Joey and his Bullies 5

Introduction: School time is more humiliating than ever for Joey. Joey and his Bullies 5
By Mathew Elizabeth

Joey,Evan and Little Jake made it to school before the bell rang.
School was already a place he considered hell. But he believed
his thoughts of the past would be nothing compared to his experiences
he was going to take part in the present.

Both Evan and Jake lead him into the school toilets. He already knew his
day of humiliation would be more than mere name calling and punches. The
boys of this school were going to really degrade him. Verbally, physically,
mentally and sexually.

He was pushed into the dimly lit toilet area. The walls were mere ugly bricks
with no paint or design. The yellow light flickered slightly indicating that it may
go out in a day or two. The place smelled of urine and fresh teenage farts. He
was pushed further, past the five toilet cubicles and into the more open part where
there were the silver urinals on the wall. There waited at least a dozen 16-year-old
boys smiling evilly and goofy like. They were waiting for the funny show Joey was
about to give them.

Little Jake and Evan sharply pushed Joey on his hands and knees.

Well here he is boys. As we promised. Evan jeered evilly.

Little Jake knelt down towards Joeys frightened face and
slapped it.


Fucking strip, Faggot! The thin arrogant teenager scorned angrily in
his command voice.

Joey pulled his pants then his shirt off in obedience.

Now crawl around like a dog. Evan smiled down with his piercing beautiful
yet scary eyes.

Joey began to crawl around the toilet area. All the teenage boys laughed
and laughed. They looked around at each other in amazement. Unable
to believe what this freak was doing.

Do you need to piss faggot? Little Jake added with a wide eyed
maniac grin and laugh, Well go over there and cock your leg and
piss like the doggie you are.

Joey obediently crawled over to the corner or one of the cubicles and
cocked his smooth slender legs and pissed like a dog. He pissed all over
the side of the cubicle door. All the boys laughed, holding their stomachs
and saying Good Doggie.

For such a slim and slender boy, the dozen cute 16-year-old
males stared goofily at Joeys fat round bottom. It was so
beautiful and juicy like a grown womans buttocks.

While Joey was on his knees he spread his legs and poked
his butt out towards them. The boys around Jake and Evan
laughed hard.

This is real funny shit! A cute young boy said,
touching the crotch area of his little trousers.

You fucking gay ass homo faggot pig! Evan yelled Well
come on then piggy! Oink for us! Oink you fucking fag!!

Joey crawled around with his bare ass exposed
making oinking noises like a little piggy. All the boys
laughed even harder and all started touching their
crotches in their pants.

Tell you what would be really funny? Little Jake announced.
He then whispered into Evans ear. Evan then laughed.

Do you need to go poo-poo pig? Evan asked Joey in a evil grin.

No! Joey said blushing. The truth was Joey was holding in a turd
for quiet some time now. He didnt want to encourage Jake and
Evan at all.

Well I dont fucking care! Evan said loud and looking more evil.
I want you to fucking turn around, spread your fat ass cheeks for
my good friends here and strain to do a poo. The bell is going to ring in
3-minutes and if you dont fucking poo out a turd for us. We are all going
to fucking beat you up! I promised my friends a show faggot, and you
are going to give them one, freak!

Oh my god are you serious? Another laughing 16-year-old boy
said in the background.

Joey obediently walked into the a good view for all the teenage
boys and spread his fat womanly ass cheeks and gave them all
a view of his pink pretty asshole.

Hrrrrrnnn! Joey made a strained face with noises.

All the boys laughed out loud hysterically. Joey was wondering if
they were so loud it might alert the teachers. Maybe they didnt care.

Pffttt! Pfffffffffffftt!!

Oh my god he just farted! Joey heard another boy yell in the background.

HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! They all laughed loud and hysterical, holding their
stomachs in pain, tears in some of their eyes from the laughter.

Come on faggot! Fart it out! Evan said with a maniac grin like the others.

Fart it out! They all began to chant, Fart it out! Fart it out! Fart it out! Fart

Joey groaned in humiliation. His face bright red. His legs and anus tingling from
the feeling of their objectifying gaze and their obscene chant to make him defecate.


He did indeed fart it out. A big solid sausage like shit log dropped on the floor.

Awwwww!! all the boys called out grossed out, but then cheered YEEEAAAHH!

They all laughed, giving each other a high five as if watching a sports game.


Meanwhile, back at home. Chad was sitting on lounge room
couch without any pants on. He was smoking a joint,
getting high, sitting back and relaxing. He was watching
rap music videos with hot blonde teenage cheerleaders
shaking their ass and caressing their boobies. Joeys
mom, Monica came in naked holding a tray of food she
prepared for Chad.

She placed the food next to him on the couch and got on her knees.
Chad ignored her and grabbed at the hamburger made for him,
keeping his eye on the music video, high as a kite. She nuzzled
her face between his little legs and began sucking on his balls.
She then moved to the pole of his dick and sucked passionately.
But Chad still just watched the music video as if she was
an appliance for his needs.

She began to whimper is desperation. So she got up
and sat her ass on his cock, it slipped into her butt hole like
it was a perfect fit. She began to ride up and down his little body as he
ignored her. So Chad sat their with the greatest of
pleasure. Sitting their, smoking a joint, eating a
hamburger, watching his favourite music videos and
having a hot moms fat round ass riding up and down his


Back at school, Joey attended fitness class. Little Jake
was a year younger him 16-years-old, but he started
school early so he was in Joeys grade and class. In the
change rooms before class all the boys looked and stared
at Joeys girly frame as he stripped to get into his
fitness gear. They were to do professional wrestling
today. And all the boys wanted to be Joeys partner. Jake
being in charge of him for the hour, won as being his

In the gym all the boys watched in excitement as Joey got
on all fours in the middle of the complex as Little Jake
came up behind him in a traditional wrestling manor.
Other than getting turned on when watching the girls
wrestle, this was one exception. Joey was a girly sissy
all the teenage boys wanted to man handle.

Joey felt something rip. It was his small wrestling tights.
The part near his butt crack had ripped along with his underwear
and his butt hole was exposed to all the boys. He looked back and all
the boys noticed. They all had a goofy smiles, very happy for the warm
tight sight of his girly hairless pink ass crack.

Throughout the hour Little Jake had totally dominated Joey in wrestling,
for such a little guy he was tough and Joey was nothing
compared to him. He would often humiliate Joey by holding
him down and getting behind him, thrusting his hips
against Joeys torn pants. All the boys laughed seeing that.

Little Jake also would get Joey in a position where his hole was in total
view to the audience and little Jake would give them a
cheeky grin, implying that he owned him. He would subtly make
a few swipes and glides with his fingers between Joeys thick juicy
ass cheeks. Getting some of Joeys sweaty ass musk on his fingers.

Little Jake would the guide his fingers to his nose and take a big sniff.

All the boys watching laughed and called out gross. But were all giving
faces and vibes of deep homoerotic jealousy.

When class ended, all the boys showered. At first Joey
soaped his naked body up in a far left cubical away from
all the boys. Steam and the guys laughter about him
surrounded his atmosphere. That was until two gorgeous
looking 17-year-old boys came into his cubicle, also wet
slippery and naked.

They looked like they were from Chads large gang of friends,
he was used to seeing them wearing their cap backwards,
and seeing them like this was an amazing sight. Their bodies looked
built andpowerful, smooth, silky and defined, their legs looked
strong as well along with their large cocks.

Suck our dicks, one of them said sternly. Joey didnt need to be
told twice. He got down on his knees and started sucking
them both of, holding both their dicks.

See man, its hot huh, one of them said I always knew this bitch was a

Yeah man, the other said Chad is a fucking legend, not
only is he controlling this faggot, but he gets to fuck
this bitches hot mom every day,

Both of the cute boy continued to fuck Joeys mouth,
calling him names and laughing at him while they used his
body to satisfy their sexual sadism. Wet soap bubbles
were all over his body. They both got carried away a
little bit by slapping Joeys face whenever he didnt do a
good enough job.

Afterwards, they pulled him to his feet and began punching him
continuously in the stomach. Then they made him turn around and
bend over for them. His hot fleshy ass was ready for penetration and
they were going to give it to him. Both the boys stood side by side and
grasped a butt cheek each. They then slapped it continuously to make it
red and stuck both their fat, long peniss in his puffy hole.

He was getting double penetrated as they punched into his back calling him a
worthless butt slut faggot.

Yeah! Take that you fucking girly ass sissy! one said.

Yeah fuck you! We all hate you, you dick teasing piece
of shit! the other added

Joey had never walked out of sex like that, it had never
hurt like that before, bruises surrounded him and his ass
was bleeding.

Little Jake, Joeys master for the class hour walked up to Joey
with a school shirt but no pants, sporting a boner.

All the other boys proceeded behind little Jake and awaited the moment.

Turn around and bend your pretty ass over. Your going to fart for us again
Little Jake told him.

Joey panicked, he was in so much pain. That was the last thing he wanted to do. He
wanted to think of anything to get him out of this
current situation.

He merely said Jake, can I have a rest for a little while, I hurt all over and I dont
think I would do a good job,

All the boys gasped in surprise, except little Jake, who
suffered from a severe case of little man syndrome and
was aggressive and mean when he didnt get his way in
front of his peers. He angrily pushed Joeys naked body
on the change room floor, where he fell on his back
squealing like a girl.

Jake then quickly dove down, wrestled and straddled his half
naked body over Joeys. Jake then began slapping Joey in the face
and yelling at him

You fucking dick sucker!! You do what I fucking say!
Youre nothing! Nothing you hear me! Youre nothing but a
fucking farting tooting pig!! How dare you! After Im done
with you Im going to let Chad know about this! And you
will wish you never talked back to me!

No! No, please dont tell Chad! Please! Please! He will
kill me! Joey said terrified and screaming. All the boys
laughed in that evil typical way again and started groping
their crotches.

Joey had become hysterical, he just shook
his head and screamed, Dont tell Chad! Dont tell
Chad! He was silenced when little Jake squatted his
naked stinky rear end into Joey face.

The boys laughed and laughed.

Smell it! Smell my butt you fucking pig!

Jake then proceeded to run his smooth butt up and down
Joeys pretty face. You like that? You like how it
smells fag? I swear to god you better say yes or every
boy in this room is going to beat you up!

Yes! Joey squealed defeated, but not entirely lying I
like the way it smells,

Your a little fairy stink boy arent you? Jake added, You
wanna toot-toot forever for us dont you?

Yes!! Im a little fairy toot-toot stink boy! Joey retorted,
his voice muffled by Jakes firm little butt over his


Joey returned home with Jake and Evan. 16-year old
Chad had finally decided to impregnate Joeys 36-year-old
mother, Monica.

Joey was made to kneel in the room in the
diapers he was given and watch. All of Chads friends
watched as well as Chad slammed his cock into Monicas
pussy. He then cummed inside her, looking down on what he
was about to create, he somehow knew he didnt need to
try to impregnate her anymore. He knew he had done it.

Chad then lifted himself from Monica, knowing now that he
had truly marked his territory on the family, turned
around to look at Joey. Joey was crying in his diapers
pathetically, looking up at the ceiling with his wailing
mouth open, tears flowing from his eyes as if he was
begging to god. Everyone looked at Joey and smiled
happily to his suffering.

Chad got off the master bed naked. The other boys,
including Little Jake and Evan stood back to let Chad do
what he was about to do. He walked over naked and strong
to wailing Joey. He then turned around squatted his butt
over Joeys, horrified and crying face and got ready to
shit in his mouth.

To be continued….

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