Hideaway at Hillview

The clock on the dash read quarter to nine. Lia exhaled slowly in an attempt to get a handle on her rattled nerves. Within the next ten minutes she would arrive at the designated spot. The place they’d agreed to meet. The notification tone on her cell phone chimed, she looked down hastily at her phone. It was a text from him. The text read that he would be there in twelve minutes. Lia was anxious, but semi-relieved that he was running later than herself.

She tapped the breaks, as her car approached the next road on the right. It was the last turn, and the precise road she was supposed to be on. The road was long and straight with marshland lining both sides of the road. Lia drove slowly, keeping an eye out for a place to park. At first, it looked as though there was nothing but road. She couldn’t see anything, not even a public wayside for visitors. Suddenly, from the corner of her eye she saw a sign. Next to the sign there appeared to be a entrance.

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