Author: Al Stuart

There was something attractive about my cousin Andrea but it was hard to pinpoint. Her thick rimmed glasses and lack of make up did nothing to help, so I was quite taken aback the day I barged into the bathroom and was confronted by this tall naked beauty admiring herself while she masturbated in front of the large mirror that almost covered one wall. I immediately turned away and made for the door. “Stop,” she said “We’ll never get another chance like this.”. She stopped rubbing her pussy and taking her hands away revealed her shaven quim.

I really didn’t know what to do. Andrea had come to stay with me and my wife Jenny for a few days by the seaside as she had done for several years., much as she had done when we were young and she stayed with my parents. In all those years, I had never thought of her sexually and actually had assumed she either was not interested in men or maybe she was a lesbian. But with Jenny out of the house for the rest of the day and this beautiful woman as good as offering herself on a plate, I could not miss such an opportunity. Already my cock felt as if it was bursting and I pulled my clothes off as I walked over to her. ” Oh God, Andrea, you are beautiful,” I whispered as I took her in my arms and drew our bodies together. The feel of her soft tits crushing against my chest made my cock even harder as she reached down and grasped it.
I kissed her deeply and my hips were involuntarily thrusting at the thought of making love to her and my balls were aching as pre-cum oozed from the head of my dick. I started to lead Andrea towards the bedroom. “No,” she said, “not in your bed, I wouldn’t be able to look Jenny in the eye if we did it there.” She said coyly, so we went into her room and I sat on the edge of the single bed. Facing me, she cocked her long legs around my ample waist and lowered herself onto me so that the shaft of my cock slid between her silky pussy lips like a hot dog. She slipped back and forth a few times…….. To be continued.

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