My Fantasy Girl Ch. 03


I have been disappointed at the response, or should I say the lack thereof, to the first two chapters of my story. I am sure there are thousands of men and probably a number of women who have had an experience similar to mine. If you ever longed for someone but didn’t pursue it because you were not attractive enough, or not personable enough, or not charming enough, or most likely, just plain not confident enough, you know what I went through — in spades!

Please send me your comments, complimentary or derogatory. I’ll be happy to answer if you desire a response. I can’t change the story itself as it is 100% true. On the other hand I can try to change the way I tell it. My writing background is in business, reports and memos, which upper management always wants to be brief and direct. In this chapter I’ve tried to be more descriptive in telling the facts. The story is continuous so you need to read Chapters 1 and 2 for Chapter 3 to make sense.


I spent a lot of time thinking about my date with Melissa, on the trip home and throughout the days that followed, until my return to Pennsylvania on Monday. That’s probably why I can remember so many details of the date even now, more than thirty-five years later. I often thought about the change in her body language, so stiff at the start of the evening to so relaxed at the end. I thought about how open she was in her comments and the fact that it caused me to be equally open with her (except for the lie about my age). I thought about dancing with her, how I enjoyed so much an activity that I normally found to be painful. And of course I thought most often about her comment that it was the best date she ever had, and the kiss that followed. I REALLY thought about that kiss a lot!

Finally, it was Monday afternoon and I left for my flight to Williamsport, home of the Little League World Series, and the airport nearest to Melissa’s house. In order to be hungry enough to eat pizza later, I skipped the free airline meal. In all the traveling I did this was the only time I turned down the airline food. Many of the other consultants would routinely reject airline food, then pay for an expensive meal when they reached their destination, charging it to our company of course.

After we landed I headed for the Avis counter where I was told I was upgraded. It took me over ten minutes to convince the girl behind the counter I preferred an inferior car, as long as it had a bench seat.

It was a little past eight o’clock when I rang Melissa’s doorbell, about fifteen minutes later than I had expected to be there. She answered the door and saw it was me, said ‘I’ll be with you in a minute.’, then closed the door again. She really doesn’t want her parents to meet me!

She came back out a minute or two later. She was wearing jeans and a checkered flannel shirt, what we used to call a lumberjack shirt, and she was zipping up a stylish looking suede jacket as she came out. We exchanged hellos and got in the car. She seemed rather reserved, no big smile or real enthusiasm in her voice. Once in the car she stayed at the far side of the bench seat. I don’t know what I expected but I was disappointed that she didn’t slide over to the middle of the seat.

I realized we’d only had one date, and even teenagers wouldn’t normally snuggle up after just one date — and we were not teenagers! But for some reason I was disappointed! We made casual conversation as she directed me to a pizzeria. We weren’t talking about anything important but I kept getting a vibe that things had cooled off considerably. I’ll bet she told her parents about me, including the fact that I’m married, and her parents have been lecturing her about the risks of seeing a married man, that no matter what I say I’m just out to take advantage of her and she’ll get hurt in the end.

The pizzeria was typical of the shops I’d been to in the Philadelphia area years ago. I ordered a medium pizza, which was hand tossed, then baked in a brick oven with small openings for individual pies. We were the only customers eating there, but they got several take-out and delivery orders while we were there. Melissa ate two slices, again displaying a good appetite given that she had eaten dinner. Of course I had no trouble eating the other six slices — it was a real treat!

We got back in the car and, although she still sat in the right hand seat, Melissa seemed to be in a friendlier mood, smiling and speaking enthusiastically. She didn’t say anything or react in any other way when I drove right past her house. I had wanted to kiss her so badly when I picked her up but her demeanor had cautioned me against making a bold move. But now I intended to pursue a make out session.

I pulled into the parking lot behind the Downtown Hotel where I’d be staying on this trip. I didn’t really want to stay there but I sort of got forced into it. The day I first used the desk in the customer service department the CEO had previously told his secretary to phone me at the hotel to tell me the conference room was not available. When she told him I was not staying there he was livid. The family that owned the business I was working at also owned the Downtown Hotel. Later that day the CEO called me to his office to chastise me. I explained to him that we did not bill his company directly for our expenses for food and lodging so we were free to stay where we liked. I had stayed at the hotel on my first trip but did not like it, mainly because the towels had no absorbency. Central Pennsylvania has very hard water and the Downtown Hotel either didn’t use a water softener or it was not operated properly. All their towels had little calcium carbonate coatings on every cotton fiber. Wiping your body was like using a chamois on a wet car — it broke up the droplets but left you wet. I had to use my hair blower to dry my body. He insisted they had corrected the problem so I promised I would stay there on my next trip.

I parked far from the building where the parking lot was the darkest. I don’t remember what I said to Melissa during the trip, but once I parked I said, ‘I have wanted to kiss you ever since our lips separated last Wednesday.’ We moved toward one another and kissed. And when that kiss ended (less than five minutes this time but still a long sensuous kiss) we kissed again. We continued kissing for about fifteen minutes during which time I unzipped her jacket and held her close to me. Her lips and tongue felt so good I didn’t want to stop, just like a teenager. When I slid my left hand up to her right breast I found out just how flat she was. I felt her hard nipple through her shirt (she was not wearing a bra) but did not feel any fatty tissue under the nipple. This did not affect the intensity of my feelings for Melissa, it was simply something I noted in an academic fashion.

We continued necking. I shifted my hand down to her hip and tried to pull her on top of me so I could caress her ass but she resisted so I backed off and settled for kissing and holding her close. Finally, I decided to go for broke. ‘I haven’t checked in yet, but will you go up to my room with me?’ ‘No, but I will tomorrow night.’ Well, that was the second best answer she could have given me! I took her home and kissed her goodnight shortly thereafter.

I returned to the hotel and checked in. In modern hotels the rooms are mostly all alike, a cookie-cutter approach, but in old hotels, and I guessed this one was built before the turn of the century and updated with electricity later, the rooms and their furnishings are often unique. I was assigned to a center room, it had no windows. With the lights off it was absolutely pitch black. I had to leave the bathroom light on with the door cracked open so I wouldn’t trip or run into something when I awoke in the morning. The overhead light in the center of the room was a naked bulb and the desk light had a blown out bulb. At least the bed was relatively new and very comfortable.

I took a shower in the morning I learned that the towels were the same as the ones I’d had on my previous stay. I decided to stay for the three nights of my reservation but resolved to not stay here in the future.


Despite being upset about my room and its shortcomings, I was in a really good mood as I went to work Tuesday morning. Why not, I was going to get to have sex with my ‘living doll’ before the night was over. I resolved to not masturbate during the day (I had late last night at the hotel) so I would be at the peak of anticipation. As I sat at my desk Melissa gave me that big open smile I enjoyed so much. Then, when she made her first trip out to a CSR, I saw that she was wearing her black skirt that turned me on so much. I tried to fight the urge to masturbate, but by 3pm I couldn’t stand it any longer so I headed for the men’s room.

While meeting with Tom Chambers, the programmer, I thanked him for his recommendation of the Holiday Inn. ‘It was really nice and the food was excellent. Can you recommend another good restaurant?’

‘Well’, he said. ‘There’s no music but if you like sea food there’s an excellent restaurant over by the Geisinger Medical Center. They get fresh fish flown in daily so the menu changes all the time. It’s an old two-story building, the first floor is a medical supply business which closes at about five, the second floor is the restaurant, with outside stairs. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but the food is really good!’

‘That sounds great. I love sea food, which is one thing my wife never cooks, so I try to eat as much of it as I can when I’m on the road.’

At lunch time I asked Melissa if she liked sea food. ‘Oh yes, I love sea food’, she answered. ‘Good. Tom told me about a good restaurant near the Geisinger Medical Center. I’ll pick you up at seven.’

During our trip to the restaurant neither of us discussed what was to come later but Melissa was obviously in a good mood so I assumed that whatever had upset her at the start of the previous evening was now over and done with. Once again, she had come to the door immediately when I rang the bell. She had her long coat on but she left it unbuttoned, just pulling the two sides around her for warmth until we reached the car. She sat in the right hand seat so I assumed this was just her nature now that she was an adult.

I thought back to when I was dating Joan. I owned a 1955 Studebaker with a manual transmission and the shift lever on the steering column. Once she and I were dating regularly, she sat in the center and did the shifting for us so I could keep my arm around her, even as we drove the crowded streets of center-city Philadelphia. But once we were married she only sat in the center if we had a third person in the front seat. So I guessed Melissa was no different than Joan in this respect.

The car was comfortably warm so Melissa left her coat open. Once again she was wearing a very short dress which was quite similar to the other two I had seen. As I opened the door for her at the restaurant I leaned in and kissed her. ‘I just didn’t want to wait until after dinner to do that.’

The building housing the restaurant was probably once a two family residence but now everything near the famous medical center was commercial. The outside steps led to a small landing and the entrance door. The seating portion of the restaurant was a large open room, probably formed from two rooms by eliminating some walls. There were several booths along the walls, all of which were occupied. We were led to a table for two in the middle of the room.

The hostess took our drink orders and I once again explained that I drink gin and tonic all year around. She smiled, as they always do, and left to get our drinks. Our waitress came with menus and also explained the day’s specials, based upon the fresh sea food they had on hand.

I don’t remember the details of our meal the way I remember our dinner at the Holiday Inn but I know we ordered two of their special dishes. From the way she reacted I don’t believe Melissa had ever had anything but fried fish. We both enjoyed our meals, which included a self-serve salad bar and, of course, a nice bottle of white wine. Again, Melissa displayed a very healthy appetite as she ate everything she was served.

Melissa was much more at ease than on our first date. As I think back to it now I believe she was more on edge at the beginning of that first date than I was. I must have represented a significant departure from most of the other people she knew, I was older, more sophisticated, better educated, and probably more successful. But, in dealing with people, the learning curve is usually pretty fast, and now Melissa realized I really liked and desired her, I was not at all critical of her, there were many things she could do better than I, like dancing, and she was free to order anything she chose when we went to a restaurant. Our conversation was open and she smiled a lot, but I still avoided potentially painful subjects like what happened in her marriage.

I kissed her again before we left the parking lot, then drove straight to the Downtown Hotel. We entered through the back door and walked up to my second floor room. As we entered the room I turned on the ceiling light and hung up our coats. She sat on the side of the bed as I removed my tie. She hadn’t said anything about the glaring, naked bulb so I left the light on and sat down beside her.

I already had an erection, before we had even kissed. I don’t know if it started when we entered the room or even before that but, needless to say, I was very excited. We started kissing and I held her close. Between kisses I told her how much I liked her and how good she looked and felt.

I also asked her about protection. ‘We don’t need to use any, I can’t have a child.’ Well, since she can’t have anymore children I won’t have to explain that I’ve had a vasectomy. I had a vasectomy about three years earlier when Joan and I decided that even if a tragedy struck us we did not want to have children when we were over thirty-five. Before that she had been on the pill but felt that it was the cause of her low sex drive. Of course, that turned out to not be true!

I gently pushed Melissa down so she was lying on the bed with her lower legs over the side. The hem of her minidress was just below the crotch. I put my left hand on her thigh, a little above the knee, and told her again what attractive legs she had.

From the start of our first kiss, while my external self was kissing and caressing her and talking to her my internal self was talking to me. I guess it’s like multitasking on a computer, one program is running in the foreground while the other is running in the background. My mind was telling me, ‘I’m about to fuck this living doll! I want her so much, her little body fits so perfectly with mine and she’s not objecting to anything we’re doing.’ This kind of mind play went on throughout our foreplay.

I moved my hand up her leg, mainly rubbing her thigh with my palm so I wouldn’t tear her pantyhose. I went up to her waist, went back and forth across her perfectly flat belly, then down under her pantyhose and panties. We continued to kiss as my hand reached her sexual center. I remember thinking how different from Joan she felt. When I cupped her mound it felt very firm and projected forward more than Joan’s. When I extended my middle finger into her vagina it was very wet. She was obviously as excited as I was, well, no, I doubt that. My mind was still working on me and I felt as if I would soon burst. I continued to finger-fuck her for several minutes while we enjoyed a long, sensual kiss.

When the kiss ended, while maintaining the finger play I said, ‘I want you to enjoy sex with me as much as I’m going to enjoy it. Tell me what you like.’

‘I certainly like what you’re doing now’, she answered. Her breathing was labored and she was wetter than ever, she may have had a sma
ll orgasm. I didn’t know because I really didn’t know how to identify a woman’s orgasm. If Joan ever had any, they were very mild. I remember that sometimes as we were having intercourse with me on top she would grip my arms very tightly for a few seconds. Perhaps that was her orgasm.

Finally, Melissa said, ‘Let’s take off our clothes and get into bed.’ We each undressed ourselves. I got down to my briefs, went to the bathroom, turned on the light and left the door cracked open a few inches as I had the previous night. The overhead light was not a problem when Melissa was lying across the bed but it would be when we were in the bed so I turned it off.

Melissa was already under the covers when I got back to the bed and took off my briefs. She was on her back, I laid next to her on my stomach and started kissing her again while my left hand moved across her body, from her breast nipples down her right side to her hip and thigh, then back to her vagina. I put my middle finger in her again, then moved the palm upward as I withdrew the finger. I finger-fucked her for several minutes while continuing with intense kisses. Her mound is so firm and sticks out so much. It’s so exciting, making out with her like this.

Finally I moved between her legs. I was much more excited than I was the first time I had intercourse with Joan, perhaps because Joan and I dated for about two years before we had sex, during which time we progressed very slowly in our sexual activities. When we finally had intercourse it was just the natural next step in our courtship. For Melissa and me the progression was very rapid, also there was the fact that THIS was the girl I had desired all my life.

She is so warm and wet and we fit together so perfectly. This is wonderful. Oh, no, I’m going to cum! Quick, think of something else. No, it’s too late! And just like that, I ejaculated!

Fortunately my penis stayed hard so I said nothing, just kept on moving in the familiar dance of love. Melissa was so wet she may not have realized I had already cum in her. Neither of us mentioned it then or later. We stayed in the missionary position until I came again, about 10-15 minutes later. Part of the time I kept my body weight off her by keeping my arms in a pushup position, but this was tough. I’m not especially strong and I was about ten pounds overweight. I found that I could rest my left arm on my elbow right beside her head with the forearm extended beside her head or under her neck. This was a position I couldn’t do the same way with Joan because of their difference in height. This was comfortable and I could either do the same thing with my right arm or, better yet, I could caress her left side down to her thigh or slip it under her to hold that fantastic ass.

When we weren’t kissing and I pulled my head back a few inches I could see how she looked. Her beautiful hair maintained its shape with the ends in front still curling inward under her chin. In fact the only change from its normal look was that it pulled away from her face a little at the sides allowing me to see her ears. The picture of her was like in the movies where a hairdresser positions the star’s hair so it’s never out of place.

I don’t remember how we ended, who decided it was time to get up, or what we said. I do remember that we each dressed ourselves. She removed her pantyhose and panties simultaneously but she put them back on separately. When I saw her ass in her cotton bikini panties I got a hard-on again. This was the voyeur in me. I think the most erotic views of attractive women are when they are wearing something rather than when they are naked, and are not aware that you are watching them.

At no time did I think about the fact that I was breaking my marriage vows. Even when I was thinking about the differences between Melissa’s body and Joan’s, it was an academic analysis with no emotion involved. And afterward, my only thought was the euphoria one feels when something really good has happened. As I dropped Melissa off I was already looking forward to tomorrow night.

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