The 3 of us

Introduction: My wife, myself and my mother-in-law My wife and I lived with my mother-in-law in her 4 bedroom house. My wife has c cup breasts, a great arse that I cant keep my hands off (whenever she wears a skirt, I always slip my hand up her skirt to give her a bit of a rub and get her wet, never fails), and we have a great sex life.
My Mother-in-law is a bit taller and heavier than her daughter and before we were married it was just the 2 of them for years. We had the bedroom across the hall from her and she always gave us plenty of space.
This episode started one Sunday night after my wife (Michelle) and I had just finished having sex, lots of foreplay and lots of fucking, trying lots of different positions as always. Michelle got up to visit the bathroom to clean up a bit. No sooner had she left the room than she was back coming back in.
Come here, you have to see this she said to me in an urgent whisper.
Whats up? I replied
Quick come and see she said
So I slipped on a shirt and folowed her out of the room, she stood outside her mothers bedroom, the door open just enough for us to see in. I stood behind her and looking over Michelles shoulder Iwe watched her mother lying on the bed, naked massaging her breasts, eyes closed and moaning with desire.
She must have heard us having sex Michelle whispered in my ear
Yes, the horny bitch I replied
We continued to watch as her mother slid one hand down from her breast to between her legs, which she now spread, and started playing with her clit, this in turn made her moans become louder.
I put my hands around Michelles waist and started to rub her stomach with both hands, one hand making its way to her breasts, the other snaking down to her pussy. Watching her mother play with herself and feeling my wifes lovely breasts, the nipples hard and erect, made my cock become rock hard and I started rubbing my cock along her arse crack. Michelle placed her hands over mine as they roamed over her body, massaging her tits and slipping a finger between my fingers and into her pussy. I started kissing her neck and she reacted by slipping her tongue in my ear ( she kmows this always gets me going).
I want to watch you fuck my mother she whispered in my ear
Mmmmm, you sure I answered
Oh yea, its been years since shes had a root, and if shes been listening to us fuck all the time, then its about time she got some of what I get. I want to watch her take your big, rock hard cock in her pussy
OK I replied, and with that she crept into her mothers bedroom with me following. We each went to opposite sides of the bed and stripped. With her mother having 2 fingers shoved right up her pussy and moaning like she was about to cum. Michelle lent over and started licking hewr mothers nipple, making it stand up even further than it already was. Her mother opened her eyes and started to say Whats going on?
Hi Hon, (this is what Michelle called her mother), heard some noises and thought wed help you out
Michelle than resumed her sucking on her mothers tit, as I climbed onto the bed and took the other breast in my mouth and hand, squeezing it and sucking on the nipple as her daughter was doing.
Ohhh that feels real good
Glad you like it Michelle replied as her hand ventured down between her mothers legs and she started to stroke her pussy. Her mother spread her legs further as Michelle slipped first one, than 2 fingers into her sopping wet cunt, this was answered with a gasp and than a loud moan as Michelle went to work on her mothers pussy. We both sucked on as much tit as we could fit in our mouths, with Hons hands on the back of our heads pushing us onto her breasts. My hand soon wandered down to join Michelles hand on her mothers pussy and I spread her legs further apart as my I let my fingers do the walking on her clit, after a while I slid my fingers down her pussy lips and I slipped first one than 2 fingers inside her pussy so that both Michelle and myself were both finger fucking her.
Ohhh god that feels good, Im gonna cum
Thats right were gonna make you cum all over our fingers, feels good doesnt it? Michelle said
Ooohhh yeah dont stop, dont stop she answered in gasps as she bucked our hands, close to cumming, her moans getting louder now.
I bet you wish you had a cock in your cunt, where our fingers are dont you Hon? Michelle asked
Yyyesssss she replied as she came all over our fingers.
We took our fingers out of her pussy and started rubbing her tits with our cum covered hands, while her mother came down from her orgasm.
Did you hear us fucking? Michelle asked her mother
Yes, I often listen stand outside your door and listen to you have sex
Do you wish it was you getting fucked
Yes her mother replied
Well tonights your lucky night, your about to be fucked and Im gonna watch you take my husbands big cock in your pussy, I bet you like the thought of that Michelle asked
Yes she answered
You heard her Mr, fuck her like you fuck me Michelle ordered
OK I replied
I spread her mothers legs again and knelt between them and placed my cock along her pussy lips, rubbing it along her pussy and clit. She started moaning and writhing under my teasing.
How long since youve been fucked? Michelle asked her mother I know its been a while
Years she replied probably 10 years
Do you like the feel of his cock against your pussy? Michelle asked, we both loved talking dirty, while we fucked. I want to hear you say it
I love the feel of his cock against my pussy, I want him to fuck me
With that I slid the head of my cock into her pussy.
Hows that feel Hon? I asked
Great, I forgot how good it feels she answered
Was my Fathers cock this big and hard when you fucked him? asked Michelle
No this is bigger she moaned as I slid further into her. With every thrust I slid my cock further up her cunt until I had buried the entire length of my cock into her pussy.
Mmmmmm that looks good Michelle moaned, as she watched my cock disappear into her mums cunt she started playing with her breasts with 1 hand, while the other slid down to her pussy and she started playing with herself.
We started to fuck, building up a steady rythym, starting off slow and increasing the pace with every thrust. She may not have been fucked in ages, but what to do soon came back to her.
How is it Hon?, is this a better fuck than dad ever gave you? Michelle asked as she continued to watch and play with herself
Yes, this is great, ive never been fucked so good
I get this all the time, weve fucked every which way you can think of, I love taking his big cock in my cunt Michelle answered
Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me like you fuck my daughter Hon ordered
We started to fuck, I would pull my cock nearly all the way out and then ram it as far and as hard as I could. Before long Hon started to moan loudly and began to thrust up at me harder and harder, closing in on an orgasm.
Im gonna cum, oh god Im gonna cum she panted. Michelle bent her head and started sucking on her mothers tit as I fucked her to an orgasm.
After Hons spasms subsided, Michelle lifted her head from her mothers breast ,and started kissing me, while I kept fucking her mother.
Is she a good root? Michelle asked me
Yes, shes pretty good I answered Do you like what your seeing, my cock fucking her?
Yesshe answered it looks great, her taking your cock, really gets me excited
Why dont you take a closer look darlin, shes cum over my cock, I want you to taste her on my cock
OK she replied
She started to kiss my chest, sucking on my nipples, she made her way down between our legs, to take a closer look at us fucking. I pulled my cock nearly all the way our of her mothers pussy, leaving just the head of my cock in her cunt, so Michelle could see it. Next thing I know Michelles hot tongue is licking along the entire length of my cock, tasting her mothers juices on my cock. After she had tasted my cock, Michelle said to me
Fuck her and fill her up with your cum, fill her like you fill me
Tthen she started tonguing her mothers clit while I resumed my fucking of her mother. I looked up at her mother and she had a hand between her daughters legs, finger fucking her from behind. I bent my head to Michelles and whispered in her ear
How many fingers is she using
3 and it feels great she answered
You gonna cum
Yes she said
Good I said I want to see her eat your pussy
Mmmm that sounds good
I continued fucking her mother, while she went down on us sucking our juices into her mouth, she than put a leg over her mothers face, trapping her mothers face between her legs. At first her mother wouldnt eat her, but Michelle sat up, pushing her cunt into her mothers face.
Lick my pussy Hon, lick me like Im licking you said Michelle Ooooohhhhhhh like that, yes thats good as Hon started eating her daughters pussy, Michelle again resumed eating her mother. Watching her mother eat her daughter had the desired effect on me and as I could feel my load coming I started pumping harder into her pussy.
Im gonna cum, oh gawd Im gonna fill up your pussy and as the vinegar stroke arrived I Stuck my cock all the way into Hons cunt grabbing onto her hips as I unleashed wave upon wave of cum into Hons pussy. As I slid out of her cunt, I watched as Michelle opened up her mothers cunt lips and started eating her mothers cunt, burying her head as far up her mother as she could get, swallowing my cum from her mothers pussy, cleaning her out. It wasnt long before they both came over each others faces. After a short rest Michelle rolled off her mother, we both kissed her goodnight and returned to our bedroom, leaving Hon with the biggest smile shes ever had on her face.

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