My Filthy Neighbour

Well, this has been happening for quite some time now. My home is in a courtyard, so we have a private garden at the back and the courtyard and drive to ourselves out front. The way the building is set up, our neighbour’s living room looks straight into our bedroom and we have been known to leave the blinds open regularly, with interesting results!

Hubby was back on tour again and I thought I was alone, since the other property is up for sale and my peeping neighbour hadn’t been at home for some time. He told me he had a new girlfriend, so I thought nothing of it. I won’t sit here innocently expecting you to believe I don’t do this on purpose, because I love being an exhibitionist and he’s seen me many times, stole panties off the washing line and generally, we have some fun with it. An understanding between us that it goes no further, though I admit I have fantasised about the three of us together many times before now. I made the decision not to do anything sexual anymore, since I didn’t want to blur the boundaries to what was or should be acceptable. A little nudity seemed fun and everyone seemed to be okay with that.

I decided to get into bed and watch some tv, when my hubby sent me a text, asking what I was doing. I told him I was wearing his old Pantera tshirt and was in bed, watching American Horror Story. For those of you who don’t watch it, there was a fair amount of spanking in series two and as a scene unfolded, I told him I was missing his stern hand and leather belt and we needed to buy an antique oak desk. The conversation escalated to sex and as I always do, started to send him some photos. I started to tease myself, stretching ribbons of sweet juices from my shaven pussy. I instantly felt my nipples tingle and I squeezed and let some milk spray and flow down my body and onto my stomach.

I took off the t-shirt and sent him all that he requested. He wanted me to squirt my milk on the large framed 7 foot floor standing mirror in our bedroom and send him the photos. As I did this, it was driving me wild, so I picked up my double-headed dildo and plunged it into my pussy and got on my knees on the bed.

All of a sudden, I noticed a red glow in the window across the way. It seemed he wasn’t the only one getting in on the action. Someone was smoking a cigarette and believe I knew exactly who it was. It was too late to close the blinds, because I was completely intoxicated with lust to cum and in full slut-mode.

As the texts flooded in, I completely abandoned my phone and rode around on that dildo, rubbing it against my g-spot and feeling the pressure build. Since it’s flexible and extremely long, I bent it under me and sat on the other end, whilst fucking it ferociously and rubbing my swollen clit, the pressure building and building.

I could see the red glow of the cigarette in the window, wondering if he was doing what I hoped. Oh, I hope he was swelling, getting harder and stroking his thick cock for me. I felt the pressure build within me and it lessened, as I rubbed my cunt harder and faster. I needed more, so I took the other end of the dildo and shoved it greedily into my arsehole. The sweet pain and pleasure continued and I rubbed and rubbed, bouncing and grinding against the bed until I gushed all over the clean sheets.

Sweet relief came over me and then I realised what I had done, though I had promised myself I would stop leaving the blinds open for him to watch, but like all guilty pleasures, it’s hard to stop.

As far as my knowledge of who it was goes, I still don’t know whether it was him that night, but I have to wonder, since he’s never shy about letting me see him.

I hope it wasn’t someone else.

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