Dani and the Bull Ch. 14

Authors Note:

I think it was Andre who suggested this chapter to me, and I think he was jealous of all the attention his brother was getting. Sometimes younger siblings learn the most about life by being able to observe their older sisters and brothers. I know in my own family the thoughts of my youngest have been greatly influenced by his older sister and brother. I was the same since I had three older sisters and an older brother. Most of my personal views have been formed by them and not always in the way they wanted.

As you all will soon discover, it is not always best to believe in dreams and visions you have at one stage in life. Later on what you saw then may not be the way things would actually go the older you get.

Hugs to all and Happy Birthday America



Dani moved around the room and watched as her family and Bull’s intermingled. It was interesting to say the least. For one, her family called him Bull, not to be derogatory, but as a term of affection due to his size. Everyone in his family called him Beau unless, you were his grandfather in which case it was Beaumont. The first time she had heard him called that she had giggled and he had shot her a look dark enough to kill. Beau wasn’t so bad but she still preferred Bull. So that was what she called him and if people gave her funny looks oh well.

After a week of being in the bayou with him, she was doing pretty well at picking out who was who. The tall slender woman with bright green eyes and all that long black hair was Lydia, Jorge’s wife, and the two little girls with their momma’s dark looks but Jorge’s smile were the twins, Tonya and Tamara. Bella was an almost perfect replica of her mother and her husband Hector was a tall, skinny white guy who had bright red hair and a big smile that never left his face. She had yet to figure out which of their five kids were which because they all looked so damn much alike. All had almost pure white skin, freckles, but their mother’s features and tightly wound hair. Personally Dani liked Bella, she was easy to like. Lydia on the other hand was a cast iron bitch who pouted every time she didn’t get her way about something. Dani had seen a lot of that in the last week.

Susanna was the quiet one, all too often blending back into the back ground and good at making people forget she was even around. Unlike the twins Morgana and Lucian who refused to be ignored no matter what you did. Even their respective lovers were as alike as the twins and Massie swore that even before they were born they had communicated back and forth in her womb. Even now there were times that they just had to look at each other and a person watching knew they were talking to each other. Andre reminded her of Zach, he could be loving and easy going but at the same time he was someone who did his best to hide his emotions, especially around her. They talked and joked but she was sure at times he was holding back.

Marie, the youngest in the family like her and didn’t hide her feelings at all. She didn’t like Dani and made it plain that she resented the presence of her brother’s chosen lover. She was constantly interrupting them and trying to get Bull’s attention when he wasn’t with her. Dani tried to understand, Marie had been only four when Bull left home and for him to come back now with a woman who seemed to have replaced his family in his heart would be hard on her. More than once she had seen her complaining to her mother or grandma about something and heard the two older women talk to her in rushed French that didn’t sound very nice. What was so funny though was the way she and Dave got along so well.

Rose whined a little and Dani petted her. The dog had found her niche in both the family and their bedroom in the attic. She was perfectly content to run around ignoring the other dogs that had ruled for years and going from this person to that begging for love or food.

Feeling a need for air, Dani took Rose’s leash and walked outside. Going down by the docks she looked out over the channel water and then sat on the pier. For the last week the boats had sat as they did now, flags at half-mast while bobbing in the water. All of them seemed to be mourning the loss of Bulls’ dad as much as his family did. The other morning she had woke early and watched as a light mist covered the water and it seemed to her that the ships had cried when the mist coated them with its water drops.

A part of her wanted to cry, she felt sympathy for the entire family but so far she hadn’t been able to do more than offer what support and help with what she could which wasn’t as much as she would like. She was helpless in the kitchen, except for washing dishes and maybe clearing and setting the table, helping straighten up the rooms and doing her and Bulls laundry so no one else had to.

She had no idea why she felt so down today, the funeral had been over since yesterday, and today was just a chance for everyone to have one more gathering before the families went their separate ways. Her own family would be headed back to Oregon in a week until the end of next month. Mike needed to get back to work, and for now it seemed as if Nick and Jessie had faded off the face of the Earth. Uncle Jo-Jo and Ilene had hired a security company to come in and do a full install of their best system, and a patrol officer would be checking on the house in New Orleans every hour. Dave would also be staying on a while and Red would be in and out. She had learned he had no real family of his own outside of an aunt and uncle who tolerated him but he had no real affection for. Well that had changed dramatically, he was an unofficial Lazarus now and that was that.

A familiar voice broke into her thoughts, ‘why so unhappy little one?’

Dani looked up and saw Bull’s uncle Philippe standing beside her. He was a big man like his nephew and she knew he was one of the men who were as powerful in the arcane arts as Maylene. She couldn’t call it voodoo, what Maylene and Massie did was not the standard black or white magic you associated with this part of the country. ‘I have no idea…’

He sat beside her on the dock and shook his head. His dreadlocks shook as well reminding her of snakes moving in the grass. ‘Oh I think you do, you’ve come to a new place, been surrounded by new people and new ways of doing things and you feel very out of place. But the truth is the bayou is as much in your blood as New Orleans and this place in Oregon you come from. Did you know that one of the Lazarus men married an ancestor of Beau’s many generations ago? His name was Jean Paul and was one of the first of your family to come here from Europe, and that same man was a good friend of the pirate Lafayette?’

‘Now that doesn’t surprise me, rogues seem to be a staple in my family.’

He smiled. ‘They exist in all families Dani, you and Beau, you are happy with each other?’

‘Well, I can’t speak for him but I am very happy. I never dreamed I would ever know a man like him in my life and now I can’t imagine it without him.’

‘That is good, because now I must tell you something about him. Something that even his own mother does not know. You realize that Beau is a man with great power. You have seen it, felt it yes?’

‘Yes, I only know one other man who can do the things I’ve seen Bull do. He lives in Arizona, he’s an Apache shaman. Shaman or Medicine man, I can never remember which tribes call their spiritual leaders which.’

‘I thought as much, and then you must know that he was not originally set to follow the path he has gone don’t you?’

She considered his words, and what Bull had told her. ‘He was meant to be like you wasn’t he, a powerful priest of the bayou magic…’

‘Yes, but Maylene forbid us to tell Massie. She saw other things in his future as well and knew if the path that was chosen for him was taken there would be great evil set loose upon the world. A great evil that now centers on y
ou Dani, you and your unborn son. This man you fear, the one who strikes at you in many ways, he is beyond evil, he is the product of many generations of it, and now it has come to bare a terrible fruit. Maylene saw this, and she lied to make sure that Beau would follow his other path. He is not a pure man, he had let what Maylene told him corrupt him. But you Dani, you are a pure soul, and your son will be as pure and good as you are. You must ensure that he stays this way.’

Dani smiled. ‘I don’t consider myself all that pure, considering some of the things Bull and I have done.’

‘Perhaps not, but you do these things out of love for each other, so the good and the bad become neutral. Your soul is what this man wants Dani, he wants to corrupt it as his is corrupted. When and if that is allowed to happen, then your son will not fulfill his destiny. In truth he might never survive his birth. And he must be born Dani, he must be born and shed his light on the world.’

A cold chill ran up and down her spine as the man spoke and when he finished she looked at him. ‘You make him sound like some religious deity…some kind of messiah.’ Visions of various religious and science fiction movies raced through her mind.

‘I won’t go that far Dani, but he is important in keeping the balance of the future world intact…in what way not even Maylene can see.’

She looked at him and sighed. ‘You know I was depressed before but this little chat isn’t making me a damn bit better.’

To her surprise Philippe laughed. ‘Then I beg your forgiveness Dani, but I felt you needed to know these things.’

‘Are you going to tell Bull all this, he has a right to know too. He’s lived with a lot these past few years, more than any of you know…’

He looked at her with a steady gaze. ‘What do you mean?’

‘Ask Bull, not that he will want to admit it, in fact what makes you think he will want to tell the people who have lied to him since he was a little boy, made him feel he was destined to be so evil that he would choose to leave home…’ Getting to her feet, she left him sitting and went back to the house. Damn these people they had lied to him, Pierre thought she would be like a hurricane huh? Well, they had yet to see just how much damage a hurricane could do.

Bull was just coming out as she reached the front porch. He grinned at her and then the grin faded. ‘Honey, what’s wrong…?’ He reached out to pull her close, and she went into his arms, shivering. ‘Dani…’

‘I need to get away from here for a while, take me someplace we can be totally alone, please…’

Bull smiled at her and nodded. ‘Come on, I know the perfect spot…’

He was right, the small grove was perfect. Surrounded by trees, a lush carpet of grass to sit or lie back on, it was quiet and cool and the only sounds were those of the breeze moving through the trees and water lapping at the bank of a small creek. Once he was settled back beneath one of the trees she lie in the grass with her head in his lap and felt him stroking her face and hair.

‘Is this better?’ His voice was soft.

She nodded as the anger she had felt earlier slipped away. ‘Very, it’s so quiet and peaceful, not like all the noise and people back at the house. I so needed to get away from everyone and everything for a while.’

‘It can get that way. So what were you and Philippe talking about, you looked upset…’

Dani didn’t bother to lie. ‘I was but he told me something that made me mad.’

‘Care to tell me what it was?’

Looking up at him, she shook her head. ‘It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s more of something you need to hear from him yourself or your grandma I don’t really feel it’s my place to tell you…’

‘If it concerns us, then why would you feel that way?’

He was right, it did concern them, but she still felt it was something she needed to hear from Maylene. After some consideration she bit her lip then decided to go ahead. ‘To be honest, he simply confirmed what I had already thought when you told me about him and his brother. Bull, when your dad suggested you becoming a priest, I don’t think he meant what you think he meant.’

A deep sigh escaped him. ‘I was afraid you might say that. I should have been one of them huh?’

‘From what he told me, yes, but then Maylene saw something else in your future, another path and she stopped them from telling your mom and dad.’

‘So granny lied to me, all of them did. To be honest, I been wondering about that since you and I got together. It doesn’t feel like it did before Dani, I don’t have the anger or the needs I did before. Even when we make love and you tell me to let go, I can’t. I can get rough, but that is nothing compared to how to I used to be. There were times even sober that I was pretty bad when I look back on it, but when I look at you all I want is to please you and be pleased by you.’ He chuckled softly, ‘The other night, I wanted to take you up the ass so bad, to just ram it in and not care, but I couldn’t…that’s how I felt that night I met you and Sue and Annie. Sue, she got me so pissed off with all her crap, and if we had been somewhere else I think I would be sitting in the jail back in Elton for rape. But I knew I couldn’t, I thought about you upstairs and I knew that I had come so far to find you and if I gave in to my feelings I would lose any chance I had with you.’

Dani heard the hurt and pain in his voice and moved to lean into his chest, feel his arms surround her. ‘Will you talk to Maylene, and your mom?’

He nodded. ‘Jorge was asking me again today when we could sit down and talk, I think once everyone leaves and it’s just family again I’ll be ready to tell momma, granny Maylene and the rest just what happened to me all those years I been gone. Besides, it’s not like your family doesn’t already know and if I can handle a man like your daddy knowing, I guess I can handle my family knowing.’ He pushed a lock of hair off her face. ‘I’m going to need you beside me honey I’m going to need your strength and your belief in me to help me do it.’

‘I’ll be there for you, I’ll always be there for you…’ Lifting her mouth to his, she kissed him softly then let him take control. Like always when they kissed or were sharing moments like this, the fire in them began to rage. It was comparable to a chemical reaction going off between them. No matter how hard they might fight it, it always happened. Feeling renewed need for him she pushed open his shirt and ran her mouth over his neck. Taking a spot between her teeth, she sucked on it and drew out a love bite that was dark and almost scary looking, but his face reflected only the pleasure it had given him and he looked at her slowly.

‘Come straddle me, let me feel you press against him…’ His voice was husky, and she did as he asked. He nodded and worked at slipping her shirt over her head. When her bra came into view, he ran his finger under the straps and brought them down to expose her nipples. She watched as he used his hands to raise them to his lips, first one then the other and suck at each one of them in turn. ‘Sweet woman, mother of my son, I envy him when these are full of milk and he suckles them. I’ll have to be careful not to take too much from you, we want him to grow big and strong and learn to live and love as we do.’ He licked her nipples then used his teeth to draw them out until it seemed he was going to pull them off. A sweet mixture of pain and pleasure and Dani moaned.

‘Bull, you know what I need, what I constantly need from you.’ She ran her fingers over his face, into his hair and held his head to her breast. Her hips were moving so she was rubbing up and down on him, ‘I feel like I can never get enough of you, that all I want day and night is you inside me, loving me, making us like one body, one soul…’

He gave a deep throated chuckle. ‘Hmm my sweet one, we are one soul. Even when we’re apart, we’re together. I am constantly hard for you thinki
ng of how wet you are, how tight you feel, how good it feels when you flood me. I feel like I can’t go a day without it. We make each other crazy love, we just have to touch and our demons call out for satisfaction. Take off your clothes, let me fuck you now, you need it as much as I do. Let me fuck you honey, let me feel your heat and burn me the way you always do.’

She moved away and he watched as she quickly stripped down to bare skin then her fingers worked as quickly to undress him, when they were both nude, she straddled his hips and took his limb into her depths.

Bull ran his hands over Dani’s back and down to the ass he had come to love to fondle as much as he loved her breasts and other parts of her body. She was astride him now, their bodies bare and rubbing against each other as she rode him as she had done so many times before. This time was a little different though as there was no rush. No need for multiple spells of gratification. He kissed her mouth and then her chin, her throat, and back up to each of her cheeks and temples.

This was the woman he loved, the woman he had waited for so long and today they let that love guide their movements as well as their needs and desires. The fire was there, it raged all around them, but they refused to be burnt by it. He could feel the heat of their charms against each other’s skin and he knew if they were seen by other’s eyes, the watcher would wonder about their own sobriety. They were glowing, their aura’s visible to the naked eye when they were like this, the golden hue of her skin mingling with the mixture of his, and spreading out to surround the area.

‘Oh yes honey,’ he swallowed hard. ‘Can we just stay like this forever?’

She looked at him through half closed eyes filled with lust and love as she nodded. ‘I would love to. I feel like this is the Garden of Eden and we’re the only two people in the world right now.’

Bull found he agreed with her, he was so contented, so relaxed that even their making love was only a mere benefit of it. Even Rose was lying contentedly beside them, dreaming her puppy dreams and their two demons so laid back that they looked like they invaded Dave’s stash that traveled with him. It was as if the area had become so infused with their love for each other that nothing could ever hurt them, nothing could invade their own little world. He shut his eyes and let his mind drift, the dreams came and he saw what he knew was a vision of the future. A house, children, here in this spot, he knew it would happen and he was going to work hard to make sure it did.

A soft sultry voice whispered in his ear. ‘You’re doing it again magic man, putting visions in my head.’ She gave a contented sigh. ‘I could almost forgive them lying to you because that lie sent you to me, but only almost…’

Even her indignation at how he had been manipulated was more laid back than before. Looking up at the sky that was now turning to a summer bayou sunset he saw the three glimmers of light and wondered if it was just his imagination that one of them took the shape of his father. He wondered more as one took the shape of a woman who was small and petite and the other a man who resembled the picture of Jack’s father. He watched as they settled in the nearby limbs of a tree covered in Spanish moss and he felt Dani shiver in his arms.

‘We’re not alone are we Bull?’ Her voice sounded sure of what she had asked.

‘No, but yet we are, they aren’t exactly human, at least I don’t think they are…’ He was mystified at the sight and wondered if this was some kind of dream.

‘No, no dream my son,’ his father’s voice spoke in his mind. ‘Charles, Lily and I have been waiting for this chance to speak to you. And to Dani…’

Dani looked at them over her shoulder. ‘Grandpa, great aunt Lily, you really are here aren’t you?’ She moved off him and curled up in the curve of his arm. ‘You father looks a lot like you Bull…’

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