Unplanned Vacation in a Nudist Camp – Part II

I was waking up slowly. It was one of those pleasant moments that you just don’t want to interrupt with any serious thoughts. For me this moment is pretty much like playing a lottery. You know that in few seconds you will have the answer. It’s either Monday and you have to rush in the office or it’s Saturday and all you have to do is screw your girlfriend.

Now, thoughts began to pop up in my mind, I started to remember and connect things. I started to whisper to myself while opening my eyes, “hmmm, I am on vacation, that’s good news.” My girlfriend Mitra and I are enjoying an unexpected vacation in a nudist camp. It’s a nice camp, lots of hot women bodies. “Fuck!! It’s all coming back to me now. I fucked that young, sweet, horny neighbor last night while Mitra was sleeping.”

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