Whipped Cream at the Store

I’m not one to like public restrooms. I drove truck for many years and was compelled to using rest area’s public facilities. Hence, the reason for not liking them.

However, there are times when one does not have a lot of choices. This was the case recently, as I was shopping a major big box store.

I went into the public restroom, heading to the stall. Wiping the seat down, dropping my jeans and boxers I sat down to take care of business.

As I was setting there, I noticed someone standing on the other side of the door. Are they was peeking in the stall, I thought to myself? No, they are probably just checking to see if it’s empty. However, the feet under the door are not moving. They are peeking in the stall. This is when my voyeurism side kicked in.

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