The sun was just peaking through the over cast sky, pushing its way in through the curtains and across my sleep crusted eyes. I blinked and stretched up, arching my back as the soft cotton sheet slipped down. It felt luxurious and I reveled in the rare opportunity to sleep in with no obligation, school, or extracurricular activity to take my time. Rolling over, my legs rubbed against each other smoothly as they tangled in those worn sheets.

I yawned and listened carefully. No sounds permeated through my door, the house was silent. I almost couldn’t believe was home alone. Perched on the side of the bed, I shot a quick glance out the window and confirmed that my Mom’s car was gone, I could see the empty space where she normally parked beside my own car. I stood on my toes and stretched sleep stiffened limbs, fingertips reaching.

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