Pleasure Cruise, Part 2

Introduction: Fantasy Pleasure Cruise, Part 2

They got very little sleep that night. He fucked her slow and easy for another half an hour and then they slept for a while with their nude bodies pressed close together. She awoke later to the feel of his dick entering her from behind and he fucked her spoon fashion while he massaged her titties with one hand and her clitoris with the other. It didnt take her long to climax. Around 3 a.m., she woke up again to the feel of his tongue deep inside her pussy. When he saw she was awake, he smiled and pushed her knees high as his dick eased into her again. She was cumming before the full length ever got inside her. When the sun filtered through the port hole, she woke up and turned to look at him. He was uncovered and his dick was too much for her to resist. Slowly, she turned and took it into her mouth and sucked him lightly, doing her best to take as much of it inside of her mouth as possible. As he started to harden, she realized she could barely fit the end into her mouth. She felt his hand gently push against her head, encouraging her to take him in deeper and she knew he was awake. This time, she was the one to smile and move over his body as she straddled his now hard dick. She had to go slow. Even though he had fucked her several times now, his dick was massive and her pussy had to adjust slowly. By the time she had it completely inside her, she had another glorious climax but was determined to have more. She rode him slow and easy, going from one climax to another. When she collapsed on him in total exhaustion, he rolled her over and put her legs over his shoulders as he started fucking her long, deep and hard until she felt his cum explode against her cervix and she could not help but cry out again.
Ohhhhhh, thats so good! she cried as his hard dick pulsed inside her. She had never experienced so many climaxes in one night.
Afterwards, he crawled out of bed and dressed slowly, then kissed her lightly.
I suspect Harry will be wondering what kept me so long, he said. Ill see you later.
She was taking a shower when Harry stuck his head into the small bathroom. He smiled as his eyes took in her nude body. He then closed the door and left her alone. She didnt bother to dress when she finished. She stepped out of the bathroom to find Harry setting on the bed. She walked over slowly and sat in his lap as she put her arms around his neck. She kissed him lightly.
You didnt have to stay away all night, she said softly.
He smiled. Did you enjoy it?
Yes, she answered truthfully. Very much.
She had never been fucked so many times in one night or enjoyed it so much. She was sore but it was a wonderful soreness. Tim had been a great lover and she had surprised her own self by wanting him so much throughout the night.
She felt Harrys hand high on her thigh and she calmly reached down to pull it higher. She released it when his hand was at her pussy and she was delighted to feel him cup it lightly. He smiled and laughed lightly as his hand rubbed her softly.
Are you sore or can you stand to be fucked one more time?
She was the one to laugh now. Im sore but Im getting used to it. Besides, Ill never be too sore for you again.
She moved from his lap slowly and undressed him. When he was nude, she smiled at him as her hand closed around his dick.
Set on the bed, she said softly.
He sat down but his eyes never left hers. Finally, she broke their eye contact and knelt in front of him. She slowly parted her lips and took his dick into her mouth. When she closed her lips together and pressed her tongue against the sensitive shaft, Harry whimpered.
Oh. Thats so good Jeannie, he said as his hands moved to grip her head lightly.
She moved her head up and down on his dick, feeling it grow larger with each stroke. She could tell by his consistent moans and the flexing of his muscles that he was getting close. Still, she refused to release his dick, determined to suck him until his cum exploded down her throat, something she seldom did. His hands pulled hard at her head, though, and she looked up at him.
I need to be inside you, he pleaded softly.
She stood and pushed him back on the bed and then straddled his body just as she had Tims. She held his dick steady as she lowered herself onto it. Her pussy was red and swollen from Tims almost continuous fucking throughout the night but she bit her lip and took his dick inside her. She let out a deep breath when she realized he was all the way in. Slowly, she opened her eyes and saw him looking at her with concern.
Are you sure about this?
She just smiled and pulled his hands up to cup her titties. They were still extremely sensitive as well. He lightly ran his hand over two dark spots that Tim had left from sucking on them so hard. Play with my titties. Squeeze my nipples. Just dont squeeze too hard. Theyre sore too.
She rocked her body back and forth, using her pussy to squeeze his dick as she did. His fingers kept her nipples rock hard and she found herself almost at another climax in only minutes. Almost but not quite. She felt his dick swell and he gripped her titties hard just as he exploded, shooting his cum deep inside her. She hadnt reached climax yet and he knew it. Silently, he rolled her over and put her legs on his shoulders as he leaned forward, his dick still semi-hard. When he did, his dick went in deep as he began to fuck her slow and easy. She was totally surprised that he was able to stay hard after cumming so hard but she wasnt about to complain. When he saw her eyes clinch shut, he drove in hard and fast and was finally able to push her over the top again.
He looked at her with sleepy eyes. Promise me youll tell me about your night with Tim, including all the little details.
She smiled. I promise but it will have to be later. Im so tired.
He wrapped his arms around her and they fell into a light sleep. When they woke up, it was already 9:30 a.m. They met Tim when they went down for lunch. They joined him at his table and talked about what they would do when the ship docked at the small island in mid afternoon. Harry wanted to go see the cliff divers which didnt interest Jeannie in the least. I want to go shopping, she said in a pout.
Tim volunteered to go shopping with her since he didnt care about the cliff divers either. The ship would dock just before 2:00 and they had until 8:00 before they had to be back on the ship. She and Harry went back to their cabin to change clothes and agreed to meet Tim at the gang way when the ship docked. She changed into white denim shorts with a blue v-neck top and sandals so she could walk on the beach if they had time.
As they approached the gang way, they noticed Tim standing talking with another man about his age and a woman with jet black hair who appeared to be in her early thirties. Both men were wearing shorts and sport shirts and the woman was wearing a mid-thigh length denim skirt with a spaghetti strap white top. When they were a few feet away, Tim noticed them and greeted them both with big smiles, then kissed Jeannie lightly on the cheek. He quickly turned to the man and woman and introduced them.
This is Hank. He and I came on this cruise together but I havent seen much of him since he met Kathy on the dock just before we loaded, he said with a big smile at his friend.
He laughed lightly. You wont believe what theyve been discussing, he stated calmly. Kathy wants to go see the cliff divers but Hank doesnt. He then smiled at Harry and then turned to Kathy. These two had that same conversation earlier today. Harry is going to see the cliff divers while I take Jeannie shopping. Maybe hell let you go with him.
Kathys face lit up. Oh, would you? she said happily as she almost ran over and grabbed Harrys arm.
Jeannie stood by calmly as she watched Kathy. The white top made it obvious she wasnt wearing a bra. Her nipples poked out proudly through the thin material.
Harry was speechless and he just shrugged as he looked at Hank. Hank laughed.
Hey, its okay with me. Im not turned on by guys with bronzed bodies and tiny swim suits myself. Id rather go shopping with them. Maybe I can convince them to go to the caves with me after they finish.
Harry smiled even bigger. Okay, well take the shuttle to the other side of the island and meet the three of you back here around 7:30.

Harry and Kathy watched as Jeannie and the two men climbed into a taxi and left towards town. They walked to the small shuttle bus and stepped in. There were two seats left, both of them in the back. Harry walked behind Kathy and watched as she slid into a seat. Her skirt came up even higher on her thighs but she seemed to pay it no mind. When he set down, she put her arm in his again and pulled him closer.
This is exciting, she said happily. Ive wanted to see the divers ever since I watched them on TV. I cant wait.
Harry smiled. Her titty was pressed tightly against his arm and he couldnt help but notice how soft it felt.
They told me it takes about an hour to get there. We follow the road up above the beach all the way there so the scenery should be good.
As he spoke, Harry was looking at her and he couldnt help but notice that her nipples were now protruding firmly through the material of her blouse. She looked up at that time and smiled. He turned his gaze away quickly but he suspected she had caught him looking at her titties through her blouse. He turned to look back at her a minute later and she was looking out the window, still smiling.
The bus was climbing higher every minute and they were now about 300 feet above the sea. Suddenly, she turned her head and looked at him with excitement in her eyes.
Look! she said pointing out the window and pulling his arm tighter against her titty.
Harry looked out but he couldnt see anything but the water out beyond the edge of the cliffs. She pulled on his arm again.
Lean over here so you can see, she said quickly.
He leaned over and then he could see the young boys diving from the lower cliffs, obviously practicing so they could dive from the higher cliffs one day. When he leaned over, his hand had come to rest on her thigh just below the hem of her skirt. As he sat back, he started to remove his hand but he felt her hand close over his softly. He looked at her and she was looking into his eyes.
Do you mind if I hold your hand? she said calmly as she squeezed the top of his hand a little tighter.
All he could do was smile. Absolutely not, he replied as calmly as possible.
A few minutes later, she motioned for him to look out again and he automatically leaned over this time. There was another group of boys, obviously in their teens and older than the others. They were diving from a much higher level.
She shook her head in amazement. I dont see how they do it. The water is so shallow.
Harry shrugged. I certainly wouldnt do it but I guess its all in how youre raised. Theyve probably done it all their life.
When he set back up, he realized his hand was now just underneath the hem of her skirt but she seemed to either not notice or not care. She was still holding it so he suspected she knew exactly where his hand was. Taking a chance, he eased it a little higher, expecting her to stop him at any minute. As his hand moved up, so did her skirt until it was just below her panties. When his fingers touched her panties, she released it and leaned over to whisper to him as his fingers lightly stroked her pussy through the thin material.
That feels good.
He looked into her eyes and gave her a big smile. It sure does, he replied calmly as his applied more pressure with his fingers.
She closed her eyes briefly and then looked around quickly. She looked back at him and smiled as she spread her legs slightly. It was an invitation he couldnt refuse. He looked straight ahead as his fingers pressed harder against her pussy and then he pulled the fabric aside and eased the tip of his finger against her clit..
Ohh, she moaned softly. Im really sensitive there.
He kept looking straight ahead but he smiled again as he slid a finger moved into her pussy while still keeping pressure on her clit. She moaned again and laid her head back against the seat. Slowly, she eased her hips forward and slid down lower in the seat. It opened her pussy wider for him and his finger eased in deeper.
Yes, she said almost in a whisper. That feels so good!
She had one leg pressed hard against the side of the bus and now she moved her other leg toward Harry, opening her pussy even more. Her hand closed over Harrys and pressed it harder against her pussy.
Finger me deeper, she said softly.
He pushed his finger in as far as he could and started moving it in and out slowly. Her juices had started flowing the second his finger entered her and now her pussy was soaked. His finger was coated with juices and moved in and out easily. When he had his finger all the way inside her, he moved it around in circles, drawing low, soft moans from her lips as she rocked her head back and forth on the seat. He pulled it out then until just the tip was inside her and then pushed it back in quick and deep. He repeated it several times and her hand held his tight against her pussy so that just his finger moved. Suddenly, she arched her back and put her hand over her mouth to stifle her moans. Even then, he could hear her cries as her climax peaked. When she relaxed again, he pulled his hand away slowly and set back in the seat.
She still had her hand on his and she didnt let him move it any farther than her thighs. With a dreamy look, she turned her head to smile at him.
Thank you. That was so good, she said in a whisper.
He laughed lightly and then turned to look up front as he felt the bus come to a stop. I think were here, he said.
She took a deep breath and then set up straight to look out the window. She could see the divers jumping off the cliffs a hundred feet away from where the bus had stopped.
The other passengers were now standing to get off the bus and Harry slid out of the seat and stood beside it as he waited for her. She slid over towards him and her skirt came up high enough for him to see her soaked panties. She knew he was looking and just smiled as she slid across the seat. They got off the bus and she held his hand as they walked over to the viewing area where they could see the shallow waters below. The others were now tossing coins into the air and out towards the sea. By the time the coins hit the water, 5 or 6 divers would arch gracefully off the cliffs and leap into the sea after the coins. The sea was crystal clear and less only 10 to 15 feet deep but the divers would hit the water and emerge a few seconds later holding up the coins they had managed to snag while they were at the bottom. Harry gave Kathy some silver dollars he had brought just for this part of the trip and they both tossed coins into the water until all 20 he had were gone. They watched for at least 45 minutes as the divers leaped off the cliffs only to be replaced by others, male and female. Then he heard her speak.
Lets go get something to eat, she said.
Harry just shrugged his shoulders. That sounds good, he replied and led her toward the food stands where a dozen of the passengers were standing. After they got a drink and a sandwich, she turned to him.
I saw a trail leading up higher. Lets see where it goes.
They walked side by side as the trail took them up the mountain. At first, they saw some of the others standing on the trail and looking back down the cliffs from their higher view-point. Then the trail led away from the sea and became smaller. She didnt appear to want to stop so they kept walking. When they came across a smaller trail leading into the forest, she told him she wanted to see where it went. A few feet into the forest, the trail was just wide enough for them to walk behind each other. A few feet farther, it opened into a clearing about 10 feet wide. The clearing was surrounded by large eucalyptus trees but the ground was covered by a bright green mossy cover. He felt her pull on his hand.
Lets stop here and rest, then well go back.
Harry turned around to look for a good spot to set for a few minutes and she was close behind him. As he turned, he bumped into her and had to reach out to keep her from falling. When he realized she was okay, he started to release her but she was looking into his eyes. Slowly, she moved her face forward and touched her lips to his. The kiss was soft and slow at first and then she moved her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Her tongue pressed against his mouth and then she pushed it inside. He quickly returned the kiss as his hands moved down to cup her ass. She just moved closer to him when she felt his hands. He bunched her skirt up in his hand until he cupped her ass through the thin white thong she wore. When he moved his hands inside, she broke the kiss and stepped back. She looked back down the trail quickly and then looked directly into his eyes. Slowly, she raised her skirt and hooked her fingers into the waist band of her thong. Breaking her stare, she bent and slid it down her legs and stepped out of the flimsy garment. Holding the thong in her hand, she put her arms back around his neck and touched her lips lightly to his.
Is that better? she asked calmly just before kissing him long and deep.
Harry quickly pulled her skirt up and cupped her ass again. Slowly, he moved his hand under her skirt until he was caressing her hip. She seemed to know what he wanted and turned her body so he had full access to her pussy. He cupped her pussy lightly, just barely caressing her. Slowly, he moved his upward and under the skimpy blouse until he was cupping her braless titties. When his hand moved back down to cup her pussy again, she kissed him harder and then he felt her hand stroking his dick through his pants. He was already hard but he got harder as she rubbed her hand up and down his dick. Breaking the kiss, she silently knelt down in front of him to unbuckle his belt and open his pants. She reached inside his boxers and pulled his dick out, then looked up at him with a sweet smile.
Im going to make you cum now, she said.
Harry trembled slightly as his hands massaged her back and then moved to her head pressing her tighter against his hardening dick. She moved her tongue back and forth on his hardening shaft and tickled the underside of his balls with her fingers. He felt his dick hit the back of her throat and then she pulled back and started sucking him hard while she stroked his dick with her other hand. She had him almost to the point of climax and he pulled on her hair to get her to release his dick. She released it reluctantly and stood up in front of him and kissed him while her hand held onto his hard dick.
When she broke the kiss, she smiled into his eyes. I wanted to taste your cum, she said still stroking his dick slowly.
I know but I want to cum in your pussy, he said. First, though, I want to taste you.
She snickered and backed up against one of the large trees behind her. There was a notch where two limbs split and she sat down in it. Slowly, she pulled her skirt up to her waist and spread her legs. Harry quickly dropped to his knees and put his head between her legs, then eased his head forward. Her pussy was smooth and soft and when he licked her swollen clit lightly, he felt her body jerk. He used his fingers to spread her pussy lips and then darted his tongue into her pussy several times before sucking her swollen clit into his mouth and sucking hard. As he did, he plunged his finger into her pussy hard and felt her body lift as she moaned softly.
Oh, thats so good. Im almost there. Dont stop! she pleaded as her hands pulled his head tighter against her pussy.
He suddenly plunged his tongue into her pussy beside his finger and twirled it around and she arched her pussy against his face while her hands held him tight. She moaned loudly, continuously, as her juices flooded his tongue. While she was still in the middle of her climax, he stood and moved between her open thighs to plunge his dick inside her. Her arms and legs went around him as soon as his dick drove into her pussy.
Yes, thats it! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! she cried as her lips searched for his.
He pushed her blouse up above her titties and toyed with her nipples while he fucked her slow and easy, pulling his dick almost all the way out before plunging it back in hard and fast, teasing her. She broke the kiss and buried her face in his chest as her legs tightened even harder around his waist. He stopped with his dick buried deep inside her and moved his head down to find her hard nipple. He sucked it into his mouth and twirled it with his tongue and felt her tremble slightly as her arms tightened around him now. Her hand gripped his head and pulled it tighter against her titty.
Its so sensitive, she moaned. Suck it and bite it please!
He sucked harder and then bit the extended nub. She moaned quietly but she didnt pull him away. He released her nipple and moved to the other as he began to move in and out of her again. When he bit down on the other nipple, she moaned again and began moving her body to match his thrusts. Harder, she moaned. He gladly applied more pressure to the sensitive nub until he felt her shudder in a sudden climax. He moved his head back to hers and kissed her again and her kiss was full of passion. When he broke the kiss, he looked into her glazed eyes and she just smiled warmly as she shook her head from side to side. He stop thrusting into her and tried to pull out but her legs held him tight.
No! she cried softly. Dont stop!
I dont plan to stop, he said as he stepped back and put his hands on her hips. Turn around and lean over.
Oh yes! she cried as she quickly turned to face the tree. Leaning over, she reached back and pulled her skirt up to her waist so her ass and pussy were fully exposed. Harry stepped forward again and his dick slipped back inside her pussy easily. His hands clasped her hips as he plunged his dick into her in a rhythmic upward motion, fucking her hard and deep until she finally climaxed. Her body shook all over and she buried her head in her hands as she cried out.
Fuck me harder! Please fuck me harder! Let me feel your cum inside me!
He gritted his teeth as he pulled her hips back hard against his dick. His motions increased and the sound of their bodies slapping together filled the air. He fucked her hard and fast for a minute or two before he stopped with his dick buried deep inside her pussy. She felt his dick swell and then he groaned just before his dick shot out his hot cum deep inside her pussy. Her body shook again as he wrapped his hands around her to hold her titties. Finally, he pulled back and she rose slowly and then turned to face him.
That was better than I thought it would be, she said with a smile.
Harry was surprised. Thanks, he said and then glanced quickly at his watch. Wow, he said. We better get back to the bus. It leaves in 10 minutes.
She smiled warmly and held her thong out to him. Do me a big favor and keep these for me. If I put them back on now theyll be soaked before we get to the bottom of the trail.
Harry just smiled and took them from her and then put them in his pocket. She smiled as she smoothed her skirt down. Just dont forget to give them back to me. Your wife might not understand if she finds them in your pocket.
Harry smiled but he didnt reply. She would understand. He suspected Tim had Jeannie out of her panties by now as well.

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