Ladies night

Author: Dixie Normous

I was 11 when I lost my virginity… to my dad. It was a Friday night and my mom wouldn’t get home until Monday. She was spending the weekend with her friend in a mountain condo, so if be alone with dad all weekend. I had suspicions that he was fantasizing about fucking me. He’d always seem to be around when I got out of the shower, and sometimes if purposely leave my door open when changing and see him standing outside with his hands in his pants. It sorta turned me on, the thought of my dads cock filling me with cum. With my mother gone, I decided to make a move.
“Hey dad” I said, strolling into the living room in nothing but a thong and a big t shirt. I watched his eyes widen as he saw my nipples through my shirt. I slid next to him on the couch and slowly inched my hand closer to his boxers.
“You know what would be really fun right now? You know what would make me super happy” my fingers glided closer to his cock.
“Well I know what would make me happy” he muttered slyly. He brushed my hand away and slipped my shirt over my head. He roughly pulled each nipple, and I moaned, first in pain, then in pleasure. As he gently took each nipple into his mouth and sucked, I spread my legs. He then pushed me down onto the couch and kissed down my body until he reached my pussy. He began to slide his tongue in , slowly, then faster. “Oh daddy” I moaner “harder daddy! I wanna feel your big cock daddy! Pretty please” I begged. He dropped his boxers revealing a roughly 10 inch dick. All of a sudden he thruster into me. “OW!! Please daddy it hurts! It hurts daddy! – ohhh dad don’t stop. Don’t stop!” My cries turned to begs as his thrusts quickened “I’m gonna cum!” We screamed in unison. Just as I reached my climax, he shot his load into my pussy. “Oh honey, your such a great fuck” he whispered. I can’t wait for mom to go out on another ladies night!

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