An Early 21st Century Love Affair

An Early 21st Century Love Affair

This story was written and dedicated to my firt friend, hope you enjoy it.

The sound of rain hitting the window was the first thought in my mind as I woke in the dim predawn light. I had slept so soundly that it seemed that I had not moved a muscle, yet I felt as if I had run a race and needed to stretch to get my joints limbered up. As my mind began to clear from the deep sl**p the reality of the changes in my life began to come back to me.

I opened my eyes slowly as I listened to the rain hitting the window and I focused my eyes on the sl**ping form lying beside me. “Yes,” I screamed in excitement in my mind, “it is true, Mariana is sl**ping beside me.” The last couple days had seemed like a wonderful dream, yet as my eyes focused on her gentle features I knew it was not a dream.

We were lying face to face in bed with a warm comforter pulled up to warm our naked bodies, and I tried to focus on every feature of her face. I did not want to disturb her and I could tell by her slow steady breathing that she was still sound asl**p. She seemed to be smiling, if that is possible while asl**p, yet so relaxed. Her wavy dark hair lay gently on her cheek and framed her face in graceful softness.

I studied her face, perhaps the first time I was able to do so in person without her noticing. I thought I knew every detail of her face from the pictures she had shared with me by e-mail, but in person I found her beauty beyond anything that showed in a picture. He skin had a glow to it, not a glow produced with artful make-up, but a glow that comes from within. Her full lips, as I now knew from experience were soft and supple, yet not in any way out of proportion to her face.

I wanted desperately to reach out and touch her, to kiss her full lips, to feel her hair in my hands, yet I did not want to wake her. Perhaps my need to touch her was to test of this was a dream, yet I knew this was real, I could feel her warmth under the comforter and I could smell her scent, that wonderful scent of perfume and shampoo, and yes, the scent from our evening of lovemaking. As much as I thought that our love making session would have taken all desire away for days I could feel my erection and realized that her spell over me was not lessoned in the slightest.

I was lost in my thoughts of the moment and of the hours that preceded this morning. I was taken back to the night we met on-line. It seemed like a strange way to meet a person, even by today’s standards. We met in a social networking site that honestly was all about lust. There was no pretense that this site was about high social values, there was plenty of porn and a way to connect with those that enjoyed that sort of thing.

Our meeting began with a couple e-mail exchanges as each of us danced delicately around the topic of sex but never really getting into some cyber sex. But before either of us was fully aware of it we had become friends, and yes eventually on-line lovers. Perhaps lovers is not the best term, but to a guy that had experienced so little in the modern dating scene, having a sexually charged conversation by e-mail felt like a love affair to me. And I suspect based on our first meeting Mariana must have viewed us as lovers as well.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this casual meeting turned cyber-romance would ever progress to an actual meeting. But over time the trust between us increased and made this meeting seem so natural. We had exchanged e-mails and plenty of sex talk for almost a year and then this stage of our affair began.

About 2-weeks ago when I learned I would travel on business to New York City, I mentioned the trip in e-mail, not with the intent of us meeting, but more as information for her on my travel plans and to comment on the coincidence of my travel so close to her home. I suppose that if I read the e-mails again I might have been dropping hints, but as I mentioned the travel it really did seem to both of us that it was more about information than making plans.

The e-mail she returned to me would change my life forever. As I lay here very close to Mariana, I listened to the rain on the window and her soft breathing. I was afraid to move for fear that it was a dream and I would be left with only the memory of the dream instead of all that had happened. So I remained very still and let my mind wander back to the e-mail I received in which she offered to meet me for lunch.

If I was in a dream like state at this moment, at the moment I received the e-mail I must have felt like I was in a hallucinatory state as I read her offer. I would complete my meeting, and then take a short cab ride to her neighborhood where we’d meet at a small café she knew. In retrospect I am sure that this selection was also based on her safety since meeting Internet strangers can certainly present potential risk.

I have traveled across the country many times to make presentations on the fitness equipment my company sells to hotels, fitness centers, and schools, but I had never been called to travel to a place like New York. I am a small town guy and this trip presented me with some concern that I would be getting in over my head in the sales end of things.

As the days ticked by I became so nervous about meeting Mariana in person. I knew there was nothing about her that would be an unpleasant surprise, but I did fear that once she got a look at me that the meeting would be the end of our friendship and romance. Even though I had her assurances that she trusted me and felt she knew me, there was this concern on my end.

Our friendship had always been something made of bits of data flying around the Internet, we had never spoken to each other on the phone, and aside from a short video clip that we each shared with the other it was purely words and pictures on a computer screen. As a middle aged Midwestern guy, yes an Anglo, I had very little experience with cultures other than mine. And I was also very aware that Mariana was Latino and that we’d make an unlikely couple by the standards of many in my community. But she assured me that if I would shrug off my concerns no one in her neighborhood would question our differences, “big cities care little about such things,” Mariana reminded me several times by e-mail.

Could meeting face to face have the same effect as what we had both come to know as friendship and romance? I kept telling myself it was just lunch and nothing more, yet the old self doubts about how I looked, our age and cultural difference kept pushing into my mind. I was never an overly aggressive person when it came to women, in fact I had never in my life met a woman in this way and had no idea what to anticipate. Yet I knew I would not pass up this opportunity.

Mariana stirred in the bed, first rolling onto her back, then rolling back to face me and as she did her hand touched my shoulder, not so much intentionally, but more like a gentle breeze blowing against me. It seemed that she paused a bit when she felt my face, but then her hand moved to rest under her chin as she made a few soft sounds, and then she slipped back into her long slow breathing. I marveled at the softness of her skin, the natural glow, and yes the warmth of another human body next to mine. This was a quiet moment of reflection after the fiery passionate hours we had just spent together.

I returned to my thoughts about our first face-to-face meeting, just yesterday to be exact. I caught my flight and arrived in time for my meeting, which went well. I guess it boosted my confidence as once I began my presentation I realized that a small town guy can sell in the big city if he is honest and respectful of the client. I tried to push Mariana out of my mind during the presentation, but this trip had turned from business to pleasure once we had set up our meeting.

Once out of the meeting I grabbed a cab and read off the name and address of the café Mariana had selected as our meeting place. I called the hotel on my cell phone as I rode from the airport and made sure my room was booked, and was told that everything was set for my arrival later on. I completed that detail as of the cab jerked to a stop on a busy street filled with businesses and the hustle and bustle of people that reminded me I was not in my hometown.

The café was nothing fancy, but I could tell it was one of those f****y owned places with a counter and stools and vinyl covered booth seating along a row of windows facing the street. I knew I was early and then tried to make a decision on where to set, counter or booth. If I sat at the counter I could jump up to greet her as she walked into the place, but if seated in the booth I might not be able to get out of the thing gracefully. Yet if I sat at the counter there were a few people there and I really wasn’t feeling like small talk with the locals, not that I was a snob or anything.

But I knew if we started chatting the subject of why a middle aged Anglo with a Midwestern accent was here would come up and I hadn’t really decided just why I was here, other than to meet Mariana. So I seated myself in the middle of the row of booths, checked my watch, and then cast a gaze out the window. It was about 2:00 PM, so the lunch crowd was gone and other than a couple people at the counter the place was empty and fairly quiet.

An older lady, the waitress, came by the table with a glass of water and asked if I wanted a menu.

“Well,” I stuttered, “I am waiting for someone, perhaps we will when she arrives.”

I hadn’t considered that we would actually eat, and it made me feel a bit foolish to know that my mind was all about Mariana and nothing more since this meeting had come up. The waitress offered something to drink and I agreed to a coke as she walked away. Alone in my thoughts I began to again try to think of how I was going to greet Mariana.

It made me feel like a k** all over again, trying to decide if I’d say, “Hello Mariana,” or “Hi Mariana,” or did I dare hug her and tell her for the first time in person, “I love you Mariana.” I had run past this moment a million times in the last two weeks and never seemed to decide what was the best greeting to a woman that I had shared so many intimate details with through e-mail. It occurred to me that outside of one short video she made that I didn’t know if I would recognize her voice. I made sure I faced the door so I’d have time to recognize her.

I have always had a problem picking people out based on a photograph. I may think I know exactly how they will look, but am never quite sure until I actually meet them if I will recognize them instantly. Prior to leaving for my meeting I had studied every picture of her again, knowing that the first impression would set the tone for this short personal meeting. I had printed a couple of my favorites and had studied them until I thought they would fade from staring at them so much.

I was lost in my thoughts when I heard the little brass bell attached to the door clatter a bit. I looked up and it was like a breath of fresh air in the room, I knew instantly that it was Mariana, and I felt my face flush a crimson red as I tried to stand to greet her. Mariana moved from the door to the booth as if she was floating on air, and as she approached me all the self-doubts and nervousness passed instantly. I reached out a hand as if to shake hands, a reflex from my business life. As my hand touched hers I felt us drawn together as if we were magnets being attracted to each other.

It was as if we had practiced this moment until we had it down pat. I felt her hand on my shoulder, then mine hand left hers and it was behind her pulling her towards me. Her head tilted to the right as I moved to kiss her cheek, thinking it would not seem as if I was being to forward. But her movement halted and our lips met in a very sweet tender kiss. It was as if we were alone on a desert island without a person to witness our meeting.

Mariana broke the kiss and as she stepped back a bit looked deeply into my eyes and smiled as I was so used to seeing in her pictures. I had never before felt the way I did at this moment. Her smile wise genuine, and her eyes seemed to be looking directly at my soul. I suddenly became aware of the feeling that every eye in the place was upon us so knew we needed to do something to break this moment of silence that seemed to go on forever.

“Mariana,” I said softly, “This is such a special moment I never want it to end. But would you like to set down so we aren’t the entertainment?” I finished with a grin showing her that I was trying to lighten the moment.

“Let them stare,” Mariana whispered as she gave me another kiss, this time on the cheek, “Let’s set, have you eaten?”

I offered Mariana my hand as she seated herself in the booth and then sat opposite her in my original spot. “No, I ordered this Coke, do you want a menu, what are you wanting to eat?”

“Well I shouldn’t eat much because I want to take you to this great restaurant for dinner, you are staying the night?” Mariana asked but there was a certainty in her voice that told me she knew I was staying and it was a fact that we would spend more than this lunch together.

“I have a hotel booked near the airport,” I explained, “I could not get a connecting flight until noon tomorrow. I have not checked in but everything should be set.”

I was relieved that Mariana brought up staying the night, I did not want my overnight stay to seem like I planned it to get her into bed, yet I guess I did have the fantasy that we might just take this relationship to the next level. I guess my small overnight bag setting on the booth beside me was the first clue that I had planned more than a few hour stop in New York.

Mariana ordered us what I would call a dessert, she called it Apple Empanadas. It was new to me, but I loved the light pastry filled with apples. It arrived on one plate with two spoons and as I tried to figure out what it was by poking around with my spoon Mariana scooped up a bite and offered it to me on her spoon.

I am not sure why I found that so erotic, but I felt my cock harden at the thought that this beautiful young woman would offer me a bite. I accepted it, found it to be a wonderful flavor. I had no sooner taken the bite when Mariana stuck the spoon in her mouth and playfully let her full lips surround the rounded tip as if it was my cock.

I felt flushed, I had these wildly erotic feelings and for a second wondered if she did this as a signal to me, or was it my imagination. We finished our dessert and chatted lightly about my trip and meeting.

Then it was time to move, I wasn’t sure what to suggest, but I knew we couldn’t camp out in this booth all afternoon.

“Will you show me a little of your neighborhood,” I asked as I started to stand.

“I’d love to, but I think we’d better find your hotel and get you checked in,” Mariana suggested as she took my hand and pulled me towards the door.

As we left the café I was struck by how much the neighborhood started to feel comfortable, it seemed so big and busy when I arrived, but with Mariana beside me it was as if I had been here before.

I hailed a cab and we rode to my hotel as Mariana pointed out a few of the sites along the way. I felt like a tourist, yet I had never been on a tour where the tour guide held my hand. Mariana had not let go of my hand since we left the café and once in the cab she pulled my hand into her lap. I could feel her warmth and my hand seemed to fall naturally between her legs.

We hit a bump and as we did Mariana parted her legs a bit and pulled my hand into her crotch, grinding the back of my hand against her pussy. I wanted to be shocked, but yet I found it so erotic that I felt my cock harden in response and knew that we would do more than share a dessert and cab ride today.

At the hotel I checked in and we walked towards the elevator. This was a run of the mill chain hotel so the elevator was self service and as we approached the door a couple stepped out of the elevator leaving us as the only passengers. I hit the button for the 12th floor and as the doors closed I could not resist any further.

I turned to Mariana and pulled her close to me. I felt her arms circle around me as I bent to kiss her. It was a long lingering kiss, and I never wanted it to end. I felt my cock harden and knew she would feel it between us. She responded by pressing her pelvis against me.

I heard the bell on the elevator and broke the kiss long enough to determine that is was my floor and not another passenger. I kissed her again, this time parting my lips and she responded and then our tongues met and we were locked in a passionate kiss that could only lead in one direction.

The doors started to close and I kicked my overnight bag between them as we embraced. I could feel her ample breasts pressed against my chest and I wanted desperately to cup them in my hands, to feel their weight, but this was not the place. The doors bumped against the bag a couple times, it was a signal, we needed to break this off long enough to get to the room.

Mariana was the first to speak, “Take me to your room, I want you so badly.”

The room was halfway down the long hall, Mariana walked beside me, her arm around my waist. I could feel her breast against my arm as we walked.

I opened the door and held it open as she walked into the room. From that moment on our passion for each other took over. I wasn’t sure when I planned this if we’d end up having sex, and since I had not been with many women I wasn’t sure how to start. But our passion was so heated that it took but a minute to strip out of our clothes and fall onto the bed.

Mariana’s breasts were full and her areolas and nipples were darker than her golden skin. I cupped her breasts in my hands and rolled her nipples until they were fully erect. I could not wait, I brushed my lips over one nipple, and then the other. I could smell her perfume and felt the softness of her skin on my face. I sucked one nipple into my mouth and she moaned softly, arching her back as if to push her breast further in my mouth.

As I felt her firm nipple in my mouth I was aware that my erection was throbbing and needing attention. No sooner had the thought crossed my mind and I felt her hand gently rub my balls, then the shaft of my cock. She stocked it softly and slowly, teasing the tip with her thumb. I felt a drop of pre-cum on the tip as she gently rubbed her thumb over my slit.

Now it was my turn to moan and push back against her hand. I could not wait any longer, I needed to taste her, all of her. I broke from her nipple and kissed each breast lightly, then began a trail of light kisses down her tummy. As I neared the prize I became aware of the scent of her arousal. It drove me wild, her pussy was covered with soft curly hair and they tickled my nose as I headed for the creamy goodness that I wanted to taste.

Mariana parted her legs and I rolled over to face her feet and pulled her leg over so I could take her pussy with my mouth. I let my tongue follow the folds of her pussy, pausing on her clit for a second, she was very wet and I loved ever ounce of her fluid. As I began to find the key to her pleasure I felt her hand on my cock again, and then it was her full lips and warm breath as she took the head of my cock into her mouth.

I love oral sex, but at this point I was so aroused that I did not want too much attention or I knew I’d be finished too quickly. We had not discussed this in our e-mail so I had no idea how she felt about a guy cumming in her mouth or anywhere else for that matter. Mariana seemed to sense my hesitation so she reached around me and pulled gently as she took my cock deep into her mouth. Then she pulled back and I heard a popping noise as she pulled off.

I rolled back around to face her and in one fluid motion pulled her over on top of me. I felt her legs on either side of me and her hand on my cock guiding it along her slit. She played it up and down a couple times then stopped and I felt her push down against me as I entered her all the way. She was so warm inside and I felt her push hard against me while I took both breasts in my hands.

Mariana bent forward and I played with her nipples with my tongue and lips, first one then the other. Mariana had paused with me deep inside her, then she started to pull off and at that point I took over. I wanted to please her so began a slow gentle motion in and out. As I felt her respond I pumped a little faster and let my hands follow her back and finally on her butt.

We were moving in rhythmic motion as if we had been together before. She met my push with a downward thrust, first gently, then with more and more passion. Thinking about it now it was like a locomotive that starts slowly, deliberately, then faster and faster. I knew I would not last long, yet I wanted her to cum, I did not want this to be about me getting off and leaving her with unmet needs.

Mariana sat upright, pushing her hands on my chest. She took over the motion, rocking her pelvis back and forth, her hair swayed in motion and I moved my hands along her arms until they reached her shoulders. I pulled her down a bit, then placed my hands on either side of her face and pulled her to me. It was a deeper passionate kiss than we had shared before. She maintained her rocking motion as we kissed.

When we broke the kiss I felt her warm breath on my face, her curly hair brushing against my cheeks. Then I felt her tighten around my cock, she was cumming. I knew it, she moaned softly, then a little louder and I responded by grinding my cock deep into her pussy. I could feel her contract around my cock and then she began a slow circular motion as her cum subsided.

Now it was my turn, I did not ask any questions about where or how to cum. This was passion and I was not going to break the spell with a bunch of questions. Mariana seemed spent from her cum, so I rolled her over onto her back and spread her legs wide apart as I mounted her. My cock knew where to go, no hands were needed as I entered her in a single thrust. I supported my self on outstretched arms so I could see her breasts and face and I began to pump in and out of her.

Mariana raised her legs and placed her feed behind my knees and began to push back with my every thrust. I was grunting and groaning in pleasure with every thrust and knew I would not last long. Mariana looked deep into my eyes and whispered, “cum in me, I want to feel your cum deep inside me.”

I had no control at this point, I felt my balls tighten, then the head of my cock seem to explode as the cum was pushed deep inside her. I stopped, holding deep inside her, but Mariana did not stop. She humped back up on my cock and in another moment she clamped down hard on my cock and I knew she was cumming again.

I was exhausted, the energy we expended in those few moments seemed to heat the room. I was flushed and could tell she was as well. I felt my cum ending and pulled out of her, but my cock gave one more spurt and planted a wad of cum on her dark pubic hair. I lay there like a pearl with the curly hair all about it.

I rolled off her and put my arm under her head. I pulled her close to me, out of breath, and held her tightly. She rolled over to face me as I lay on my back and she began to kiss my breast. First a teasing little peck here and there.

Then she circled my nipple with her tongue causing it to feel cool and soon it was erect from the attention. Before I was fully aware of what was happening Mariana was sliding down my chest and she had my cock in her hands. She stroked it, still wet from our cum, and it began to harden to her touch. I have never been one to go two times in a row, but with the loving attention she gave my cock I knew we were not done.

Mariana stoked me softly until I was fully hard again. Then she took my cock into her mouth, sucking and licking all the way. She cupped my balls in her hand as she continued to bob up and down on my cock. I could feel her nails against my balls, not digging or scratching but teasing and stimulating.

I put my hand on her head, pulling her off me. “You don’t need to do that if it bothers you,” I whispered. I did not want to seem demanding, some women do not care for oral sex and I would never be so bold as to demand.

“I love your cock,” Mariana said quietly, “let me do this for you, you have so much tension and I can ease it for you.”

Mariana was nearly doubled over working my cock in and out of her mouth, I placed a hand on her butt and felt her butt up and down. I let my fingers play along her crack and then pressed my middle finger a little deeper between her cheeks. She raised her leg a bit and I felt my finger slide along the wet crevice where I had just dumped a load.

This seemed to drive Mariana over the edge and I continued to caress her pussy from behind as she sucked my cock. I knew I would cum again, this time not in her pussy. It was late in the afternoon and the light was dimming causing the room to darken. I was lying there on the bed with this beautiful young woman driving me towards the edge.

I could feel the cum building and as I got to that point of no return Mariana sensed it. She pulled off my cock and ran her hand along the shaft, stopping on the head of my cock. She twisted her as if removing a cork from a bottle and at that moment my cock jerked and squirted my cum into the palm of her hand. She held on till I was done, then slowly smeared the cum along my cock. It was warm and slippery and caused my cock to jerk one more time.

Mariana bent over my cock again and licked the tip, getting the final drop of cum onto her tongue. I felt as if I had taken advantage of her, she made me cum again and I gave her nothing. As Mariana rolled back up beside me she played her fingertips along my chest and whispered, “I hope that was as good for you as it was for me. I like to make a man so crazy to cum that he can’t stop himself.”

I turned to face her, I could smell my cum on her lips but that did not stop me. I kissed her gently, easing my tongue into her mouth. I could taste something other than her saliva, I knew it was my cum. She responded with her tongue and in moments we were locked in another deep and passionate kiss, arms locked around each other.

I pulled the covers up over our naked bodies, and heard a rumble of thunder outdoors. It was warm under the comforter and we were both exhausted from our passion. If felt Marina cuddle closer to me as she laid her head on my chest. Her hair smelled of her shampoo and tickled my nose a bit. Her hand was on my stomach, slowly moving from side to side.

Before I knew it we had drifted off to sl**p. Two lovers, spent with passion…………..

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