Spartan Bonding

Introduction: Cyrus, a trainee in the Spartan army, bonds with the perfect one. Hey people! Im thinking of starting a series of stories based on historical times. This is my attempt at one and if you guys like it, please leave positive feedback! And if you feel like it, leave me some time periods. Ill be more than happy to do some research and write a story. Happy reading!

Birth Records– Winter 561 B.C.

37 male children have been born and taken into the custody of the Spartan Army.

Of the 37 children, 9 children were found to be inadequate for the needs of the Spartan Army. The remaining 28 have been committed to training.

Cyrus! Keep your shield up! My trainer yelled, followed quickly by the sound of a cracking whip at my heels. I quickly brought my shield up and felt my shield arm get shaken as my partner strikes at me. I pull my shield away to stab my partner with my wooden spear and land a strike on his arm.
Cyrus! You left yourself open! A searing pain coursed through my leg as my trainer struck the back of my thigh with his whip. I fell to my knee and dropped my shield. I could hear my trainer yelling at me to pick my shield up, followed by the pain of his whip.

In Sparta, boys begin training for the army at the age of 7. We are put into Agelai, or packs, and put through harsh training. On our 7th birthday we are given a set of scant clothing and no shoes. The sleeveless tunics barely covered us, only going halfway down our thighs. For the first few weeks it wasnt uncommon for us to groan and complain about our sore and abused feet, in the safety of our barracks. But our feet became stronger and the aches and pains slowly died down. Only to be replaced by new pains caused from training and chores. Moving piles of dirt and rocks to help buffer the wall surround our camp, running the miles between camp and nearby rivers and streams. We were also taught how to read and write, mostly so that we could read military maps. Hunger was becoming apart of our daily lives as we were given little to no food. We were forced to rely on thievery in order to survive. Now, being caught stealing food was always punished, not for the actual act of stealing but because we were bad thieves. I have received many beatings but I soon became skilled enough avoid weekly beatings. Not only were we encouraged to steal but we were encouraged to hold mock fights with our pack mates, as a way to strengthen our brotherly bonds. Often we would catch a few fights everyday during a meal break or after our duties. I can proudly say that I won a majority of my fights.
Once we became 12 we were considered youth by our older proctors and trainers. We were given harder chores and put into harder training sessions. This shaped our minds and bodies into perfect weapons. Chiseled muscles and definite outlines became the normal shape for our young adolescent bodies. A few months after our 12th birthday we were put through a brutal survival task. We had to survive a week in the wilderness by ourselves. We were allowed to work in groups of 2-3 but any larger was forbidden. We relied on our skills to bring down game so that we could eat. We lost 3 other youths to this task but the rest made it out with only minor scrapes and bruises. Once we returned we were given a special feast and a few days to rest and recuperate. During those days one of the senior Captains approached us in our meal hall.
Attention! He called and we stood from our places. Now that you have successfully begun your career into the Spartan Army we expect many great actions from all of you lads. The captain told us.
In order to make you the best of the best we know that you will need role models. We wish to encourage you to find older soldiers, recruiters, or even officers to become something of a fatherly figure to you. This is a choice that you can make or not. As you were. We salute the Captain as he leaves and return to our warm meal. As I take a spoonful of soup my best friend, Demetrius, speaks up to my side.
Hey Cyrus, do you think you will find someone? He asks as he takes a bite of bread. I shake my head and glance up at the table where the trainers sat, eating. Many of the men were formidable and very skilled warriors, but to none of them really seemed fatherly to me. They were my teachers and that is where it ended. Besides it was well known that the sexual acts often ensued between the youth and the older Spartan.
Mmmm, Demetrius hums and chews his bread. I was thinking of asking Trainer Kyros. He said and I glanced up to the trainer who sat towards the end of the table. He was a younger officer, but did have an impressive military record and was single. Aside from that he was a decent looking man. Typically we were encouraged to find unwed young men, but on a few occasions married men have been known to take a few youth under their wing. I laugh and poke his side, What? Are you afraid of asking Captain Tolis? I snicker pointing at the hardened captain who sat at the middle of the table. He was known as a fierce warrior and a brutal trainer. Demetrius laughed and we both went back to eating.
A few months later, Demetrius approached me during a water break during training.
Cyrus. Ive decided. Im going to ask Kyros if he will guide me. He says as he grabs a cup of water to drink.
Are you? Do you think he will say yes? I ask, refilling my cup. Demetrius looks uncertain for a moment and then shrugged his shoulders.
Honestly? I have no idea. Demetrius sets his cup down and looks towards the sky. Gods, that survival challenge was easier than this! He jokes. We both laughed and returned to our training. Later that night he returned to the barracks near bedtime with a huge grin on his face. I grin back at him, He agreed? Demetrius nodded and sat down on his bed.
It took me all day to gather to the courage to approach him. I finally caught up to him after dinner and asked him. He said yes! Demetrius happily recalled as I took off my tunic and climbed under my blanket. I smiled at him and stared up at the ceiling.
Have you given any thought to finding a guide? He asked, undressing and climbing into his bed.
Nah, Im not so sure that I will. Maybe if the right person comes along, but for now, I think I will be okay. I say, glancing over at him. He shrugs and soon we fall asleep. The next day Demetrius duties are rearranged and he is put to task working with Kyros. It was almost another month later when I am waiting for Demetrius to return to the barracks … but he never did. I went to sleep that night staring at Demetrius empty bed. I wake up the next morning to the same sight. Later that morning when most of the boys had gone off to breakfast, I stayed behind to clean up the barracks. I had almost finished when I heard footsteps behind me. I spun around to see Demetrius sneaking into the barracks wearing nothing. His hands hid himself as he ran to his bunk and searched for a replacement tunic. I walked over to him to ask him a question when I was hit with a musky scent.
Demetrius? Are you alright? What happened? I asked, looking at my best friend as he slipped his tunic on.
Uh…well…Kyros asked me to spend the night in his tent. Demetrius said, facing away from me.
Wait. He asked you to sleep with him? Is that why you were… I gesture back to the entrance.
Yeah. Demetrius said. I stood and my space, staring at Demetrius back.
Well…I met him at the tent and he shared some wine with me. It started out innocently enough, he just wanted to congratulate me for some successful training, Demetrius started and then stopped as he sat down on his bed. I did the same and looked over at him. Well, we went through the bottle of wine rather quickly… and one bottle led to two and then three. After we went through the wine, he got rather friendly. He started off with simple touches and he full on grabbed me. He slipped off my tunic and his own equipment. He was erect when he sat down on his bed. He invited me onto his lap and he… uh… he… Demetrius doesnt even finish as he grabbed his arm and looked outside. I stared at Demetrius and then looked outside to the empty training lot. Like I said earlier, sexual relations were fairly common between youth and proctor, although the first time usually is the one encounter that is met with mixed feelings. Some react to the first encounter with intense feelings of lust and enjoy every encounter afterwards, while some become devastated by it and quickly drop the proctor. The most common reaction was to be hesitant with the sexual advances at first but have them become a common event in the youths lives.
The third option is what happened with Demetrius too. At first he would only spend one night every two weeks or three weeks, but after several months the visits become more frequent. After a couple years he would spend his nights with his proctor as often as three to five time a week. He would sometimes say a little bit about the trainers prowess between the sheets, but he would always comment on the volume the trainer would always produce.
It was around this time that we were cleaning the public bath house when I met the one. We were scrubbing the tiled wall with warm water while a few officers bathed in the giant pool. I had finished with a wall and stood up to grab a new bucket of clean water. I walked around a corner deep in thought when I accidentally bumped into someone.
Gods, forgive me. I am so sorry. I say, holding the bucket close to me as I bow my head. I look up and am greeted with the chiseled face of a young man, in his early twenties. The man stares back at me with steel blue eyes and I know that I am in the presence of someone very important. His eyes are hard but not cold. His pale body is in the same chiseled state as the other officers, but it is slightly bigger. His hard face had a well kept beard that only added to the feeling of power. I take a few steps back and allow this man to pass. I continue to stand there and stare at the back of the man as he sets aside his towel and lower himself into the water. Demetrius appears in my view carrying his own bucket.
Cyrus? Are you okay? He asked with a concerned look on his face. I stare at him for a minute and then shake my head, clearing my thoughts.
Yeah, Im fine. Its just… do you know who that man is? I ask, nodding my chin to the man who is soaking in the bath. Demetrius looks behind him and then nod his head.
Yeah, I believe that that is Captain Arceino. He is one of the youngest soldiers to achieve the rank of captain. Rumor has it that he is up for Krypteia candidacy. Demetrius explains and I follow him outside to empty our buckets. I looked over at Demetrius in surprise, Krypteia is an elite military cell of the Spartan Army. A true honor to be given a chance to join it.
He got moved here after a successful campaign in the east. Demetrius said as he filled his bucket full of clean water.
Did Kyros tell you this? I asked filling up my own bucket with a smirk. Demetrius just smiled as we head back into the bath house.
He does pass on helpful information now and then. He laughed. We worked through the day and I did not see Arceino till later that night at dinner. He sat near the end of the table and remained fairly quiet. Demetrius tapped my shoulder bringing my attention back to my untouched food.
You have been staring at the captain all night. Whats wrong? He asked, a slight smile playing across his lips. I feel my face turn a little red as I realize that he was right.
Its nothing. I turn my attention to my meal, but keeping my eyes on Arceino. There was something about him that was interesting about him, almost magnetic.
It was the next day that truly attracted me to the young captain. Demetrius and I were in the middle of a training session. The hot sun beat down on our naked chest, our sweat making our bodies shine. I struck the dummies with my gladius, aiming for the face, throat, and vital areas. In the middle of our practice we heard the sound of excited chatter coming to the left of us, near the middle of the compound. A large group had formed and the sound was only growing. Demetrius and I looked at each other and shrugged. We sheathed our weapons and moved towards the group. The group had actually formed a ring around a sparring couple. As we moved to the inner edge of the circle we saw that it was Arceino sparring with an older student.
While the crowd cheered at the fight I could only stare at Arceino. He moved with power and strength, he took a hit to his shield only to bring his mock spear up to rapidly strike the student. He brought the butt of his spear around and knocked the legs out from under the student. The student fell and stayed down as pain racked his body. Arceino backed off and set the sparring equipment to the side.
The crowd seemed to part as they let Arceino pass to his tent. I watched as he disappeared behind the tent flaps.
Wow! I had heard he was good, but that was just impressive. Demetrius said he stood by me. I nodded, but didnt say a word. The crowd dispersed but I remained in my spot, Demetrius by my side. We returned to our training and continued until sundown. I set my gladius aside and looked towards Demetrius.
Wanna have a quick fight? I offer, taking a stance across from him. Demetrius smiles and raises his hands to show his willingness. We circled each other and then struck hard and fast. We exchanged blow for blow, strike for strike. A small ring of younger boys circled us to see our display of strength. Our spar only lasted several moments before I finally slipped under his guard and swept him off of his feet. He landed on his back, hard, and stared up at me. I smiled down at him and helped him up.
Okay so next time, I dont need to pull my punches. He said with a small smile.
Pull your punches? I am very sure that I just beat you, because I am better than you. I laughed and shook my head. As we headed back to the mess hall for dinner, I looked over and saw Arceino standing in the shadows, his eyes following me. Did he just see me in the duel? What did he think? Was I strong, weak??? I gulped and sat down at my seat with some food. I glanced up towards the main table and saw that he was still watching me, quite openly. I avert my eyes and focus on my food. Could Arceino see something in me? Cou…Could Arceino be my father figure? I glance back up at Arcenio and let my thoughts wander in that area. Demetrius brought me back to solid ground.
Youve been watching Arceino non-stop all day. Are you going to ask him to look after you? He asked, grabbing my arm. I look back at him and see all of those night when his bed remain empty. His skill has increased significantly in these past couple years but he has almost become addicted to spending nights with his proctor. Could I really lower myself to that state. I remain quiet for the rest of the meal until all of the boys had gone back to their barracks. I am one of the last ones to leave the mess hall and as I do, a voice calls out for me.
Youth! Cyrus! Come here. I look to the side and saw Arceino standing off to the side of the hall. I approached him and saluted him, Captain? I inquired. He saluted me in return and folded his arms in front of his body.
Tell me, do you know who I am? He asks, I nod.
So you know who I am and I have noticed that you have kept your eyes on me all day, why? He blatantly asks. I feel myself redden with embarrassment, silently thanking the Gods that darkness has fallen.
Sir… I was wondering… would you be willing to accept me under your wing? I asked, saluting Arceino again. He remained silent for a moment, a moment longer. He was quiet for so long that I began to doubt myself. Had I asked for too much? Did he already have someone? I was about to apologize for the question and retire for the night when I heard him agree.
Yes, I will accept you as a student. You seem strong and capable enough. Arceino declared, I could almost collapse with relief. He informed me that I would begin training with him the next day. Once he disappeared from sight I ran back to the barracks to tell Demetrius what had happened, only to find his bed empty. He was spending yet another night with his proctor. I waved my hand at his bed and climbed into my own, falling into blissful sleep.

Working with Arceino was difficult, even more so than what the others went through, but it was worth it. I became stronger, faster, smarter…all of the things necessary to being an officer in the army. Arceino was hard to figure out for the first few months but slowly he gave way to some of my questions. He graduated top of his class and had been in several military campaigns. The rumor about him joining the Krypteia was just that, a rumor. He had been offered a high official position but had turned it down in order to get more hands on training in actual camps. He had not intended to take on a full student like he did with me, but he says that he saw potential in me. I felt so honored and felt like my skills really blossomed under his guidance. Demetrius kept pushing for details about the nights with the young captain but I could never tell him anything. It had been over half a year since he took me under his wing and in that time he had made no advance. Not that I was complaining or anything, the thoughts of sleeping with the captain terrified me. But in the back of my mind, I knew it would come. And it did.
After dinner one night, I had just finished mopping the mess hall when a captain approached me.
Youth, run this to Captain Arceino once you finish in here. He ordered, handing me a scroll stamped with a wax seal. I nodded and saluted the man as he left. Quickly finishing the floors I headed across the dirt compound to Arceinos tent. The cool night air, feeling good on my cheeks. I knocked on the center post before pushing a flap to the side.
Arceino? I have a message for you. I announced as I entered the tent. Arceino was sitting at a small desk looking over some other messages, by candlelight, as I handed it to him. He took it and opened it, silently reading it.
Thank you Cyrus. He said setting it to the side. I saluted him and started out when I heard him call out to me.
Sir? I ask facing him again. I saw him rise from his desk and approach me slowly.
Cyrus, you should know. I have watched you grow and it has impressed me how much you improve everyday. He said, moving closer. I cock my head a little and force a smile.
Uh, thank you sir. Is there anything you need sir? I ask, feeling my stomach flutter a little. Arceino smiled bent down a little until he was eye level with me.
Well, as you probably know, there is a special act Proctors do with their students. Maybe it is time we partake in that event. He said, placing his arm on my shoulder. We locked eyes as he slowly rubbed my shoulder and moved to rubbing my arm.
What do you say? He said as his arm moves from my shoulder to my chin where he guides it upwards, towards his face. At the same time I felt his other hand slide up my leg and, softly, grip my crotch. I let out a little groan as I feel his hand rest on my midsection, my blood flowing to that area. I saw Arceino smile as he felt my crotch harden.
So, Ill take that as a yes. He said, his hand sliding from my chin to my shoulders, smoothly undressing me. My tunic fell to the ground around my feet as my weapon stood at the ready. Arceino pulled off his own shirt and gestured to the bed. I quickly moved and slid under the blankets as Arceino moved towards his desk and blew out the candles. While it darkened the tent, firelight from outside illuminated the interior enough that I could see Arceinos silhouette reach up and undo his pants. He moved forward and slid into the bed with me. I felt scared at the fact that we were about to do this, but also a part of me was so excited to finally do this… especially with Arceino. Working with him has given me a deeper level of understanding him.
While I couldnt see definite shapes I could feel the heat from Arceino and his rod. He was huge!!! This added to the fear but again the fear was coupled with excitement. As I lay on my back staring at the cloth ceiling, Arceino rolled on top of me and I felt his full length press against mine. He was at least twice as long as I was, if not more. And his thickness was very impressive too. He braced himself on his elbow as he leaned down and kissed my cheeks, gently rubbing his great length against mine. I let out a soft moan as I felt bits of pleasure flow through my body. Arceinos mouth found its way from my cheeks to my slightly ajar mouth. His lips were warm and soft, his tongue slipping into taste mine. For as big as Arceino was, he was very gentle with my smaller body. His hand slipped down between us to encircle my rod. He gently brushed it and toyed with it as I writhed in pleasure from his touch. I felt myself leak some fluid as he played with my innocent body. Arceino rolled off of me to pull a jar out from under his bed. It was a jar of grease which he had dipped his fingers into. He reached back and generously coated his spear with it. Taking another dollop he reached down and caressed my ass. I moan and wrapped my arms around his built upper body, doing my best to try and relax for Arceino. I could hear him snicker a little which made me turn beet red. His finger then brushed my quivering boy hole, spreading the grease all around it. He then put pressure against me and slide his finger in part way. I felt my back arch and a louder groan of pain escape my lips. I bit my lip in hopes of being quiet as Arceino pulled out and pushed his finger back in. He was preparing my virgin hole for his hot, thick, cock. He massaged my inside with his finger before pulling out and trying to add two fingers. It took a little longer, but soon he was knuckle deep inside my tight hole. I could sense that Arceino was getting impatient as his own cock started to leak a little bit, but he was determined to be gentle with his toy. He bent down and whispered softly into my ear, Im going to slide it it… carefully.
His hand raised my ass for better access and he pressed his swollen head to my virgin rosebud. He grunted very loudly and added more pressure. With a very loud pop, he slid his entire head in on the first go. I let out a loud cry of pain and gasped for air as tears brimmed my eyes. The pain was so intense, but it was coupled with pure euphoria. Arceino didnt move for several minutes, as he let me grow accustomed to having his thick dick in my ass. He heavy breath was blowing on my ear, when I told him he was okay. He pulled out a little and pushed more in, again and again. Adding more of his rod each time, until after what seemed like hours, he pushed all of the way in and I could feel his balls resting at my ass. We laid motionless as we just enjoyed the pleasure of each others being. I still clung tightly to my proctor as he breathed into my ear and braced himself on one elbow. He pulled out halfway and pushed right back in. He was no longer going to wait, he was going to take me right now…. and I was okay with that. No matter how much I tried, our groans, moans, and gasps couldnt be kept quiet as he started to move faster and faster.
Each time he pulled out, Arceino would slam his way back in… making it seem like he would go further each time. Pleasure was traveling through my body in waves and all I could do was lie motionless as Arceino moved with such force and strength. The friction between our two bodies was so erotic I could feel a pressure building in my balls. Finally he strokes went from long and fast, to deep and hard. He pushed deeper and deeper each time, determined to put his seed all the way inside of me. He grunted several times and then pushed as hard as he could inside of me. I felt a warm explosion inside of me as he emptied his balls into my waiting ass. The heat inside of me triggered my own moment, covering my toned torso in my creamy milk. Arceino remained erect, inside of me for several minutes until he started to soften a little bit. He pulled out and left this feeling of empty inside of me. He collapsed onto his side and tried to catch his breath, his arm covering my torso. I smiled and felt sleep pull at my mind. For my first time with someone, it was fantastic. I felt no guilt, no conflicting emotions, no fear. As I looked over at Arceino, all I felt was peace. Peace that I had built such a trusting bond with my teacher, my friend, my lover. Arceino.

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