Note to a Lover

Before I settle into bed, I often think of you. I undress slowly, unbuttoning my shirt, the lull of sleepiness surrounds my body and mind. My delicate fingers push each button through each hole with waited effort, and my mind wanders to thoughts of you laying on the bed watching me undress.

I turn to you. I like seeing your smile, a mischievous smirk. I want to show you all of me. To feel your eyes on me, to see the excitement in them as my shirt opens to show you my full breasts supported by my black lace bra. I take the clip out of my hair releasing my wavy brown locks past my shoulders and to the side of my face. They caress my cheek, just as your hand would. I smile at you, and lay the clip down on a night stand, then back up slowly so you can still enjoy the view.

My shirt opens and falls off of me. I reach behind my back and unclasp my bra. My breasts, beautiful and full, hang freely as I cup my hands around them to massage and squeeze playfully. Your legs are open, the sheets are down but not covering you. Your cock is hard in your hand.

I scoot my skirt down and let it drop just like my shirt. I’m before you now, supple and soft, curvy and full, wanting you. I keep my black lace panties on. I want you to be the one to take them off.

Scooping up my clothes, I’m back in my own room without you there. I put them in the laundry basket, turn off my lamp and climb into my bed. Sometimes the nightstand lamp is on, sometimes it’s not. My light orb is though and tonight I keep it on the color red, though I’ve also changed it to purple and blue on occasion but tonight I want to feel warm.

This time of night is my favorite. It’s when I plug in my phone to charge it and I look to see if I’ve received a message from you. Sometimes I read over our conversations, other times I just say goodnight, send and roll over to imagine you beside me.

Your arms welcome me to your chest. I snuggle between your neck and your collarbone. Smell you, kiss you softly and let you wrap your arms around me. My breast rest against your side, our combined heat warming our bodies, encouraging me to melt into you, breathe with you and listen to your heartbeat.

I raise my leg and straddle my body pillow as if it were your legs. My pussy lips caress the side of the pillow and the friction awakens my desires. I rub against it and allow the fantasy to begin…

You’ve rolled me onto my back. You look at me intently, deeply into my eyes as your hands explore my body. I quiver with your touch as you build my anticipation, your fingers lightly tracing my lips, my breast, my stomach, my hips, in between my thighs and on the outer edges of my pussy lips. I can feel myself become wet, even though you have not spread them yet.

You lean in and kiss me. ‘Is this what you need?’ you ask. I bite my lip and respond by nodding my head. You spread my pussy lips with your fingers and find my clit. At first, you tease me by just tapping the tip lightly and then you pinch the fullness of it between your thumb and index finger. I moan, the feeling is exquisite. You pinch again, pulsing and fast, fast and slow. My eyes roll back. The waves of pleasure build. ‘Look at me!’ you say bringing me back to you, to your eyes, so caring, so beautiful in their color, a greenish blue that reminds me of mountain lake in Colorado.

You slip your fingers down towards my opening, gathering my juices as you go. You stop before penetrating and lift my chin with your other hand. You kiss me and open my mouth with your tongue as you slide your finger inside of my pussy. I moan but you muffle it with your mouth, your tongue deep inside me as your finger starts to fuck me.

I suck on your tongue gently and we moan together. You insert another finger and rest your palm against my clit, pressing on it and then pounding against it as you finger fuck me faster. You can feel my walls surround your fingers and the need to be inside me grows. You straddle my leg. I can feel your hot, hard cock against me and it arouses me more. You sense my need and grab the cuffs on the nightstand, locking my wrists above my head. You grab the blindfold and gently cover my eyes as you kiss me again.

You move down between my legs, and spread them wide. My clit is so hard and swollen. You can’t keep yourself from tasting it with your tongue. You flick my erect clit, teasing it tenderly and then begin to suck. I’m overcome with waves of pleasure. I start to shake. You hold my legs down and open your mouth to drink in my whole smooth, soaked pussy. You alternate fucking me with your tongue and fingers. I want the hardness of your cock so bad, I’m withering beneath you but you won’t give in to my whimpers.

You move me around to the edge of the bed so my head is hanging off and my hands are still bound but close to touching the floor. I feel you open my mouth with the tip of your penis. I open and suck your head. I can hear you moan as you lay down on top of me and start sucking my clit again as you face fuck me. I moan and open my mouth wider to take more of you. I can feel your full balls smack against my forehead as you thrust gently. I moan with each suck and you feel my vibrations. You suck harder and faster on my clit. The intensity builds for both of us. My saliva gushes from my lips, wetting your cock so it slides in and out of my mouth effortlessly.

‘Oh, fuck!’ you exclaim and stop abruptly to prolong our experience. You slide your cock out of my mouth and lift me back onto the bed. You undo my cuffs and take my blindfold off. ‘Is that what you need?’ I ask and you respond by kissing me and saying yes.

You roll onto your back and I cuff your wrists above your head. I can’t help from being playful so I dangle my breasts in your face as I get you into position. You reach for them with your mouth and I let you suck them for a bit. Then, I raise up, kiss you gently and pull the blindfold over your head, covering your beautiful blue eyes.

You smile. Your lips so enticing. I move over to the table and pull out the soft leather flog. I let the straps explore your body delicately moving my instrument all over you like a soft feather, pausing at your nipples and lightly tapping them. You lick your lips to show me that you want more. I slap them against your chest. The sting seen by the red marks on your raised flesh. Your cock responds by getting thicker for me.

I walk around to the foot of the bed allowing the flog to caress your hard cock and balls. I raise my hand up and whip you on your thigh. Your penis moves, almost as if it was flinching. It brings a mischievous smile to my face. I tell you to turn over onto your stomach. You do so without question. I take my hand and massage your ass cheeks as I let the leather straps caress your back lightly. Then, without warning, I smack your ass three times. You moan with pleasure.

I grab the lube on the table and squirt some between your ass cheeks. I then grab the butt plug and lube it up to before I slowly insert it into you as it vibrates rhythmically. Once it’s in all the way, I tell you to turn over. Your cock is so hard it’s throbbing. This whole time my body has been aching for you and I need you to fill me. I climb onto the bed and straddle your hips. I lower myself down onto you slowly. The thickness of your cock taking my breath away as I take you inside of me. My tight pussy surrounding and clenching you as I sit all the way down.

I ride you as the butt plug penetrates your asshole. You thrust against me and I meet each one, gliding up and down your shaft. You hot cock inside of me, fucking me deep. I pound against you and ride you hard. You tell me how good it feels, how you love feeling my pussy surround you and pulse. I lean on top of you so my clit can receive the friction and pounding it needs.

My breasts hang and smack your face as I thrust forward and back. You tell me to take the blindfold off and I comply. Then the handcuffs, ‘I need to hold you!’ I release yo
ur wrists and you grab my head holding it to yours fucking me fast and deep. I start to cum. You can feel me tighten around your cock as I climb to ecstasy. You release into me, thrusting your cock hard as I push down onto you so I can feel the tip of your cock head against my cervix.

‘Oh fuck!’ we both exclaim, shaking together. I grind into your pelvis to control my orgasm as it peaks to encompass my whole body. We kiss. I raise off of you, allowing your cock to relax and pull out the plug before I lay my head on your chest, your arms surrounding me, your mouth kissing my face and finding my lips.

Our kisses, firm yet gentle, loving and tender continue through the night until we both drift off to sleep.

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