I was happy with the idea. So, while she got me a padded stool to sit on and then went to prepare by washing her hands, I stripped down to my underwear.

“Just as well I showered and put clean things on,” I thought as I sat and waited.

Maggie returned a moment or two later, with a pitcher of iced water and a couple of tumblers.

‘We’ll be thirsty later,’ she explained.

She switched on a CD player, which provided a gentle background sound of what you might describe as ‘New Age’ music.

She placed her hands on my shoulders and I heard what sounded like a short muttered prayer as she began the session. Her hands were hot and her touch was light as she explored my back, shoulders neck and head. I found it almost hypnotic as the time passed. She was a powerful and effective medium for healing energy. More than once, I felt myself sway on the seat as I breathed slowly and deeply under the effect of what she was doing. At one point I almost fell.

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