Breastfast in bed with my friend

So this is what happened between me and my good friend.. I’ve been thinking for a while of sharing this little tale as I know you’ll enjoy this one! So this is the night before, we are celebrating my 30th birthday at my flat, there is about 10 people here and the drink is flowing and everyone is having a great time x

This is Penny on the left she’s 28 and we’ve known each other since college and she’s been through a lot with me. Me looking the birthday princess in my tiara. So after everyone left just after 12.30, with a good half hour of getting them out the door! I would say it was a success and I can’t believe how much I’ve d***k! Shouldn’t have had those jagerbombs! Me and Penny are left to clear up and we just both looked at each other and said nope! we’ll do that tomorrow! and we laughed.. we stumbled to my bedroom as I shut the light off, we both tried to take our tops off in the dark so I turned around going to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror and I certainly looked like I had been having a good night by the state of my eyes.. I took my top off with the bathroom light and put on a boob tube so I wasnt in a bra but not topless. The bathroom right next to my bedroom shone light in and I can see Penny was passed out already..

I get to my bed in the dark and climb into an already warm bed as Penny is sprawled on it.. I talk to her ‘move over’, ‘mmmm’ penny moaned as she turned over, now it was dark but I’m sure I just got a face full of Penny’s huge breasts for a second then as I shake my head and throw the duvet over her and settle in to my side of the bed.

The sunshine creeps in the curtains and I hide my face and last night hits me good but I’m ok and I can feel Penny sl**ping well. I turn on to my back and look over at Penny and right away I think about her huge breasts and I get turned on.. oh my god I thought. My nipples get tight and I move my hand over my hip and I feel so horny.. maybe this is just because I’m single, with asshole leaving me, me and Penny have been spending a lot of time together and we love to flirt at the club but I don’t where this has come from. ‘Penny, wake up’ I jog her shoulder.. ‘mmmm’ she moaned again ‘morning, sl**py head’ I spoke.. she was rubbing her eyes and mumbled morning to me, she started to turn and I quickly ‘whoa, you need to put them boulders in some holders missy’, ‘oh no.. I didn’t get my top on last night’, sensing her embarrassment I could see out of the corner of my eye she was putting her bra under the cover, ‘my top is all the way over there’ Penny said ‘I’m not moving, sorry’ and she turned round keeping under the duvet not showing me anything so she did ok there. We look at each other and both of us have make up everywhere and we laugh ‘mmmm this bed is so nice and warm’ she moaned again this time stretching and I see she is mostly on her front so her stretch is her putting her ass up as she moves to sit up slightly, the duvet moves down and Pennys impressive chest in her bra is in full view to my eyes only, I don’t think she realised.

‘That was some party last night’ I said, ‘I haven’t been that d***k in ages, yet I don’t feel too bad, you?’ ‘Not too bad’ she replied as she was doing something on her phone with it’s light illuminating her massive breasts making it more of a focus for me as we talk in bed.

As we are chatting we are both enjoying relaxing together and I can tell that Penny is seeing that I am eyeing her boobs to the point when it’s about to become a talking point. We are both cosied up under the duvet with nothing to do all morning and no-one around to distract us so as I pull the cover over me some more it brings us closer and now without saying anything my face is inches from her breasts and Penny’s hands are touching my stomach with her phone in her hands there is about 3 seconds when my primitive instincts kicks in and I take a really close look, so close that I feel the heat from Pennys breasts and feel myself salivate, she must have been watching my eyes as she moved her right hand onto my side and in one motion smothered me into them, I take a second to realise whats happened then I take my left hand and push those massive breasts into my face, my tongue exploring her soft pink crevice Penny whispers ‘this is what you want isn’t it’.. ‘mmm yes’ I moan softly as I barely make my words. I kiss her left breast as I feel my face against her other warm bosom, this is like heaven as I can’t believe how d***k I still am as I get so horny I move back to see her eyes, then I look down to see all these lipstick kisses all over her breasts, I push her breasts together more as she moans her hands are doing the same to mine and we enjoy touching others tits for a few moments, I feel her touching my nipples through my top then I move back and this naughty slut gets a glance at my tender tits..

She smiles at the sight of me all to herself, ‘not a word of this to anyone yeah?’, I nod in aggreement then we chuckle together as I see moves her arm so she can unclip her bra, she moves back with the duvet

The duvet goes over her head and I feel her huge breasts brushing against my stomach as she kisses my top and pulls it up and she kisses my stomach and it feels incredible, her hands caressing my sides, her legs touching mine, I feel ecstatic, I moan softly as Penny unbuttons my shorts and pulls them down and off me, rubbing my pussy through my panties.. she moves her hand to my breasts then follows with her mouth and I can see is her hair but it feels incredible as she licks my areola then she kisses her way up to my neck, I feel her move her legs to straddle my body as she pulls the duvet up around us and it’s just us, her and me and her huge soft warm breasts over my face in the most amazing cosy moment, this is what heaven is and my god I wanted it to never end.. my mouth exploring her nipple in my mouth which makes her moan as I gently squeeze them ‘this is amazing’ I say softly to Penny ‘you’re telling me’ she leant down and whispered in my ear.. I can’t say how long this went on for but it felt like forever and as we are both breathing heavily from this incredible experience.. Penny moves off of me and to the edge of the bed ‘where is my phone?’ she asked as it had fallen off my side of the bed and so I got it and passed it over to her and I saw her do something then she throw the cover off me and took a photo.

‘I’m going to look at this every 5 minutes for the next week as I remind myself this actually happened..’ I smiled at her. Penny put her top on and we had a fun rest of the day laughing and smiling and flirting as we cleaned up the party and took a celebratory photo feeling chuffed with getting all that housework done..

..we got some food and watched a movie on the sofa, and we got closer as the movie was finishing with my head snuggled cosily on her chest x

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