Swim Coach (Chap 2)

I told my mom about my presents and my thoughts about getting a more adult haircut. With a wistful look on her face (that I didn’t understand then, but do now) she suggested that we make an appointment at her favorite day spa in downtown Chicago and spend Saturday there together – a girl’s day out as it were. I think I paused for just a second too long when considering her offer, before I could answer she suggested that if I wanted that Beth could come along as well. And so our day was planned.

We started at a trendy day-spa down town where husky Polish women gave Beth and I the first massages we ever had (but not the last by any means). Then Beth and I sat in the steam room and giggled while my mom had a mud bath, joking that if we stayed in there too long that our breasts would disappear. Mom thought Beth and I were old enough to get waxed and so we got our first taste of that painful experience. When the woman at the spa asked Beth and I if we wanted Brazilian waxing we both looked at her clueless. Mom stepped in and told us what that meant, and without missing a beat told the attendant that a simple bikini-line wax would be more than adequate.

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