From Sex Deprived to Sex Addicted Pt. 1

Introduction: This is my first attempt at writing a sex story for this site after reading stories for a long time. I hope you all enjoy this submission! Nick couldnt believe how great it felt. The warm, velvety pussy around his penis felt indescribable to him. His hips moved up and down to meet the downward thrusts of his partner above him. The wetness of the pussy, the girls high pitched moans, and the feeling that his dick was enclosed in a vice-like grip had his head spinning. He knew that if he kept going he would be too far along in his pleasure to pull out.

Just a few more thrusts, Nick thought, as his penis engorged to an even larger state inside the vagina.

With each thrust and the movement of his foreskin back behind his head, allowing his bare glans to grace the vaginal walls, Nick shuddered. He wouldnt last much longer as he felt his balls tighten and the hot white pleasure surge up his shaft.

Ugh, ugh, uggggggggghhh Nick moaned as the liquid pleasure jetted from his penis, filling up his partner above him. The high pitched moans began to quiet and soon ceased altogether, as Nick basked in the after-glow of his first orgasm with his new girl.

Quickly, Nick pulled out, tugged on his deflating 7 inch uncircumcised penis and quickly put on a pair of boxers. Nick had just 5 minutes before his mom would be home from work. He wasnt especially in a rush to kick his partner out of the house because his partner wasnt a real woman. Nick used the combination of porn and his newly purchased Fleshlight to simulate sex.

Like most red-blooded American teenage males, 18 year old Nick Jameson was horny all the time. While Nick had relationships in the past, none of them led to sex. Nick figured while waiting for the real thing, he could at least make his masturbation sessions more enjoyable by purchasing the Fleshlight.

It was tricky trying to hide his sex toy from his parents but he managed to sneak it up to his room the other day. After one use, Nick was very satisfied with his purchase.

If sex feels that good, I really need to get it in soon, Nick said to himself as he went to his bathroom to clean the Fleshlight and stow away for his next use. Nick had more important things to worry about than the time he would finally lose his virginity, as his friend Danny Morgan invited him to what was supposed to be a wild party that night. Nick didnt like parties, but he knew that if he ever wanted to meet girls, that parties would be one of his best chances to do so.

Nick checked himself over in the mirror before putting on the rest of his clothes. He was rather tall, standing at 63 and was filling out nicely at about 190 pounds with some decent muscle tone. Nicks sandy blonde hair and blue eyes also attract many ladies, but none that will take his v-card. Despite his overall good looks, Nick is overly self-conscious about his hawk like nose thats a little crooked. Nicks other flaw is that hes too serious and knows that he needs to open up more and come out of his shell if he is to attract female attention.

Before he finished dressing, Nick realized he should hop in the shower and freshen up for the party later that night. Not to mention, he wanted to wash the lube from the Fleshlight and any semen off of his dick. He sometimes had a habit of putting on clean clothes before his body was actually clean.

Stepping in the shower, Nick thought about his latest crushes and wondered if he would see them at the party tonight. One girl, Lizzy Watkins, was way out of Nicks league, but she was now single and had a tight pussy according to his friend, Mitch, who was Lizzys ex-boyfriend.

Lizzy occupied the masturbation fantasies of many guys, including Nick. It was his dream to fuck her.

As Nicks mind raced to find a girl more realistic, he heard his cell phone ring.

Crap, he muttered to himself as he turned off shower, grabbed a towel and answered his phone just as it was about to go to voicemail. His friend Danny was calling.

Whats up? asked Nick.

Quit beating off and get over here! Danny said.

I just showered, give me a few minutes, Nick said.

Alright, but hurry up. I got hooked up with some good weed and booze. We can have some before the party.

Alright, sounds cool.

Nick hung up and proceeded to get dressed for the evening. He figured a simple striped t-shirt and jeans would do. Before leaving his room, he reached into his night stand and grabbed a condom, in case he got lucky.

Nick descended the staircase, spotting his mother ascending the stairs. Roberta Jameson was an attractive 39 year-old woman who worked as a realtor. She had shoulder length black hair and calming brown eyes, the kind that would reassure when things were going wrong and be absolutely delighted when something exciting happened to you. Yet, she didnt look a whole lot like Nick, he presumes he looks more like the father hes never met.

Roberta got pregnant in college and the father wanted no part of Nick. Roberta re-married when Nick was young. He considered Robert, ironically named given his mothers name, to be his father.

How was your day, honey? Roberta asked.

Oh just another boring day as usual, Nick said. If only his mother knew that he had just fucked a sex toy less than 20 minutes ago!
I see, Roberta said. What are your plans for tonight? Robert and I are going out later with the Millers for dinner and to check out the new museum downtown. Theyre bringing their daughter if youd like to tag along.

Nick chuckled to himself at the mention of the name Shannon Miller. Shannon was definitely not a girl Nick wanted to spend time with. She was the quintessential all brains, no looks sort of girl. Nick wasnt the shallowest person but she definitely was not for him, even if other kids considered Nick to also be a braniac.

No thanks, mom, Im going to Dannys tonight.

Alright, just dont be out too late. We have to visit your grandma tomorrow. She just got a new puppy and is excited to show everyone.

I wont, mom, Nick said.

With that, Nick hurried out of the door and prepared for his walk to Dannys house. Danny only lived down the street so the two would often get roaring drunk at the house that was free for the night and then easily walk home. Dannys parents werent usually around. You could say they frequented the casino pretty often.

Nick was about to knock on the door when Danny, sporting only a pair of red trunk underwear, opened it.

Whats up, bud? Danny asked.

Dude, put some fucking clothes on!

Sorry man, I was working out.

You work out in your underwear?

I always work out in my underwear when no ones home. Want a beer?


Danny walked toward the fridge as Nick followed him inside. He had one of the more impressive bodies Nick has ever seen, with big broad shoulders, huge biceps, a thick back, and a nice six-pack. Nick wasnt gay or anything but he knew a good looking guy when he saw one and Danny was good looking.

It was this, among other reasons, that Danny is more sexually experienced than Nick. Hes rumored to have a 9 inch cock, which intrigued the ladies. Danny frequently told Nick about his sexual exploits with various girls, including a threesome he had last weekend. Nick didnt necessarily believe it, but the possibility of his friend having a threesome made him jealous.

Danny handed Nick a bottle of Coors Light from the refrigerator and proceeded to head down to the basement. This is the area where the two usually hang out and where Dannys small but functional in-home gym is located. As the pair of teens went to relax on the couch, Danny put on some basketball shorts to avoid making Nick uncomfortable.

I thought you said you had some weed? Nick asked.

I do. I thought we could wait until before we go to the party to smoke it.

Alright. So whos going to be at this party?

I dont know man, but theres gonna be a ton of chicks there. Maybe some college chicks,
Danny said.

There was no way that college girls would want to hang around a bunch of high school guys that were mostly virgins, Nick thought. But who among Nicks friends were actually virgins? Danny certainly wasnt, neither were his friends Mitch, Jake, or Trent. Nick was the only virgin he knew among his friend group.

Still, Nick had to play cool. He told Danny he lost his virginity at a party a few months ago and Danny actually seemed to believe him.

Sweet, maybe Ill get laid by a girl that actually knows what shes doing. Nick said.

Shut up dude, youve barely had sex.

The best two minutes of my life, Nick joked.

Two minutes? Shit, I busted my nut after two pumps when I lost my virginity, said Danny.

Wow, I was actually better than you at something.

Whatever, dude, lets smoke this weed. Im tryin to hit Lizzy Watkins tonight. Ive wanted to fuck that pussy ever since I hit puberty.

Lizzy was one of the hottest girls around, but Nick found it hard to believe that Danny would chase his friend Mitchs ex-girlfriend only a few weeks after the breakup of their three year relationship.

The two friends smoked weed and chugged a few beers over the next hour before preparing to leave for the party. Nick could only hope that the more he drank, the less nervous he would feel.

Dude, why do you look so out of it? Danny questioned as he slipped on a more party ready outfit of a tight black and white striped v-neck t-shirt and some light washed jeans. If this was a costume party and he had a matching black and white cap, Nick thought hed look like a prison inmate.

Ah, never mind, its nothing. Im just thinking of shit.

Well, stop. Youre not going to impress any women by looking like a moper.

Yeah, I guess. I just dont like parties that much.

Dude, itll be fine. Just dont drink too much. You get sloppy when youre drunk.

With that, Nick and Danny walked upstairs and out the door to head to the party. Apparently, it wasnt too far away and walking would suffice for the trip.

Upon arriving at the party, Nick suddenly felt out of place.

The blaring of music was the first sound that filled his ears. Some song about bending over to make your knees touch your elbows pounded in his ear drums.

Nick looked to his left and saw a game of beer pong being played in the dining room. The dining room chairs were piled on top of each other in disarray in the corner of the room next to the china hutch.

To his right, a girl came running out of the bathroom with puke running down the front of her shirt. She headed for the dining room, looking to rejoin her partner in the game of beer pong. Everyone in the room looked at the girl with disgust, including her partner.

This is the first time Ive been out drinking, she wailed.

Danny broke Nick out of his trance.

Cmon, lets get some beer.

The two friends ventured ahead towards the rear of the house and were immediately greeted by an overly excited Latina with two red solo cups in her hands.

Welcome, welcome! (It sounded more like, velcum, velcum with her accent).

Danny, Im so glad you could make it. Who is your friend? Latina continued.

Oh, this is Nick. I thought Id bring him out of his shell a bit and get him drunk.

Ahh, si, I like that! Here you go, one for you, and one for you.

After handing Nick and Danny a drink, the two friends broke away and looked for someone else they knew to make conversation with. Conversing with strangers is something Nick isnt very good at, though he figured he should at least find someone from school to talk to for a while before his buzz kicks in.

With this being beer number five (he had four at Dannys house), Nick surprisingly didnt feel tipsy at all. After spotting his friend Jake at the corner of the living room ten feet away, Nick started walking towards him. Before he could get there, he felt a smack against his right side and a girl yell in pain. Someone ran into him.

Nick looked over and noticed a cute brunette rubbing her forehead as she held her cell phone in her hand. Shed probably been texting and wasnt watching where she was going when she ran into him.

Oh my gosh, Im sorry. I should watch where Im going, the girl said.

No problem. Do I know you from somewhere? Nick asked.

She definitely looked familiar to him. Maybe he only thought he knew her because she was so hot and he just wanted to get to know her. Upon closer examination, he noticed she had really straight white teeth and a cute little mole on her right cheek.

Some people freak out about moles, but Nick thought it really made the girl stand out. Her crisp green eyes made Nick think of the treetops of the Redwoods a few hours north from his home in Southern California.

Oh I dont know, maybe, she said. Whats your name?

Nick Jameson. And you?

Stacy Hendricks, she said. Who do you know here? Ive been to these parties a few times and I havent seen you before.

I came with my friend Danny. Hes quite the party animal

Yeah I usually come to these things alone. My friends arent exactly the partying type either but I cant let that stop me from having fun, Stacy said.

Yeah, Ive never liked parties either. Id rather just hang out with a small group of friends and have a few drinks instead of dancing and getting crazy drunk all night.

So youre one of those introverts that we talk about in Psychology class?

I guess you could say that, but I know Ive got to get out there more if I want to achieve anything, Nick said.

Well what do you want to achieve? Stacy questioned.

Nick thought about this. Should he be so open after meeting Stacy less than five minutes ago? He didnt want to spill his guts and tell her his deepest hopes and fears, like losing his virginity for example.

I dont know, Im kinda just getting by, you know? Itd be great if I had a nicer car or a hot girlfriend, but thats not happening right now, ha ha.

Hmm, I bet if you really wanted those things, you could easily get them, Stacy remarked.
Maybe not the nice car but Im surprised a guy like you doesnt have a girlfriend.

I cant believe Im saying this to someone I just met but youre a cute guy and you seem very polite, unlike those crazy guys over there, she continued.

Stacy pointed to the group in the corner, which included Nicks friend, Jake. The guys were pushing each other and trying to impress the girls surrounding them with feats of strength such as picking up the recliner or offering to arm wrestle each other. Nick decided that if Jake approached him, hed pretend he didnt know him. Those guys dont seem to be Stacys type.

Why was he already concerned about what Stacys type is? Is he that into her already?

Thanks. Ive had a few girlfriends but they all were kinda flaky.

What do you mean by that?

They just really didnt seem to care about me as a person, I guess. They just wanted me to be their boyfriend as a status symbol or something.

Yeah I get that. A lot of my friends are like that. They only want boys for the chase-the thrill of being wanted-but then they dont want to put in the work it takes to have a relationship. Trust me, theyre not for everyone.

Yeah. So do you have a boyfriend? Nick asked.

Ha ha, no way. My friends always tell me Im going to be forever alone because I can be pretty stubborn and independent at times. Most guys just want someone who will cook and clean and do whatever they say. Thats just not me, Stacy replied.

Nick finished his beer. He noticed Stacy finished her drink as well and he decided to continue the conversation by offering to fetch her another drink.

Sure, Id love one but not that crappy keg beer. Lets go exploring and see if theres any real liquor in this house.

Good idea. Ive had way too much beer for my taste, Nick said.

The two ventured from the living room into the kitchen, which had a similarly large group of intoxicated teenagers frolicking around. Nick had no idea who lived here, but surely their parents wouldnt like the idea of finding fifty plus teens drinking if they arrived home early.

After looking high and low in the refrigerator and pantry areas for liquor, the Latina approached Nick and Stacy.

Let me guess, youre looking for something other than beer?

Whoops, busted, Stacy said. Yeah, Mari, if you have anything else to choose from, that would be great.

Si, Stacy, anything for you, girl, Mari replied. Apparently it was Mari who was hosting the party after all.

Mari fetched a Smirnoff wine cooler for Stacy (classy) and came back with a strange looking concoction for Nick.

What the hell is this? Nick asked.

Its Mexican jungle juice, Mari replied.

Whats in Mexican jungle juice?

Just try it, youll like it. I didnt give any to Stacy because its a little strong for her but a big boy like you should like it just fine.

Mari winked at the pair and walked off into the living room to make sure no one in there killed each other.

So, youre an independent woman, huh? Nick asked Stacy.

Yeah, you could say that. Im totally comfortable with the thought of leaving you here all by your lonesome if thats what it takes.

Really? I dont know what Id do with myself if you left, Nick joked.

Thats too bad, cause Im also a heartbreaker, Stacy teased.

The two teens continued their conversation for nearly an hour. Nick hardly noticed the time passing at all, he was so transfixed in the conversation. He learned of the concept of Flow a few months ago when looking for something online and he felt that true state of flow in this conversation with Stacy. He was amazed that she talked to him for this long.

While Nick really enjoyed talking with Stacy, his drink total kept climbing, increasing his need to use the restroom.

Ill be right back, said Nick, hoping that Stacy will wait for him so they can talk some more.

Nick made his way up the stairs, past some stumbling party-goers and entered the bathroom.

As Nick began urinating, he was startled by the door opening to his left, a blonde girl tried to enter the bathroom. Nick wasnt sure if he should stop peeing and tuck his dick back in his pants so this random girl doesnt see his dick or if he should be cool and see if she is impressed.

Thats a nice cock you have there, Nicholas, said the female voice, drawing closer to Nick as she closed the door behind her.

It was at that moment that Nick realized who had spoken those words. Lizzy Watkins, his friend Mitchs ex. His dick hardened immediately.

You know, Ive never had sex with an uncut boy before, she whispered seductively into his ear.

Uh, me neither, Nick stammered nervously, as he hurriedly tucked his dick back in his underwear. Me neither, really?

Lizzy gave a chuckle. Youre funny. Youre cute too.

She paused, bit her bottom lip for a second and then said, Follow me.

This cant be real, Nick thought. This is the stuff that happens in movies, not in real life. Nick didnt want to be disloyal to his friend Mitch, but this was his one shot to see if Lizzy Watkins had any interest in him.

Nick followed Lizzy down the hallway and into a bedroom at the end of the hall. Upon entering, Nick noticed that he and Lizzy were not alone. His best friend Danny was lying on the bed with his huge circumcised penis in his hand, jacking off. He couldnt have anticipated Lizzy bringing someone into the bedroom with her.

Danny quickly covered his dick with a nearby pillow.

Whoa, whats he doing here?

Relax. I was on my way to the bathroom and I figured we could have a little more fun after seeing your friends cock here, Lizzy said seductively as she pulled her shirt off, with her perfect D cup tits on display for all to see. Nick thought they might even be fake.

So were still going to fuck? Danny asked.

Oh yeah, were going to fuck, Lizzy replied. Part of the reason I broke up with Mitch is that he didnt want to spice up our sex life. Now that Ive got two hung studs in here, I want both of you in me.

Wait, both?

Yes, Daniel. I want both of your big, hard cocks inside of me. Nicholas, take those pants off!

Nick stared at Lizzys tits for a moment, before snapping back to reality. He was finally going to have sex! No more being a virgin! But he had to share Lizzy with Danny. This wasnt exactly the way he intended on losing his virginity.

Nick pulled his pants and boxers down and remembered he brought a condom with him. He reached into his pocket and held the wrapper in his hand. He realized all other eyes in the room were fixated on his rapidly elongating shaft.

Damn, youre uncut? Lucky, said Danny.

Nick never really thought of being uncircumcised as a gift, but given the compliments from Lizzy in the bathroom and even Danny made him even more grateful he was spared the knife as a child.

Lizzy walked over towards Nick, got on her knees, drew his foreskin back and began licking his extremely sensitive head. Nick couldnt help but let out a long moan of ecstasy. With Lizzy on her knees, Danny got off the bed, still pumping his cock, and began licking Lizzys pussy.

Lizzy took her lips off of Nicks cock and began to moan as Danny teased her clit, sending shockwaves throughout her body.

Nick wanted his pleasure too so he rammed his dick back into Lizzys open mouth, grabbing her head before fucking her face. Her mouth felt so amazing around him, Nick was afraid he was going to cum before he got inside her pussy. Not only would that cost him his best opportunity yet to lose his virginity, but would also serve as the butt of many inside jokes for years to come between him and Danny.

While fucking Lizzys mouth, Nick noticed Danny had begun sticking a moist finger inside of Lizzys ass. He was prepping her for his huge tool. This action caused Lizzy to scream so loudly, Nick was sure everyone from the party would come bursting in the room to see what was going on.

Oh fuuuucccckkkk! Lizzy moaned. Put another finger in my ass, baby!

Danny happily obliged, fingering her ass while licking her pussy.

While this might have been a regular event for Lizzy and Danny, the scene unfolding in front of Nick was the stuff he could only imagine in porn movies or the fantasies he used for his jerk off sessions. Everything about this was much better than jerking off, and he hadnt even stuck it in yet, though that was about to change.

Oh my god, I want you to fuck me. Nick, fuck my pussy!

Nick pulled out of Lizzys mouth, reached for the condom and began to open the wrapper. Lizzy snapped the wrapper out of Nicks hand, grabbed the condom and placed it on Nicks head and rolled on the condom with her mouth.

Oh my god, Nick moaned, seeing the sexy sight play out in front of him. Nick also saw Danny roll a condom down his own large penis, a sign he was ready for action too.

Danny moved over to the bed and lie down for Lizzy to ride him. Nick assumed correctly that he would be standing at the edge of the bed and thrust his penis inside of Lizzys pussy. As Danny teased Lizzys tight asshole with his big prick, Nick wanted a taste of Lizzys pussy for himself, even though he was so close to the finish line of losing his virginity.

Nick jacked his hard flesh through the condom hard and fast while teasing Lizzys clit with his tongue. He had only managed to eat one other pussy in his young life, but Lizzys taste was much more erotic to him than the other girl hed been with. A sweet and salty taste coated Nicks tongue, and despite his inexperience, Lizzy looked like she was in total ecstasy as Nick licked her pussy.

Soon, however, Nick felt pressure coming from below his tongue. While he was busy feasting on Lizzys moist pussy and toying with her clit, Danny slid his big penis inside of Lizzys ass.

Oh fuck yes! Lizzy shouted as Danny placed about 3 inches of his 9 inch rod inside of her.

Fuck, thats tight, Danny exclaimed as he slowly slid more of his love gun inside of Lizzys ass. Nick wondered how many times Danny had fucked a girls ass before. Surely this wasnt his first time giving anal.

Nick decided it was now or never, and while he could lick Lizzys pussy all day, the moment of losing his virginity was finally upon him. In less than five seconds, his world would be rocked. He was finally going to have sex.

He took hold of his penis and slowly entered his head into Lizzys pussy, moaning with delight as he felt her heat surround his meat. Unlike the Fleshlight he came into this afternoon, this was the real deal.

Oh fuck that feels good, Nick said.

Oh my god, yeah, rip me apart boys! Lizzy moaned.

Nick absolutely loved how Lizzys pussy felt around him. She was amazingly tight and even through the condom, Nick could feel nearly every sensation of her hot, wet pussy. Nick also found the odd sensation of Dannys huge penis thrusting against his own, separated by the thin layer of Lizzys vaginal walls and ass, to be extremely erotic.

Nick looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table and realized hed been inside of Lizzys pussy for only three minutes, yet he felt the overwhelming urge to cum. He thought of pulling out and letting Danny get a chance at her pussy, which he did while sucking Lizzys big tits, hoping Danny would take the cue to switch positions.

It didnt feel right to Nick that he was getting to fuck Lizzy and that he had yet to kiss her, so thats what he decided to do. Immediately, Lizzys tongue flickered inside of his mouth and Nick hungrily placed his lips around hers, enjoying the taste of her mouth.

Danny moved his penis from Lizzys ass to her pussy and slapped his stiff prick against her pussy lips before ramming it home inside her love garden.

Oh yeah, fill me up with that big dick!

Danny did exactly that as he pounded his penis hard and fast inside Lizzys vagina. Lizzy kept thrashing wildly up and down Dannys cock, her hair flying as she did so. Nick decided he was calm enough to where he wouldnt cum for a while, so he decided it was his turn to fuck her ass.

I wanna fuck her ass, lets switch it up, he said to Danny.

Reluctantly, Danny stopped fucking her pussy and got off the bed. Lizzy decided to bend over the edge of the bed so she could still ride Dannys dick while allowing Nick to fuck her ass doggy-style.

Nick found entering her ass to be twice the work of entering her pussy, as it was so tight, he thought his condom would be pulled off as he slowly penetrated her. Not that he really cared. He almost wanted to take off the condom so he could cum in her ass.

The three teens kept fucking in this position for a while before Lizzy made the boldest declaration of the night: Alright boys, both of you inside my pussy!

How the hell are both of us going to fit in there, Nick thought. If feeling his friends penis separated by a thin layer of flesh was weird enough, now their penises would have no choice but to rub against each other.

No fucking way, thats too weird, Danny protested.

You boys dont want to play my game, fine, go finish yourselves off, Lizzy threatened.

Not wanting to get their rocks off by hand, Danny and Nick played nice and got in position to both fuck her pussy. Danny was still lying on the bed with his dick already inside her pussy, leaving Nick to find a way to fit his cock inside her. Nick lined up his dick with her pussy, feeling Dannys huge shaft underneath his own as he entered her. Her pussy was almost too small for both of their dicks, as Nick could barely enter her more than a few inches. The two men slowly thrust inside of Lizzy and the action drove her wild.

Oh yeah fuck me! Make me cum!

Danny thrust inside of her, then Nick, then Danny, until they all settled into a rhythm of steady fucking. Not only was Lizzy on the verge of orgasm, Nick could feel cum boiling in his balls as well. He was strangely turned on by not only fucking the hottest girl in school, but also dominating her in tandem with his best friend.

Oh yeah, Im cumming, Lizzy shouted. With that, Lizzy moaned so loud the rest of the house would surely hear what was going on. Lizzy fingered her clit as she rode out her orgasm with the two penises inside of her.

Seeing her cum like that was pushing Nick over the edge. He couldnt last any longer as he felt cum rising up his shaft.

Oh fuck, Im gonna cum!

Yes! Cum for me, Nick!

Moaning, Nick started firing round after round of semen inside the condom. He counted how many shots he fired, 10 in all. He had never cum so hard in his life. He carefully pulled out, making sure he held on to the base of the condom so none of his cum spilled in Lizzys pussy. He didnt want to get her pregnant.

Damn, that felt like a lot, Danny said, after feeling Nicks throbbing penis against his own.

Now that Nick was done, it was Dannys turn to get off as he continued pounding Lizzy. The two teens were now fucking missionary style and Lizzys long smooth legs were wrapped over Dannys broad shoulders as he fucked her with more fury than a blizzard in the dead of winter.

Watching the two teens fuck and hearing their moans of pleasure, Nick felt himself get hard again. He didnt have another condom with him but he felt the desire to fuck. Oh well. He thought he could jack off while watching Lizzy and Danny have sex. The sex didnt last long, however, as Danny quickly pulled out Lizzys pussy, ripped off his condom and moaned as he fired his load all over Lizzys chest.

Yes, cum all over my titties, Lizzy said, staring up into Dannys eyes as he finished himself off.

Fuck, that was amazing, Danny said as he sat back on the bed.

Now that their post coital session was over, the three teens looked at each other nervously, someone waiting for a move to be made by one of the others. At this point, Nick stopped jacking off and decided to put his underwear back on. Following his lead, Lizzy and Danny also started getting dressed. By the time the teens were dressed, Lizzy spoke up:

Well boys, that was fun, but Im pretty worn out. I think Im gonna call it a night.

Before Nick or Danny could respond, Lizzy slowly walked out of the room, smiling and staring seductively at the two boys before closing the door behind her.

Wow that was awesome. A little more kinky then I usually experience, but it was pretty good sex Danny said.

Shes so hot. I hope I get to fuck her again, Nick said.

Yeah dude, I know. Lets go back downstairs.

Only realizing after leaving the room that it might look awkward to others in the hallway to see two straight guys coming out of a bedroom together, Nick was fortunate to see all of the partygoers in the upstairs hallway disperse elsewhere during the threesome.

Downstairs, the party was still in full swing. Most of the remaining people were paired off and grinding in the living room to some god-awful rap music.

Nick checked his phone to see how late it was. His mother usually wasnt too concerned if he got home before 1 or 2 AM, but after that, he was asking for trouble. It was currently 1:06 A.M.

Holy shit where has the time gone? I guess its true that time flies when youre having fun, Nick told Danny.

Is your mom going to freak out if we dont get home soon?

I dont know, maybe. She told me not to stay out too late, Nick replied.

Your mom is too nice to ground you or anything. Well just stay for a little bit, have a little more to drink, and then we can go.

The friends broke apart once again and went separate directions. Danny went back to the keg in the kitchen, only to discover that the keg was entirely empty. Nick, meanwhile, looked around the living room to see if he could spot Stacy. With his luck, she would find another guy thats better looking, more confident, or more muscular to dance with and she would forget about Nick. Not that he could blame her, though, hed just spent the last half hour having sex with another girl.

Nonetheless, Stacy was nowhere to be found. Shed probably gone home. Its too bad, Nick thought. Even though hed just had sex, he still felt really horny. Its like Pandoras box had opened for him after all of these years and he wanted more. There were still plenty of attractive girls left at the party, but time was running out before he had to leave. Its not like he could just force himself on anyone. Or could he?

Before Nick could ponder the thought much further, a commotion broke out in the kitchen, causing several of the teens in the living room to stop dancing and see what was going on.

Nick saw two guys yelling at each other and sure enough, one of them was Danny. Danny was known to use his impressive physical stature to intimidate others. It was this among other reasons that Nick didnt like to go out with Danny. He knew things could turn violent after several drinks.

Once Nick saw the guy that Danny was arguing with, he knew the shit hit the fan. Danny was arguing with Mitch, one of their good friends and Lizzy Watkins ex-boyfriend. He must have gotten word that Danny had sex with her. If that was the case, Nick figured he was going to get yelled at next by Mitch.

You fucker! Why do you have to bone every girl in sight? We just broke up last week! Mitch exclaimed.

Dude, chill out. She wanted it so bad. She was practically begging for my cock, Danny said.

Oh no, this could get ugly, Nick thought. Mitch, usually not one for violence, charged at Danny and landed a quick left hook at the side of Dannys face. Due to his drunkenness more so than the power of Mitchs punch, Danny stumbled back a bit. Nick rushed to break things up before they got out of control.

Fight, fight, fight, the crowd chanted as Nick pushed his way through the mass of people. Everyone who was left at the party stood to watch the exchange.

Mitch, enough! Nick yelled as he grabbed Dannys arm just before he fired back at Mitch.

Youre a part of this too, asshole! I cant believe both of you would fuck my girlfriend like that, Mitch said, almost in tears at this point.

The crowd gasped. Now all 30 people left at the party would know that Nick and Danny both fucked Lizzy. The gossip would spread like wildfire back at school on Monday.

Before any more arguing could occur, Mari, the bubbly hostess of the party, stepped in.

You guys need to leave. I dont want to take any chances since its already loud in here.

Fuck you, this isnt over, Danny shouted at Mitch, as Nick held him back from throwing any more blows.

Monday was going to be a bitch.

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