Author: Steve

Steve woke with a splitting headache, he lay in bed getting his surroundings. he did not remember getting home or going to bed, he had been out the night before celebrating his 16th birthday now he was laying in bed with a hangover and cant remember getting there, Steve got out of bed his morning wood sticking up, he got his measure and measured it, 10 inches, he knew the money he had spent on the developer was with it. Steve heard his 10 year old step sisters voice and quickly put his bathrobe on, she had been living at the house a month and Steve knew she was trying to see his dick, his door opened and Karen walked in looked at him said to him ” your in trouble you puked all over the floor” Steve went down stairs he saw Karens best friend Milly also 10 in the lounge along with her 14 year old brother Mark who Steve hated, Steve knew Mark was gay. Steves mum threw a cloth at him yelling ” your a pig get a bucket and clean the floor” Steve knew better than to argue with his mum when she was in the mood she was in, then to Steve’s horror his mum told him to get the gown off, Steve looked said ” but I aint got anything on under it” his mum replied ” you want to act like an animal you can be treated like one, Steve removed his gown, Karen said “wow look at the size of his dick it is massive” Milly said ” and it is hairy ” Mark smiled Steve washed the floor then got up started to leave, his mum asked, where are you going, Steve told her to dress, his mum told him he could stay naked the rest of the day then added to stand in the corner facing the room with his hands on his head, Steve did as he was told, after a few minutes Steve felt his dick twitch he knew the Viagra he had taken the night before was still in his system and to his horror he was getting an erection, his dick was soon solid both girls were staring at it wide eyed, Karen said ” mum he got a hard on” Steves mum came in the room looked at Steve and told him to go to the cellar, once in the cellar Steves mum put him in the restraints, Steve looked said ” no mum please no” his mum ignored him said ” 1 hour and left” Karen rushed forward and started to stroke Steve saying ” I wanted to wank you since I first saw you” Milly said ” I’m next” Steve looked at Mark who had his shorts off his dick standing erect at 6 inches, Mark moved behind Steve, Karen carried on stroking Steve who knew with the amount of Viagra he had taken she would get results and sure enough after a few minutes Steve erupted in 4 long spurts, his dick remained solid Milly took over from Karen and stroked more gently, Steve yelled as Mark slid his dick up his bum. and started to pound away.
To be continued.

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