Author: Steve

July was walking along the canal towpath slowly making sure she was not being followed. At 12 years old July was one of the youngest members of a street gang her 19 year old brother was the leader and he had sent her with a bag of stuff for
17 year old Mark who was also a gang member who had been sent to prison for 10 years but had escaped and was hiding out on a barge on the canal. July stopped by the barge sat down but looking around to make sure there was nobody about, once she was sure it was clear she went on board, Mark was sat there in grey prison clothes, July gave him the bag which he emptied on the floor, there was clothes, a gun and an envelope that July knew contained money. Mark took his tee shirt revealing his muscular upper body, he sat kicked his shoes off stood up and with his back to July removed the tracksuit trousers, he was now naked July admired the naked bum hoping he would turn round so she could see his dick, Mark started to pull a shirt over his head as he was doing so he turned, July caught her breath as she saw his dick it was about 7 inches fat with lots of hair at the top, she had seen other gang boys dicks but this was the biggest and best. July watched as Mark dressed and was disappointed when he put jeans on covering his dick. They sat talking for half a hour before July left. As July walked back down the towpath she saw 16 year old John another gang member he had his hands inside his tracksuit trousers, July went up to him said ” you fucking wanking off” John smiled and replied not yet but I got a hard on” July looked and saw the tent in his trackies smiled and said ” get the fucking thing out” to her surprise John did as she said ” July looked at the 7 inch solid dick” then said ” go on wank it” John said ” no that’s the job girls do” after seeing Mark’s dick and now seeing John’s erection July was wet and horny” she reached out held Johns dick was surprised how warm and stiff it felt she started to stroke John’s dick he stopped her said lets go behind the bushes, July followed John in when they got in John turned to face July and she saw his dick was bobbing, she got hold of it and started to stroke it, John reached out and pushe a hand up inside July’s shirt and stroked her naked tits which were just developing he then tweeked her nipples, July was breathing heavy and feeling well horny, she stopped stroking John who raised her tee shirt and started to lick and suck her tits undoing her jeans and pushing them down, when John pushed 2 fingers up July she gasped John lowered July to the ground and removed her jeans the knelt between her open legs, July looked down at Johns throbbing member watching as it edged closer to her very wet pussy and gasped as it started to enter it, John pushed it all the way in and started to pound away slowly getting faster and faster pushing in deeper with each thrust, July was breathing heavy this was her first time and she was loving it. John felt her come off but carried on thrusting away he felt her cum twice more before pulling out and squirting up her belly and over her face. They lay where they were for 2o minutes before John said ” I always wanted to fuck you your so cute” he stood up adjusted his clothes while July dressed, they walked out onto the road where they saw Mandy John left the girls and went off. Mandy looked at July said ” he just fuck you” July nodded said ” it was good” Mandy said ” he has had me and I sucked his cock” both girls walked towards the estate lived on.

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