Stranger falling in love with her daughter

Author: Tim S

I answered a Craigslist ad asking for help on adjusting to a woman’s husband’s request to start being nude. I suggested going to a local nude beach and check things out.
That didn’t really fly. She said her husband wanted to be nude at home, in front of her and their daughter. Okay. That’s not unheard of. I asked if he walks around with a full erection. She said sometimes. But, mostly semi hard.
I asked if her daughter knew about all this. She said they had the sex talk years ago. Besides she told me they were not going to have sex in front of her, just be naked. Never did learn the daughters age. She shaved her legs, had budding breasts, and that’s about all I found out about her general age.
They’d sit at the dinner table, watch tv, etc. every night and weekend. Her daughter caught her mom staring at her pussy, when she opened her legs. But, her daughter didn’t stop and didn’t make a big deal out of it. But, my correspondent mom was getting turned on by her daughter and felt guilty.
She stopped writing me for advice. Would have loved to find out where this ended up.
This much I know. I walked around with a huge hard on for the whole time we wrote each other.
Anyone else have this experience?

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