My cousin let me screw her …. part 2

Author: AL Stuart

Andrea’s legs gripped tighter around me as she slid back and forth on my lap and her moist moist pussy lips moulded around my hard cock. It’s head getting closer and closer to her opening with each thrust and then I felt it enter her. My hips heaved upwards and my cock penetrated deep inside her. The feeling was far better than anything I had ever experienced with a woman before. It was hard to resist the overwhelming urge to let go and ejaculate all my cum deep inside her but I knew this feeling of ecstasy could not last. I caressed her head and kissed her, my tongue probing her mouth and throat. “Oh Andrea, you are so good, we should have done this years ago.” I said, looking right into her eyes. “I thought sex with Jenny was good, but it has never been like this my darling. Ooh I can’t help it Andrea, you had better get off quickly, I am going to cum.”

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