Sharing Cindys Spice Rack

Finding the sexual hors d’oeuvres on offer on her tray of life to be somewhat bland Crissy turns to her friend’s spice rack to liven things up.

Introduction: Crissy is bored.

Crissy was bored and frankly fed up with “hooking up” with guys at clubs and getting “hit on” at university by every loser dweeb who thought he had the remotest chance of dating a girl as “hot” as she was. Crissy had talked to her mom and her best friend Jenny, but really she had no idea what to do. Crissy at nineteen was in the sexual doldrums. Crissy thought if she were this dispirited about sex at nineteen, what would it be like when she reached her sexual peak at thirty? How could you go from losing your virginity to sexual boredom in such a short space of time Crissy wondered? Crissy desperately wanted some new thrills in her life, something to take her breath away and give her tingles. Crissy thought to her self, “I need to spice up my sex life, but how?”

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