My Sister & Niece

Author: Jeremy

Ok, so for the past several years my youngest sister Elizabeth and I have been both on roller coasters of relationships.. My marriage ended in divorce just as her marriage ended in a divorce.. Elizabeth was born when I was already out of the house and in the Army. So we didn’t really grow up together. But we have always tried to stay in touch and talked often. Last year we both went through divorces around the same time. We both encouraged eachother throughout that time. I lost the house and my exwife got custody of our kids, and I moved into a small house near my work. Elizabeth fought and lost a rough custody battle for her daughter. So fast forward to this past week. Elizabeth has moved closer to home and has a new fiancé and is doing well. I’m doing ok, but still having custody problems with my ex. So my stress is high and I’m depressed 90% of the time. I work nights and sleep days, so no one really sees my emotional turmoil.. Elizabeth knows only because we are always talking and encouraging eachother to do better. So, last Monday night I’m just about to climb in bed to power nap before my night shift. My phone beeps and I read a text from Elizabeth, “Are you home?” I replied with “Yes” and waited for a response. My phone than rings.. I see that Elizabeth is calling so I answer.. She’s crying and very upset over her fiancé whi had just broke up with her… I tired my best to comfort her over the phone. But she was still very upset.. I hadn’t called out sick the whole year from work up to that point… I told Elizabeth to get a few things together and come over for the night. She said she would be over shortly and we hung up. I made the call to my work and told my Supervisor I was making a Callout. After, I got a few things straighten up around the house because it was a little unorganized at the moment. About an hour pasted when I saw lights pulling into the driveway. I opened the front door to see Elizabeth getting out of the car and I noticed she had my niece Amy with her… “I didn’t know you had Amy with you..” Amy ran up the steps and jumped into my arms for a hug, as I huged her I noticed she was already dressed for bed with her nightie on. I grabbed the small bag that Elizabeth had packed for them.
“I have her till Wednesday when she has to be back to her dads house to start Kindergarten.” she explained as she followed Amy and I into the livingroom. We sat down and Elizabeth and I begane talking about her situation and how hurt she was. As we sat, I turned on my tv to the Disney channel for Amy to watch as Elizabeth and I talked about what her plans were. Amy stayed in my lap as she watch tv till it got pretty late. I told Elizabeth to go get Amy a blanket from my back room and we put her on my recliner and I went back and got another blanket for Elizabeth. As I went through the house turning off lights, Elizabeth asked “What are you doing?” I replied “Going to bed, I called out so I might as well get some rest while I can.” Elizabeth grabbed the blanket and syarted following me to my bedroom, “I’m not sleeping on the sofa!” she snaps.. I laughed and told her “Well stay on your side of the bed than!” we laughed and got settled in to my bed with each useing separate blankets. We talked a little and then joked about how odd it was that we were in the same bed… This was the first time that had ever happened.. “You just stay over there and I’ll stay over here.” she says to me. “Yes ma’am!” I answered. Than I jokingly said “Don’t get any ideas of taking advantage of me, I’m very emotional right now..” Elizabeth turns towards me and says “Smart Ass!” We laughed and without thinking I just lend in and gave her a soft comfort kiss on her lips.. She just looked at me… “What was that for?” she asked.
“I don’t know.. To let you know I’m here fir you.”
She lends towards me and returns the kiss.. I gave her a curious look and before I could ask what she had kissed me for she lends in and we begin kissing as if we were two lovers.. She pulls off my shirt and I pull her tshirt up and over her head. We didn’t. Even say anything. Before we know what we were doing, I was kissing and sucking her breast and shae was moaning softly as we began to get very close in regards to our sibling relationship.. I positioned myself over her naked body and with her looking back at me.. I asked her “Are you ok with this?” she softly answered me with “yes..” And with that I pressed my cock head into her pussy folds.. I paused for a brief second as there was a sense of eroticism at that very moment.. Elizabeth reached her arms around my torso as I slowly pressed ever so much into my sisters body. At first I went slow and steady as we both were in extasy in our thoughts. Our pace quickened and soon I was like an eighteen year old pounding away at the Highschool Prom Queen on Prom Night! Elizabeth began moaning louder as I just continued fucking my baby sisters pussy to no end… I was so into what I was doing I hadn’t noticed the my niece standing at my doorway until I was just at the point of blasting a stream of cum into Elizabeth’s pussy..
I dropped down in embarrassment and not wanting my niece to see what Her mom and I were doing.. “Amy…!?” I said in a surprised voice. My sister looks at the doorway and laughs.. Amy than says “Can I stay in here too?” I reply without hesitation, “Oh no, I don’t think that’s a good idea..” Just as soon as I said this my sister looks up at me, (mind you, I’m still balls deep in my sister pussy) and jokingly says to me.. “What.? You can’t handle two girls at once..?” I laughed at first. But I see Elizabeth give me a look.. A look and a little nudge of her head twards my niece as to say.. “It’s ok, shes fair game too.” I give my sister a bewildered look and with a shocked tone I said “Your kidding.. Right..?” That’s when Elizabeth looks over at Amy and motions her to come closer. Amy climbs onto the bed next to her my and I and lends in and my sister and niece give eachother a sofe erotic kiss…
As I watch in disbelief, my sister pulles Amys nightie off and reveals my nieces tiny nipples and soft bare tummy. She was only wearing blight blue panties with a My Little Pony on the front just above her private area.. “Go ahead Uncle Jeremy, She’s not gonna say anything” as my sister says this she runs her hand down Amys chest and over her belly towards her daugthers panty coverd pussy.. I stare as my sister pulls Amys little pantys to the side giving me a beautiful shot of my nieces vary tight and baby smooth slit.. Her tiny clit was barely visible at this point. My dick was beginning to get harder inside my sisters pussy as I watched her slip a finger across Amys pussy lips that parted ever so slightly as she did this.. “Mmm I bet you taste like Honey Right now..” attested Elizabeth to Amy. “Straddle mommys face sweetie” she talls Amy. With a smile on her face Amy stands up and steps between me and her mom and squats down over her moms face. At this point, I’m face to face with my cute little niece who is now being licked and tongue fucked to my knowledge by her mom.. My Sister… “Kiss me” Amy says to me as she leans into me. Her tiny lips meet mine and our tongues dance as she begins wiggling on her moms face. I pull away and look under Amy squatted body and see her moms tongue darting in and out of her tiny pussy. I slide out my dick from my sisters pussy at the verge of exploding and tell Amy to give me a shot at her bottom side like she was her mom. I laid down with my dick wet with Elizabeths juices sticking straight up and Amy climbs off her moms face and positions herself over my head. I stared eagerly as she lowered her now dripping wett panty cover pussy over my mouth. I hrabbed the thigh band and pulled it to one side and slowly made an initial lick that ran the short length of her smooth slit. I heard her moan in delight as I began my second lick, this time I deared to lick deeper feeling her soft and puffy fold encircling my tongue as the tip of my tongue swept across her pussy opening and over her urethra than ending on her tiny clit. Elizabeth at this point had sat up and began kiss Amy again. Before lone I was tonge fucking my nieces pussy as she lend over and with her moms help they licked and sucked at my Dick. I shot hot cum across Amys cheeks as I laid with her thighs on both sides of my head with my tongue lapping up her honey sweet juices.. We all feel asleep with only our breathing being heard. Amy snuggled into Elizabeth’s arms as we all slept.
I had gotten up just after Elizabeth and left Amy sleeping in my bed. I met my sister in the kitchen and just looked at her. “What?” she says.. “What was that last night?” I ask. She begins to explain to me that she and Amy have been doing things with eachother since Amy was an infant. I was in shock and asked question after question.. Elizabeth just left it all on tje talk to me. They only stayed that night, but I’m looking forward to their next visit!

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