control, I could see that Maria was very aroused by the look in her eyes and telltale sight of her engorged clit protruding like a little erect penis. Even after recently cumming, to my amazement, Shanes cock was huge again, responding to Marias attention. I could also see his hens egg-sized balls dangling and swaying with the couples activity.

I instructed her to lay back, spread her legs for Shane and begin sucking my cock while he fucked her. I dont know what I was thinking but when Maria asked me to please let her suck Shane and for me to fuck her as she did not want to fall pregnant, I told her she was still my sex slave and I wanted her full of his seed. I remember thinking if she fell pregnant with Shane and had a boy, at least hed have a large cock. Reluctantly, she lay back and opened her legs for Shane for what I thought was the first time. He quickly moved into position and buried his enormous erection into her vagina, beginning to pump furiously into her.

She began sucking my penis and became more aggressive as Shane pushed her toward orgasm. She began to orgasm within minutes, her body becoming rigid and her teeth clamped tight around my erection as she came. She came in waves, biting my cock harder and harder until suddenly Shane began to cum in her as well. My penis felt as if it would pop off in her mouth, but she finally began to relax as she nearly passed out from the intense orgasm she had experienced from Shanes huge cock.

Shane excused himself, headed for the shower, dressed and left us to ourselves. I couldnt believe my wife was laying beside me full of another mans seed. What an incredible birthday present I had been given. We slept for hours, and then I fucked my wife again.

Our love life was raised to a new level over the next few weeks. My wife became a wild and aggressive lover as she raved about the incredible turn-on of her night as my sex slave. However, there was a price to pay for my fantasy. Maria still couldnt cum when I fucked her and she now knew from experience that under the right circumstances she could. She was also unable to have multiple orgasms as she had with Shane. Maria confessed to me how she had let him fuck her while I slept that first night and realized just how fantastic fucking could be with a huge cock and large pendulous testicles compared to my small dick and grape-sized balls. There are some things which once experienced cannot ever be recalled or forgotten.

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