first time step mom

Author: D Kern

I spent every other weekend with my Dad and after a few years my Dad got married and my stepmom was very cool. She was a very stacked and tall women with large hips and big breasts and a very pretty face, people would always comment to my dad how pretty she was. My dad and stepmom were very open about sex, my father had porn magazines all over and videos in their bedroom. I would always look forward to being alone in the house so that I could look at their porn, also I had stole a few magazines and stashed them, I got caught looking at one by my stepmom in the garage one day when I was 15 , I could tell she was embarrassed as much as I was and the only thing she said was ” it looks like you take after your dad” as she looked down at my hard cock bursting through my jeans. It is at that moment I started fantasizing about her. I became a little obsessed and would sneak in their room and go through her panty drawer and would masturbate with them. After several months of doing this I found nude pictures of her laying right on top of her panties I wondered if she knew and had put them there, These pictures were very sexy and some hardcore with many sex toys and another woman. A few months later on a visit I was laying on the floor one Saturday morning playing with the dog and she came in and stepped over me to sit in her chair and she had no panties on as I seen right up her silky nightgown, I was so turned on that I went straight into the bathroom and jerked off. I was beginning to think she was doing things on purpose with the pictures and the no panties and of course this only fueled my fantasies. A few months later I was visiting and my dad who worked in law enforcement got called in on a emergency and it was just me and my stepmom and of course my mind started racing, so after an hour or so I told her I was going to my room and going to bed and I remember what she said because it was kinda different, she said “enjoy”. I went to my room and was thinking of masturbating with thoughts of fucking my stepmom, so I took off all my clothes and lifted the sheets to my bed and as I did that I noticed a Hustler magazine under the covers , I picked it up and noticed it was brand new and had that wonderful smell of a new porn magazine. I was really shocked and was trying to figure out who put it there so I sat on the edge of my bed and started looking through it and then a picture of my stepmom fell to the floor , It was a picture of her in a leather bra and no panties sitting on our backyard porch swing with her fingers spreading open her pussy. I don’t think my cock has ever been as hard as it was at that moment and then I was pretty sure it was her who put the magazine and picture there, but all I know is that I had to masturbate soon or I would explode. So I put the magazine under my bed and grabbed the picture and laid back on my bed jerking my cock staring at the picture of her as the fantasies rolled through my mind. As I was getting close to cumming there was a loud knock on the door, I freaked out and threw the picture under my bed and hurried under the covers and said YES… and after a long silence I heard my stepmoms voice say did you get my present? I did not know what to say , so I said which one ,, and she said the one in your bed, I cannot describe what went through me at that moment my cock was so hard and my fantasies were seeming to be coming true. So I said yes and thank you and she replied can I come in. I started shaking and said yes, of course I was freaking out so I got up and put on my basketball shorts that I had been wearing and there was just no way I was going to hide my hard cock so I walked to the door and unlocked it and as I opened it I saw my stepmom in the same leather bra from the picture and some yellow thong panties that I had seen in her drawer, she said I am glad you liked my gift but I am sure you will like this one better. She told me to sit on my bed so I walked over and sat down and she stood in front of me and said that she knew that I had been going through her panties and their porn collection and that she had actually watched me masturbate in the garage one of the many times I would sneak out there, she asked me if I had ever had sex and I told her that I had only fingered a couple girls from school and that one had masturbated me until I came. She said that was great but that I obviously needed more and that she found me very mature for my age and she wanted to show me how to do things right. She grabbed my pillows and put them behind me and told me to lean back and relax as I did she looked and laughed at my cock bursting through my shorts, she then grabbed the waist band and pulled them off and she said that from that first time she caught me looking at porn in the garage and seen my cock through my jeans that she knew it was an above average size cock, she then started rubbing my chest and stomach and just slightly kissed my cock and balls, I was shaking so bad and it felt like I was going to cum. She then asked if I ever fantasized about her and I told her that I must have jerked off a thousand times to her panties and pictures and that I even had to go into the school bathroom and jerk off because I was always thing of her. She said that ever since she watched me masturbate in the garage that she knew she was going to have to fuck that big cock. As I sit there with her long hair tickling my thighs I just could not believe that this was happening, I looked down and she started licking my shaft up and down while squeezing my balls I noticed how beautiful she really was and every time she would look at me her eyes were crystal blue and she had long thick blonde hair, I think she knew when I was about to cum because she kept backing off every time I got close she licked and sucked me four about 30 minutes I had finally got the courage to reach for her tits as I rubbed them through her leather bra she moaned really softly and after a few minutes she reach back and snapped her bra off and I played with her nipples for a while and then she asked if I wanted to return the favor and try and give her oral sex and I replied that I had never done it and would like to try. We then swapped places and she laid back and spread her legs, her pussy was very pink and was shaved except for about a inch of blonde hair starting at her slit, that was one thing I noticed from all the porn I had seen and the pictures of her that there were not hardly any of them that had thick blonde pubic hair like she did. She reached down and spread her pussy lips and started giving me instructions and pointing out that I needed to suck and spend most of my attention on the clitoris, so I got on my knees and started licking the first thing I noticed was how wet her pussy was so it made me think she was turned on, as I licked and sucked she kept giving me feedback on what felt good and grabbing my head and moving me around, After some time she said come up here and kiss me and for some reason that turned me on even more so I climbed up and she grabbed my face and we started kissing hard she put her tongue all around my mouth and after a while she asked if I was ready and I replied yes, she then said that she was glad that she could be my first and teach me how to please other women as she rolled on her back and pulled me on top of her she lifted her knees really high and reached for my cock and told me to relax, as she slowly glided it in she said go slow an calm down, even though my cock is 8 inches and very thick it slid into her with my first push, she kept saying slow down as I kept thrusting back an forth and after maybe ten or so thrusts I felt my orgasm coming so I really thrusted hard and she let out a huge scream and I felt her pussy get extremely wet as I shot my load inside her she kept moaning and screaming as I fell down on top of her I could feel her heart pounding and she said stay inside of me, but I could feel my cock shriveling inside her and she grabbed my face and started kissing me again and licking my ear while she started pushing her hips into me and swirling and grinding me she then grabbed my ass really hard and said fuck me some more, that is all it took as I could feel my cock getting hard again she said suck my tits and then I grabbed her tits an licked the very hard nipples as I thrusted her pussy, I was able to fuck her for what seemed like a hour before I came again. After that we laid there in silence and she finally said that this was something we could do when I came for my weekends as long as my dad did not find out and she would leave me presents every weekend. We ended up fucking almost every visit until I went out of state for college and even one time we met on the off weekend at a motel and she brought her friend that I had seen in the pictures with her and my dad, I watched them two for hours before they would let me fuck them. I finished college and returned home last year and asked my stepmom if we could start fucking again and she told me to meet her at a restaurant the next weekend, so I did and we ended up driving up one of the local canyon areas and fucking on a blanket all night and she was joking about how much better I had become after going to college and I told her that the women that I was with during that time would always comment that I really knew what I was doing, thanks to her. I have got a few blowjobs from her since then but she has said that she thinks we were getting to close and that I need to find a wife and get married. I am looking for that but hope until then I can keep fucking this wonderful women.

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