Neighbors Daughter, Sara -Part 1

Author: Jeremy

Very crazy evening I just had.. So today I’m just chilling out watching some old DVD movies in my living-room. Only reason I was watching old movies was because it was Saturday and today every channel was playing College Foofball.. Ugh. I can watch Professional Foofball, but I just can’t stand College level. Anyway, I’m into my 2nd movie when there’s a knock at my door. I wasn’t expecting company, so it was a bit of a surprise. I opened the door and my neighbors 12yr old daughter is on my front porch. Now this isn’t anything odd, as Sara is a regular visitor during the summer months. We live about 3 miles in the country, with no other kids around for her to socialize with or play with. Most days she just come by and ask to barrow a movie from my mass collection of old and new DVD movies. And an occasional Blu-ray. Sare is a cutiepie in my books, she is a little chubby, but she is no where near fat. She just has babyfat still, and hasn’t made the leap to young adulthood yet. But she was very sweet and I welcomed her visits.
“Hey Sweetie, whatcha doing today?”
She frowned and replys, “My dad and his buddy are watching football and I’m bored.” “Well come on in and watch a movie, I’m watching Star Wars Return of the Jedi.” she walks in and heads straight to the movie rack and starts searching though the titles. Its early September, but the temperature is 82° outside and Sara is dressed in just a light yellow T-shirt and black athletic shorts like most teen girls are wearing now a days. And then her low calf socks with a pair of running shoes. I sit back into my recliner and wait to see what she picks. As she’s looking, I ask her if her dad knows where she at? “I told my mom I was gonna come over to see if I could watch a movie here.” she answers.
“Okay, than lets get the movie going.”
“Can we watch this one” she says, and shows me the Blu-ray of Batman Vs Superman. “Sure, its sort of long though.”
“That’s cool, It’s better than football.” Sara answers.
“Yes, yes it is..” I ageed.
I hit eject on the player and she replaces the DVD of Star Wars with the picked Blu-ray, and she climbs onto my sofa across from me and settles in as we start he movie.
As the opening scenes begin, I catch a glimpse over at Sara and I notice she’s got her leg proped up which gave me the most beautiful shot of her tight panties that were hugging her body ever so close.
I tried my best to not make it obvious that I was looking up her shorts and seeing her most intimate possession. About 15 minutes into the movie, I’ve managed to stare and hide this up until Sara says to me.. “Are you getting a good view..?” I look up from her proped up leg to see her looking right at me staring at her lower region.. Embarrassed that I just got caught, I blurted out “Oh, I’m sorry.. I was just thinking about an issue at work that I have to take care of Monday..”
“So you weren’t just looking at this?” and with that being said, Sare points down at the opening of her shorts that gave me the perfect shot of her white panties..
I look at where shes pointing, and I quickly look away as to say I wasn’t even noticing that. “Ooh no! I didn’t relize I could see that.” I said to defined myself. Sara just laughed and says the typical preteen response.. “Whatever!” I laughed with her and replied “Well if your gonna sit with your legs spread open for the world to see..” And with that she give me this look… And then without saying a word, she turns her body towards my direction, lifts her legs onto the sofa and spreads her legs wide open. Then she makes an adjustment to her shorts that gave me the clearest and most opportunist view you could possible imagine…
I just stared like a kid in the candy aisle of a grocery store. “REALLY!?” I say in a shocked voice. Sara just gives me a sly look and looks back towards the TV, and says to me. “Well at least you don’t have to hurt yourself looking now.”
“You caught me” I respond and I defeatedly I look back towards the TV too.
“Oh, so now you don’t wanna look?” she snaps.
“No, I apologize.”
“What about now?” she says to me.
As I turn to look at her again, she has moved her hand down between her legs and jas pulled both her shorts and her little white panties completely to one side exposing her entire female parts to me. I could see she was as smooth as the day she was born! My body temperature rose 10° in a nanosecond! And with that view I fumbled over my words, and managed to say, “Ooh My…..”
Sara laughed aloud and said “Well that got your attention!”
“You’re Crazy!” I say to Sara as I just stare recklessly at her now bare pussy slit.
“What am I suppose to do? Stare at that or watch the movie.?” and I turn toward the TV again.
Sara laughs and releases her shorts and panties and they return to covering her body.
“Chicken!” she say under her breath..
“Chicken? Girl.. If only..” I respond
“If only what?” she pops off.
I look at her cute face and laugh as I say, “You couldn’t handle it.”
Sara slides to the edge of the sofa, lends over in my direction and with the softest and most erotic voice I have ever hear from her.. Says “I… Dare… You…”

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