My One True Love

My personal white chocolate or should I say more like a mocha latte light with whipped cream sweetened to perfection. This was Jason, mine and all mine. Sensitive, caring, witty and a kid at heart. Don’t even get me started on his sexing. As a matter of fact how about we go back to the day I met my ‘Mocha’.

I had just gotten out of my navy blue BMW. My second baby, rim spinners trimmed in gold with my name Natash going across the middle in diamonds 1.4 cts each. Nice sun roof top with a kick ass stereo system, and 2 TV’s embedded in the back seats for my passengers. After getting out of my car I went into my usual spot on Friday’s, ‘Fancy Your Fancy Spa and Dessert’ for my massage treatment and strawberry creme souffl√©. With my membership I went straight to the back, got undressed, laid on the table and awaited my masseuse.

Just moments later he came in.

‘Oh hi, ‘ my eyes widened with delight and confusion, ‘ what happened to Lisa?’

‘Well, a family situation came up so I’ll be filling in for her for awhile, my name’s Jason.’

I didn’t argue with him. Hell, it wasn’t like I was upset about it. I was actually grateful, because this brother was fine. I’m talking smack your mother, cuz she aint tell you nigga’s could look this fine, fine.

Jason retrieved the strawberry scented oil from the assortment of oils they had on the shelves since I had it marked as one of my favorites. He started by oiling up my neck and massaging me there, then down to my back. God his hands felt like warm milk on a nice wintry day when you’re lying in bed snuggled up to a great book or movie.

As he got to my towel, removed it and began oiling my round, thick, Nubian ass I began to moan. Not moan’s of relief but moan’s of pleasure. I couldn’t help myself, it just came out that way.

Jason took a step back, ‘ Are you okay?’

He had this sort of pleasured look on his face.

‘Yes, I’m fine. I just really love your hands, that’s all. Please keep going.’

‘At your request.’

The more he touched the more I could feel myself getting wet and turned on. The more I moaned the more intense his touches became as though he was fine tuning my body. I’ve never felt like this before and I loved every minute of it.

After going to my legs and feet, it was time now for him to enter my real erogenous zone. The way he handled me so far, I could only imagine how this would be.

‘Now Mrs. Landers, could you turn on your back for me please?’

‘It’s Ms, I’m not married.’

I complied with his request more than eager. As I lay there thoughts ran through my mind, bad bad thoughts about just snatching this man up and tonguing him down without even a thought as to whether or not he’d mind it or not. I wanted him and I wanted him now, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t just grab him up like that he’d probably think I was psycho…or would he? Anyway, while I lay here daydreaming, Jason had begun oiling up my full breast, just as richly brown as the rest of my body. Starting with the right one he caressed as though he’d done this since he was at least 10 years old, no kidding. Cuffing it with both hands in a stroking motion as if he was smoothing out the rough edges on a sculpture. He took my other breast in his hands and proceeded to do the same with that one, then using just one hand for each he took them both with firm yet sensitive grips. I could feel his thumbs moving over my nipples every now and then and I could feel them ripen with each stroke. I watched the look on Jason’s face. I could tell he was pleased by his work. I felt the warmth of his hands on my belly moving up and down, left to right, then down to my pelvis. As he spread me to pour the oil his face changed. It wasn’t just delight this time, but surprise as well. He sat the oil back down on the table beside him and reached for a clean towel. He puzzled me, because by this time I’m thinking he should be pouring that oil on me instead of sitting it down. He walked back over to me with the clean towel still in hand.

‘ I think you might want to use the private bathroom.’

‘ Why is there something wrong, my hygiene’s usually up to par, don’t tell me.’ But before I was able to finish, he could see the worry and frustration in my eyes, not to mention the tone in my voice so he decided to cut me off before I really began to lose it. ‘ Just trust me. Your hygiene is great, more than great, it’s just.’


‘Well, Ms. Lande.’

‘Natash, call me Natash, now what is it Jason.’

‘Natash….you seem to have gotten a little bit more excited than my usual customers. You’re extremely moist, wet down there. Under normal circumstances I would love a woman in this condition. But….’

‘ So are you saying you don’t find me attractive?’

‘ No that’s not it at all, of course you’re attractive, shit your fine ass would be mine if I had my way, but.’

‘ But what, no but’s if you want me take me, I’m already undressed, vulnerable…..WET. It’ll just be between me and you. One time, we never have to see each other again. Well, in an intimate sense rather. I want you Jason, I know you can tell. So take me, take me now while the offers here.’

‘Natash, I’m not looking for just sex, I want a woman, a real woman, someone to call mines forever to hold true to me. Can you be this woman? Are you up for the task?

‘We can certainly try and see, but for now why don’t you put the rest of your skills to use on your future woman.’

Jason was a hand God. The way that he caressed me showed what kind of man I’d be dealing with for the rest of my life. IF I made that choice, and boy did he show promise. Jason laid me back down on the massage table and proceeded to continue where he left off. He poured the oil down my magical center, as the oils drizzled along my now bulging clit Jason took pleasure in sliding his palms up and down my pussy in a palming motion. Cuffing my pussy in his hands just right. One finger eased it’s way in my first vulnerable hole while another took it’s place in my ass hole. The feeling was endless ecstasy and I wasn’t about to let go just yet, though I wanted to so badly.

‘Do you like this baby?’

I peered into his beautiful sexy chinky eyes.’ Yes Jason, I love it, I simply love it.’

‘You want more?’


Jason then stuck two fingers in my ass, two in my pussy. I cried out in disbelief, but enjoyed it all. I had never felt anything like this in my life.

‘You want my dick inside this hot, wet, juicy pussy don’t you. You want me to ram ALLLLL this dick way up inside you till there’s just no more room left.?’

‘OMG yes Jason yes. Please baby give it to me. Give it to me now. I want you to cum inside this cunt.’

He climbed on top of me, started sucking away at my ample tits making my nipples so hard they felt like little rock pebbles on a cushion. Then in an instant I felt it. A rock hard, thick as the night fog, dreamy 8 inch dick all up in me like he was on a treasure hunt. He fucked me so hard that I came twice in a row without even trying, which is a first time for me. Hell, I can barely cum once without trying. Jason pulled out and slowly moved up to my face. I couldn’t imagine what he was about to do to me, then he put his dick in my mouth for me to taste our combined joy. It tasted good too. Not too salty, yet not sweet either. I sucked for a good five or ten minutes before he placed that hard dick back in for another round. This time we both came together, his jizz all over my pussy hair.

We laid on the bed for about an hour before we heard a knock.

‘OMG Jason get dressed.’

‘Of course what will people think?’

We both cried out laughing, still the knocking continued. I ran to the bathroom with my clothing while Jason yelled to whoever was knocking that he’d be right there. After getting dressed I came out of the bathroom to where Jason was sitting in a chair giggling.

‘So.’ I asked.

‘So what?’

‘Who was at the door, are you on punishment now?’

‘Funny, actually it was the floor manager wanting to know if you were getting more than your usual treatment since you were at least a good half hour over your normal time. I told her that you were feeling more tense than usual and asked if I could do a more fuller massage and that you’d be willing to pay for the extra time. Of course she was pleased, more money for her, plus apparently you’re a favored customer.’

‘Yeah I am. Well I guess I’ll get going now. I’ll see you for my next treatment next week if you’re here.’

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’

‘What’s what supposed to mean?’

‘You can’t just leave like that. What about what we discussed before all of this…SEX?’

‘Jason, I like you, but I need time to think. I can’t just make a committed decision like this. I don’t even really know you.’

‘Yet you knew me enough to fu ck me.’

‘Well I didn’t hear you do too much arguing either.’

‘Whatever Natash, Bitches are all the same. All they want is a nigga with a big dick that can fuck the shit out of them. What about loving them, treating them like women, being a REAL man for them.’

‘First of all I aint no bitch and that’s not all I want. I told you I just need some time to think about it that’s all.’

‘Fine, you know where to reach me.’

Time went by at least three weeks and all I could think about was Jason. I don’t understand why I couldn’t get him out of my mind. It wasn’t like I hadn’t had one night stands before, fuck the shit out of some dumb ass nigga then leave his ass in the dust like it wasn’t nothing. Hell most of them were lucky if they even knew where I lived at cuz I’d meet them at a hotel or something, but this time was different, extremely different. I missed my last few appointments, because I didn’t want to run into him. I did and then I didn’t. How could I get involved with this man like this knowing well that I wasn’t ready for another relationship. I had just recently broken off an engagement to Lawrence, my high school love for the past eight years. I found out Lawrence had been cheating on me for at least three of those years with my cousin Lusanne who had also given birth to my nephew Nalen two years ago, but I had been under the impression that Nalen’s father was Lusanne’s husband Chris. Apparently we all had been fooled. I couldn’t stay in that relationship any longer so I broke it off ended up fucking Chris just to get even with Lusanne and then staying to myself.

Needless to say it was the best decision I could have made. Now I’m here contemplating yet another involvement, hoping and praying for the right answer, because Lord knows I can’t take another Lawrence. I did want Jason bad as ever, fiening for his affection, kisses, and great sex. His sexing was all that, and the fact that he was knock out gorgeous really didn’t hurt matters at all.

I decided to go back to ‘Fancy Your Fancy Spa and Dessert’ to give Jason my answer. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I needed this man and wanted this man in my life even if only for a brief moment, it would be well worth it. When I arrived the same cheeky chick was waiting at the front desk.

‘Hey Natash you want your usual?’

I decided to get straight to the point no matter how desperate and strange it would seem. ‘Ah, no. Actually I was wondering if Jason was working today?’

‘Oh. Well, I’m not sure, he was only filling in for Lisa until she came back and then I think he was going back to his regular place. I’ll check for you though if you give me a few minutes. I’ll have to go in the back and ask Ms. Barbara.’

‘That’ll be great, thanks.’

‘ No problem.’

While I waited I took notice of the cheesecake bites on a silver tray over by a stack of magazines and decided to rest a few. I had been standing there for at least five or ten minutes when the cheeky chick came back.

‘Um, Ms. Lande, Natash. Jason’s not going to be coming back as I thought, but Lisa’s here she can do your usual if you want.’

‘Maybe, do you know where it is that Jason went back to?’

‘Not sure, I don’t have that kind of information, sorry.’

‘It’s okay, can you just go ahead and pencil me in for my usual today. Thank you.?’

‘Sure, you can go into room five and wait.’

I went in, got undressed, grabbed a towel and lay down on the bed waiting for Lisa to come in. She wasn’t what I had wanted, but it would have to do. I was so pissed at myself for having waited so long to get back here to him, but what could I do about it now, nothing except sit and waddle in self pity and get my massage by Lisa who isn’t bad, but just not him. In my thought’s I didn’t hear anyone come in, I had completely zoned out. Then it hit me in my ear.

‘Back for another fill in?’

I turned around startled halfway exposed until I saw him standing there just as sexy as the first time I saw him.

‘Jason. What are you doing here? I thought you weren’t here anymore wha…

He placed a finger on my lips gesturing me to be quiet.

‘No I’m not supposed to be here, but I came into pick up my paycheck they owed me from last week and Kayla told me that you were asking about me. She said that you seemed desperate and very disappointed to find that I wasn’t here. I asked her what room you were in and she told me. I asked her to stall Lisa for about twenty minutes so that I could take care of something. So why is it that you were looking for me?’

I, I, Jason I missed you. I have been thinking about you day and night and I wanted to give you my answer to your question.’

‘You mean my three week old question.’

‘I’m so sorry. I wished I’d came back sooner, but I’m here now and it must’ve been meant. So does the offer still stand. Do you still want me in your life?’

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