My friends my wife my fun 1

Author: Me

I am Adam and i am into anything related with sex i am 21 yrs and married to sarah. We just moved to a new city. I went to my new work and i met the office boy who had a big ass and seem like he put some make up on his face he stared at me then tried to help me a lot i put my hand on his ass thanking him when i was about to go he told me quietly why you are leaving my ass you didnt like it ? I told him no its so big and soft its sexy i like it but maybe someone notice so he take my hand and go to the wc he puts his hands on my neck then to my chest to my dick while kissing my lips, when he get my dick out i pushed his body to the wall and his face down to my dick and fuck his mouth till my dick turns so hard and wet, he turned and give me his back so i fingered it and it was wide so i decided to push my all dick once so he screamed and then i closed his mouth by my hands to stop him from screaming i fucked his ass hard and spanked it , it was white and sexy i fucked him hard my balls was hitting his balls from behind 10 mins till i cum in his ass then i pushed his face down to my dick again and made him clean my dick and when i finished and put my dick back in my oants i heard one of the toilets door closing quitely so i went away and went to my office and finished my work. On my way back to home i went to the supermarket to get somethings my wife asked for while i am searching for her things she wrote in the list a tall sexy girl my ass and her ass crashed so i said sorry and she said never mind then she asked me about something and i get it for her she thanked me and she noticed my dick is up so she asked me are you new here i never saw you here before i answeres yes i just moved here yesterday and i think i am gonna love this city so much watching her body then she put her hand on my dick and said yeah it seemed as you liked the city so so much and the city like you too so i touched her boobs with my hands and touched ur pussy with my dick saying i think i wanna fuck this beautiful city she said then you will take your dick out for me and i take her hot short down a little and moved my dick at her pussy and squeezing her boobs above her bluse then i pushed my dick inside her slowly she was moaning so i put my lips in her lips so no one notice us i fucked her then we moved to womens wc and i fucked her in her pussy for 15 mins theni told her i am going to cum the she told me to cum on her booty and she she sucked my dick amd she didnt clean her booty and she wore her hot short and she told me she is a wife of an cuckold and asshole and he is going to lick her ass and clean it and take the cum on it by his tounge i kissed her lips and get out to go home after i took her number. When i get home i was fucking tired i told her that it was very hard day and i felt asleep without anything just kissed her.

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