A Reluctant Daughter

Introduction: Purely Fantasy I posted these stories before. I originally wrote them. They are dark and disturbing and the only reason Im posting them again is because some assholes on other sites have been taking my work and winning awards. Let it be known that dirtydiana18 is the true author of this series, and also let it be known that the main character Steph is completely legal when everything goes down.

Honey, you in there, he asked. Without waiting for a response he nudged the door open, taking a long look at me before plopping down on the foot of my bed. I tried not to make eye contact, opting to focus on my studies instead of engage in any sort of conversation. My dad really didnt deserve it.

Let me start off by saying my life by itself isnt much. My room is normal. My door is painted a light blue like the walls of my bedroom. Theres a desk off to the right side, snugged up against the far right hand corner. My bed is adjacent next to the door, along with my nightstand. There are posters taped sparingly throughout the room. Posters of different celebrities, books, hobbies, whatever I liked. All in all I would call it the average teenage bedroom for the average teenage girl. 56, brown hair, eighteen years old, and hazel brown eyes are my attributes. My boobs are pretty big, a C verging on a D cup, but thats about it. Boys at school definitely pay attention, but other than that I would say Im pretty ordinary.

Well, ordinary except for one thing: my father.

I could feel the pressure in the room, listening as my dad began anxiously tapping his foot against the wood floor. I dropped my pencil and turned in my office chair to face him. What did he want this time?

Good baby. Now youre paying attention. Without missing a beat he stood up and began undressing. He pulled off his shirt, rather quickly for a man of his size. 47 years old, 511, 220lbs, and unlike other fathers, my dad wasnt fat. He was fit and lean. The grey hairs on his head came from experience, not stress. The smile lines on his face, rather than depict age, reminded everyone that he was the head of a happy, healthy, American family. He was on the community watch board, coached little league baseball teams for fun, and volunteered at the local fire station. My dad was everything and more. And by more I mean more.

By the time I could shake out of my daydream he had gotten totally naked. Standing in his daughters bedroom at three in the afternoon without a stitch of clothes on and the goofiest look on his face. I looked down at his cock. All nine inches of it stood proud and erect. I knew that cock better than anyone else, probably even better than mom. It was the cock that made me and the cock that fucked me.

Dad, I began, growing a bit perturbed by the whole scenario. We didnt screw in the daylight. No, the things we did were better left in the dark. Thats how it had always been. All this time we had been together we had never once fucked with the sun up. Seeing my dad naked in the light made me feel dirty, yet the tingling I felt between my legs screamed a different story.

Steph babe, my dad walked towards me.

No Dad. We cant do this. Gosh this was wrong on so many levels. Moms home hello. Did you forget? Put that thing away before she comes in and sees her husband molesting their teenage daughter. What has gotten into you? I put up my hands to keep some distance between us. I knew normal high school girls didnt talk to their dads like I did but to be honest nothing about our father-daughter relationship was normal.

Baby, Mom went to the store. Its just you and me. The grin was back on his face. We gotta hurry. Shell be home in like 20 minutes. Get undressed. He easily pushed down my hands and smashed his lips to mine. I could feel the precum leak out of his dick and onto my upper belly. I was still wearing my jeans from school and his liquid dripped off my stomach and onto the denim. I wonder if mom knew she had been washing my clothes free of her husbands cum all this time? The idea was disgusting.

No Dad, we dont do this. Not in the daylight. I tried to push him off but all he proceeded to do was suck at my neck, his hand trailing down to the place I wanted it most. Just the thought of his strong muscular hands had my wet. Moms probably not even gonna be gone long. We cant. My struggle was useless, his kisses were already making me weak.

Oh baby. Daddy needs you so bad. By now we had backed up to my bed, my dads knees bumped onto the edge of it as he tried to pull me onto the mattress. Every time we had fucked we did it on my bed. Never my parents, only mine. Looking at the bed with its frilly covering and fluffy pillows made me realize just how screwed up this whole situation was. I looked at my dad, whose cock had grown even harder, now a nasty shade of purple and red. I gulped. There was no way I could do this.

Seeing me looking at his dick, he began stroking it up and down. My dad was sprawled at the edge of the bed, one hand holding him upright and the other pleasing his swollen member. You like that dont you Steph. Look how fucking big it is baby. You did this to me. He grabbed my hand and forced it up and down his pole. I was at work and all I could think about was your hot pussy. I had an erection all day because of you. You make me so hard you little slut. I know you want this cock before mom gets home&hellip,and Im going to give it to you. Without skipping a beat he proceeded to throw me onto the bed, grabbing my shoulders and pushing me down, my back hitting against the mattress. Take off these clothes now. You dont need them anymore. I could hear the sound of ripping as he tore my shirt in half. This was the side of him I couldnt relate to. The loving dad in need of attention I understood, but the sex-driven lunatic who fucked his daughter and called her a slut, that guy was foreign to me.

Come on you whore, take off your jeans. My dad had tried and failed to wrench my skinny jeans off my thin legs and his frustration was clearly evident. He moved off a little to allow me room to stand up. I pushed up, realizing that in less than a minute my dad had managed to get rid of both my shirt and my bra. He was good.

As I began to pull my legs out of my pants my dad pushed himself up. I was lying on the bed, struggling to get the pants off my hips when he, in one smooth motion, reached over and twisted both my nipples, the action sending ripples coursing throughout my body. My pussy grew wet and I quickly finished taking off my pants, pulling my panties down as well. There was no need to waste time. My dad would get what he wanted eventually. He always did.

Gosh youre so fucking beautiful, he moaned. I gasped as he reached around me, pulling me directly on top of his lean body. I could feel the heat from his cock smash against my naked skin. Reaching up, he sensuously took a nipple into his mouth. I screamed, the sensation melting my brain to mush. It had been almost two weeks since we last had sex. His tongue was electrifying, even more so than usual. His hungry kisses easily distracted me while his hands began their pursuit to my sex. Once it reached its destination my father sucked harder on my nipple and plunged a finger deep within me. My back arched from the sudden penetration, and even though I hated it my pussy clenched his finger tight. In and out he went, the slurping noises loud as he threw caution to the wind.

Oh Dad, I couldnt help it. He knew every position and rotation it took to get me going. I was a slave to the desire. Youre so good Dad, dont stop. Damn youre incredible.

Thats right Steph. He flipped me onto my back as his fingers began moving more rapidly, curling in a come hither motion that scraped against my g spot. He took his mouth off my boobs and looked me in the eyes as he worked hard to bring me to orgasm. That was the most sadistic part of it all. The fact that he liked to stare into my eyes as he violated my pussy. Every time we fucked he had to watch my face. Sicko.

You can cum for daddy, he whispered, all the while keeping his eyes trained on me. Cum on daddys fingers you slut. You like this dont you. Oh, I can feel it coming. Do you want it baby. You want daddy to make you cum.

From experience I knew he wanted an answer to these questions. He wanted me to tell him it felt good. But today, I dont know, maybe it was the daylight that made me feel empowered, because today instead of telling him what he wanted to hear I looked him right back in the eyes.

No Dad, I hate you and your fucking finger! I yelled, wanting more than anything to take back control of my body. But it was in vain, my dad didnt stop his assault, instead he plowed on faster.

You hate this baby? My orgasm was about to peak, my pussy started pulsing and I could tell he knew what was happening. Well how about you hate this while I make you cum. You hate daddys finger but you still squirt your juice on my hands you whore. His words pushed me over the edge and before I knew it the mother of all orgasms washed over me. I twisted in his grasp but all he did was tighten his grip. My eyes turned downwards. I couldnt stand to look at him in the face. I hated seeing his smile when I came. FFFUUUCKKK DAAADDY!!! I screamed, my face contorted with the pain of it all.

Youre ready now baby. Nice and wet. Before I knew what was happening his cock was at my opening, nudging its way into my hole. Even with the after effects of my orgasm I wasnt going to let him off that easy. If he wanted to fuck me in the daylight while his wife could come home then I was going to make him pay.

No Dad! I forced, pushing him off enough to allow me my say. If you want to fuck my cunt youre going to have to do it on Moms bed. I knew it was crossing a line, but I wanted to see him squirm.

An expression of shock passed over his face. Steph, you know I cant do that. Come on baby. We dont have time and I need you. His cock nudged in further before I slammed my legs shut. He was not getting my pussy without payment. And I wanted to do it on Moms bed. I wanted to show him that in this sick battle we played with each other both of us would have to lose.

No sex unless its on your bed. I mean it. The twisted look of agony on his face was priceless, but still I knew it wouldnt be enough to convince him. I needed more. Come on daddy, I cooed. Dont you want this pussy? I rubbed my mound up and down his manhood. My eyes stared straight into his. Moms going to be home soon. You want this pussy before then right? You want to fuck this tight cunt?

Oh baby you know I do! Dont do this, not to Mom. We cant do this to her. He squirmed, before I leaned in closer and whispered.

Fuck me daddy.

That was the last straw. My dad threw me over his shoulder and rushed into his room. He shoved the door open and flung me across the bed. It smelled like jasmine and honey&hellip,my mothers shampoo.

Look what you do to me, he screamed. My legs were thrown over my head as he aimed his cock at my pussy, holding my legs with one hand and his cock with the other. Look at what youve made me do. On my marriage bed. His voice was broken, almost as if he was holding back tears.

Just then his cock melted into me, scraping against my insides in a way that could only be described as heavenly. He moved his hips in and out. I could tell he liked it from the way his sounds turned from rugged grunts to deep moans. His eyes were closed.
That would not do.

Look at me Dad, I demanded. If I had to see this so did he. His eyes opened. Youre fucking me on Moms bed. Youre fucking your daughter in the bed you share with your wife. His eyes turned down, but I reached a hand up and made him look at me. Is this what you wanted? Does your cock love my underage cunt? I squeezed my vagina muscles, flooding my juices between us.

Baby, this is too far. Please stop. I cant take anymore. His voice broke.

Okay then Dad. I relented, grasping his head between my hands. Just fuck me then. Fuck me on your bed and make me scream your name. Give me your cock. I was made for your cock.

My words may not have been the truth but they sure as hell worked for him. My dads fucking grew faster and more frantic. His dick slammed against my cervix and brought tears to my eyes. My orgasm was building. His was too. The forbiddenness of it all made our union that much more erotic. His dick was lengthening, preparing to blow its load into my willing cunt. We were fucking in the daylight, our moans louder than we ever dared to reach in the night. The sounds of our bodies slapping together made a rhythm as I scraped my nails against his back, his pace increasing. Give it to me Dad. Give it to your little girl. I could feel the peak about to break.

Guys Im home. Shit, my Mom was back.

My dad and I shared looks, both of us too far gone to stop. The resignation in his eyes said it all. He needed to cum in my pussy. No matter what.

Where are you guys? she asked, I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs.

That was it. The sound of his approaching wife sent my dad over the edge. SSTTEEEPHH!!!! He yelled, not caring that my mother was mere feet away from our incestuous love session. His orgasm prompted my own, my pussy clenching around his squirting cock. My mom was outside and we were cuming together. Our faces contorted in pleasure as we took our release from one another. The thought that she was here made it that much better.

Dave, you in there? My Mom knocked on the door, both of us turning around in horror. This was it.

Yeah sweetie, Im in here. Ill be down in a second. My dad replied. He was out of breath, his cock still fully buried in my cunt.

Okay then. When you find Steph bring her down too. I got pizza. The sound of retreating footsteps let us know we had escaped. The joy of it all made me clench my pussy around his cock and my dad, in a look I will never forget, yelped and quickly buried his face into my neck as he dick gave a final squirt, his cum pulsing out of his cock and into my womb. His moan saying it all. We were definitely doing this again.

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