Megan and I relax 4

First I would like to thank everyone that voted positive for the past story Megan and I relax Part 3. With all of your help my story reached 90 percent! I really appreciate you guys liking. Once again thank you for reading them and voting positive. Sorry if the look like question marks. To get background info or to get this story to make sense go to my profile and read my previous parts of Megan and I relax. I apologize if they suck I am trying to change that with the new ones.

This is some essential background info. Mom had found her boyfriend two months before this story. His name is Hank and is a really cool man considering he is my moms age. I think he is a good match for mom and maybe the two will get married. Megan and I havent had any encounters since the last time I kicked that kids ass. (See my previous story).

People clapped and patted me on the back. It was an unforgettable Friday because I had got employee of the month. My dads companys business was booming, it was a good time to work for my dad. They gave me my picture and gave me a frame to put it in. I walked over to get a drink and was patted on the back by my dad. He told me here you will be getting an extra this every week. In his hand he held out a one hundred dollar bill and put it in mine. I told him thank you dad. After the party I drove home and Megan, my mom, and Hank were waiting for me. They all congratulated me and we exchanged hugs and handshakes. My mom had cooked us some enchiladas and we sat down to eat.

When we were done Megan was at the sink to wash the dishes, I gave her my plate and when I was leaving when she grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear I think you know what we are going to do tomorrow night. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and I walked to the living room. Mom and Hank were waiting and talked to me, we talked for two hours and then mom asked me a question. She said Michael can you take Megan and yourself to your aunts house for the weekend? Hank and I want it to be just the two of us this week I told your aunt if you can stay at her place and she said it was fine. I nodded and Megan walked in. Hank left and we all headed upstairs. Mom went to her room and I went to mine. I went on the computer for a while before going to Megans room. I walked in and she immediately jumped on me and I was attacked with a montage of kisses to the mouth. I kissed back once and set her down on her bed. I told her what mom had planned for use and all her excitement faded.

That night I opened her bedroom door a sat at the end of her bed. She didnt say anything, and then I told her Megan, I know you dont want to go to our aunts house. So I reserved a room at a hotel for us to stay at this weekend. She sat up and said are you sure? I said yeah anything for you. She said I love you. I kissed her and said I love you too.

Bye, well miss you! mom called out to us when we were leaving. Megan had packed a million things even though it was just for a day and a half. We drove a while until we got the hotel and she was amazed. We werent at a Motel 6, we were at a full on hotel. I took our bags out and went to the front counter. Megan was already inside looking around and then walked to me and kissed my lips. I whispered Megan did you forget? Were still… She smiled and said but were not near home, were far enough for you to be my boyfriend. She was right we could kiss in public, so I kissed her back and we walked to our room.

When she opened the door she was surprised at how nice it was. She walked to the window and looked out. You could see miles and miles from the point we were at. She turned around and said Mike you are the best boyfriend ever! while she gave me a big hug, I wish we lived together. I had something to ask her but didnt ask then. I told her anything for the best girlfriend. Then I said oh I just remembered I need to go to store, want to come? She said sure, what do you need? I said its a surprise. I grabbed her hand and we left our room.

When at the store we held hands the entire time. I walked to the baby isle and grabbed some baby oil. She looked at me confused then said whats the surprise? I said if I tell you it wont be a surprise right? She smiled and shoved me. She said only adults tell that to kids. She came up and kissed me. I said ok Im going to give you a massage. She kissed me and said ok lets go back now.

When we came back to our room I set down the oil and Megan said this is cool, just you and me living together. We sat down on the bed and I told her Megan you know that when I leave to college in two years, Im going to stay in an apartment off campus, right? She had tears building up and she said I know, when you leave for college my life is going to be horrible. I said in a soft voice when Im a freshman in college youre going to be a senior in high school. I know its a lot to ask but…. She said but what? I said I was wondering if you would move in with me. Theres a high School near the campus. And there we can be together. She kissed me and she said of course I will move in with you, but were going to tell mom together. I kissed her and said ok time for your massage. She giggled and sat up.

I set up towels and she said this is going to be relaxing. I said just a pay back from the time you helped me relax. She started to strip and oh my goodness her body is even more amazing every time I see it. She walked over and said thanks a lot for doing this. She kissed me then lay down. I put the towel over her but and put the oil on my hands. She would let out small noises like if she was relaxing. I rubbed her upper back slowly and put pressure. When I finished I put more oil on my hands and started on the lower back. She would take deep breaths. When I was done with the with her back I went down to the legs.

I would rub them and they felt smooth and soft. When I went in for the inner legs my dick was growing at a fast pace. Every time I rubbed and got a bigger boner. I paused for a second and she turned her head back. She noticed my boner and said oh Mike I almost forgot, we didnt have celebration sex. Remember I told you? Of course I remembered but I didnt want to sound desperate. I said oh yeah I guess you did. She turned over and said ok take off your pants. I didnt hesitate and pulled them off quickly. She spread her legs and said this is going to be your best sex ever. And it was.

I drove my rock hard cock into her tight warm pussy. She said Im going to make you cum so hard, my pussy is going to flood with all of your juices. as I pounded her hard. She turned on her side and put her leg on my shoulder. Our skin hitting each other make loud clapping noises that made me pump faster and make me harder. Megan face was just her eyes rolled back and her mouth wide open. She let out gasps and ohhhs. She reached for the oil and I pulled out. She rubbed some of it on her hand and rubbed it all over my hard prick. It felt good getting a handjob with the slipperiest oil and the softest hands. She rubbed my dick head slowly and hard. She put more on my cock and turned and put her ass in the air. I smeared some on her clit and stuck my fully erect penis as deep as possible. The oil helped slide my dick farther and then she came with a loud ohhhhh. Her juice mixed with the oil and my cock had no trouble going farther. She came again and her cum poured out of her pussy and on to the towel. She screamed Im going to cum again. I pounded faster and faster to make that happen. I pushed as far as I could and she put her head up and screamed. Her biggest load of warm cum wrapped my dick which set of a chain reaction and I came with at the cum I had in my body. I shot string after string into her throbbing pussy and every time she would moan, I would shoot more.

I pulled back and all of the mixed juices fell out and soaked the towel and sheets. We lay back completely out of breath. We couldnt speak because the sex we had just experienced. She managed to say how was that? Was that your best? I said It was the best sex I had. And I guess yours too. She giggled and said congratulations and she climbed on top of me and we started making out. I said Megan, lets get cleaned up so we can eat. She kissed me and nodded. We took a hot shower and ordered room service. When we were done eating we laid down to go to sleep. She whispered in my ear I cant wait until I can congratulate you again.

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